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  2. Oceanfront, surrounded by abandoned land waters, landscaping is just an idea of what you can do with the parcel. Can be terraformed for more or less water. Paid more for it but looking for a quick sale. Size 4096sqm Prims 1406 Region Moderate Price L$7,000 (L$1.71/m) Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Montague/225/21/24
  3. I found a little hedge maze! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Downing Falls/118/89/37 Clever, clever Moles!!
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  5. LOL. It is a good seller but HOPEFULLY for folks with RANCHES and not the suburbs LOL. So funny. I got out my pack of {what next} rideable bikes just now. Oddly I have that "empty folder messed up file" thing going on (sigh) so I got the Linden viewer going and rezzed the box from there. That worked. So I am all set for an adventure tomorrow. Hoping to bike across to the other side of the continent where one friend lived. Will undoubtedly have some photos for the photo thread :D.
  6. Re: "Let's be honest, renting has always been a terrible deal for everyone except the landlord." Tell that to my hundreds of tenants, some of whom have been in my rentals literally for 10 years. No one gets into Mainland rentals for the profits.
  7. I've been MP browsing - and some shopping. I saw that Chic had a Barbed Wire fence for sale, but that probably wouldn't be considered very neighborly.
  8. Went for a bike ride in this lovely neighbourhood β™₯
  9. I already posted some pics of a vigilante hero I came up with but saw this Wasp outfit and had to post this one too. Use either one for the magazine if you want too.
  10. That looks lovely, Matty! Where did you find the roof texture? It's very well matched!
  11. I just got another one on my alt, this is the second time in the past 24 hours. I just refresh the page where you go to get them, usually it displays the older homes but occasionally a newer home will pop up. Just keep that page open, refresh it every once in a while, and in a few hours you will probably get one. Just rush through the process of getting it, my land holding name is "jkjk;lkl;jk;ljk;l" or something like that They get swooped up pretty quickly, so don't take your time registering it. In the meantime, just hangout on the forums
  12. Thanks RaeLeeH It will be open to the public and based on the storyline of Elohima Shepherd! I will have to get a Sim first! But Thanks for your input!😊
  13. Do you ever get the odd sensation that the crazy and impressive new person you come across knows you? Do you ever think πŸ˜πŸ€©β€wow that special human (or furry thing or whatever) just waltzed into my playground and somehow says all the right things that speak directly to my heart.” Does it ever feel as if the mega-impressive character standing before you is familiar? So close to you that you even love them a little? Impossible right? A brand new person in your day usually takes several visits- sometimes for months or YEARS before they know you so well they can finish your sentences and read your mind based on the way you are dressed for the day. So why is it... that I have repeatedly encountered a suspiciously intuitive man who seems to know what I am about to do and say... in such a bullseye way that at one point I thought there might be a direct access feed into my private thoughts. Or I have one extremely talented stalker. The crazy thing is... oh never mind. I think I am the crazy thing. πŸ‘₯πŸ‘€πŸ—£πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» How often do people mess around with there flirts and fantasies from alt accounts? Is this common? Alts would explain the oddly amazing string of gentlemen I have run into lately. If they are all the same dude that would be just comical. You guys can’t ALL be awesome... can you? Why do RL things feel so shallow and in SL ... human beings seem to connect on the levels they would otherwise keep locked and unexplored for all their years. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ All of this has come to mind after a startling helicopter trip that landed me in the second life sea, alone in the dark... after being set on fire and being asked to relinquish my will to think on my own... and I was truly stunned by the behavior I normally would find atrocious that it somehow was charming. I was totally shocked into a state of trance I further fell. It was not scary like it sounds. It was liberating. It was sad too... This type of absurd nonsense happened for the 3rd time this month. Ok- so I have probably created a few of the monsters I keep meeting, simply because I have placed myself amongst the sinful and seductive frameworks in the community. I don’t know what my question is to the people who might read this... just tell me something . Make it normal. Make it crazy. I could use a little feedback about personal experiences. *Awaiting replies that inevitably will range from brutal and scathing, to considerate and helpful.* Tell me. Am I the crazy one? Or is this community overflowing with beautiful people who are qualifiable Angels... amongst terrible, cruel wolves of the same blood. ✨ πŸ¦‹βœ¨πŸ¦‹βœ¨πŸ¦‹βœ¨
  14. Not with a club name, but if you use intellectual property that she owns, you could have problems. Make your best effort to contact her and then go ahead and use the name, but make the club yours. You won't be able to take control of the group unless she made you a co-owner, although you may still be able to use your role in the group for deeding objects, sending group messages, etc. You won;t be able to remove her as the owner even if you are a co-owner.
  15. i have contacted the previous owner a wateing a reply but dont think shes on any more but have grate respect for the previous owner i worked for her as a dj for years she is still on my friends list and i still retain my tag for the groop but was wandering if there are any legal issue or restrictions with second life on me using the club name
  16. That's pretty common. When you rent from a box, it will send the landlord an IM to let her know who you are. If you need to be in a land group, the landlord will then send you an invitation. However, it may be a while before the landlord reads her IMs, or is in world to send the invitation. You can goose the process along by sending your own friendly note to the landlord:"Hi! I'm your new tenant Cielos at < put location SLURL here >. I'm looking forward to enjoying the parcel, but I will need to be in the land group. Would you invite me please?"
  17. I decided to switch to the smaller "Adams" bungalow, in the interests of having enough LI to actually do something with the garden as well. Built a front porch for it (and like it so much I stuck it in my MP store).
  18. im a 35 yr old meerkat looking for a girlfriend if u dont mind me being the size of a teddy bear.
  19. OK, here's one place to start thinking through the logic. The function llListFindList looks for the position of its second list parameter in the first list parameter. In this case, your statement integer index = llListFindList( avatarsNames ,[]); means "Find the position of [] in the list avatarsNames." That's going to be difficult, because [] is an empty list, so index will have the value -1, meaning "not there". In another sense, the integer -1 means "the last element in the list." So, when you use index in the next two statements, you will be looking for the last element in avatarsNames. That's almost certainly not what you want to do. To script it to do what you do want, however, means doing a major rewrite of the rest of the script. The avatar that you really want to target is the one you will identify in the llDialog. The answer to that query, though, will be in the listen event, where you haven't provided any code to receive it. And so it goes. Steph has offered an interesting suggestion that will probably make it easier to keep track of matched variables but is not really at the heart of your major issues here. There are other things like that that you should probably address too. For now, though, the simple answer is that the reason it's only targeting you is that your script seems to have used that definition of index to point at the last person on the detected list. It's hard to know where to start, except to say that you would be better off starting fresh, writing your own script instead of trying to modify someone else's. Once of the most basic rules is "don't use someone else's code unless you understand exactly what it does."
  20. Showing off our homes and offering recommendations on things when asked is okay for the forums. While I applaud your creativity, caution needs to be taken when showing off lots of stuff that you've made specifically to sell for the homes, as that starts falling into the realm of advertising, which isn't allowed on the forums.
  21. Thank you for the response! I will look into these. I have not met the landlord, just rented a space by clicking on a red box. There are other homes sharing walls with mine, but they’re empty...
  22. Thanks for that. I will research it to see what I can come up with.
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