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  2. Thank you so much Aloyna, that is interesting! I have seen some similar features built-in to some parcel security systems but this one is especially geared towards comms which can be so useful.
  3. Heh, thank you! In other news, man I cannot wait to tease something gorgeous that Catwa has in the works right now
  4. I was looking for some free hairs and, by chance, I found this group gift from no.match_ that looks similar (there is a fee to join the group): http://www.teleporthub.com/group-gifts/no-muse-hair-april-2019-group-gift-by-no-match/ *I went to the store just to make sure that the hair was still there and it is.
  5. just love the moody, quiet dancer look...
  6. Getting in touch with my inner colorful cat faery...
  7. Do these processes require a lot of time per animation or can i retarget once and then apply something like a preset to the rest of my animation files that are coming from the same capture software? That's one thing i really value of bvhacker, it cuts the workflow time down soo much
  8. please don't. Love the look... and btw, what skin is that? I love how 'unhostile' he looks -- too many guys look like they want to hurt someone... my boy toy needs this skin and maybe to steal other aspects of this look. Not every boy needs to look like an assassin with blisters on both feet.
  9. the demos are in the Notices tab of the group.
  10. Ok, now I think I finally understand, lol. They send you something to get Demos. Thanks!
  11. It's a Corgi I got from MishMish during The Saturday Sale Also, my "strategy" is to get all the demos from the group, make a specific folder for the Hair fair and put them all in there. Try all the demos on, delete the ones I don't want, then keep the ones I do until I can purchase them. If I can't afford to get them, during the fair, I have them in a folder to get at a later date.
  12. Oh, I thought it was a trick to avoid the massive lag, lol. Duh! 🙄
  13. If it's like past years, you join their demo group and you can find tons of demos in the notices.
  14. How do I visit this continent. After being away for several months & just got back to find these threads. Really want to see this & by the sounds of it move there...
  15. You totally rock... promoting of the droollage...
  16. Thank you so much! I will look into using both!
  17. If you go to the Hair Fair website, they have a demo group to join
  18. I'd just like to point out that these Moles are working on a weekend. There are many extra hours being put in to get homes out as quickly as possible, and I appreciate them for giving so much of their time to it while I'm kicked back here eating chips and playing on the forums!
  19. I think I need to get myself a virtual corgi. 😃 And it’s a Saturday Sale item! It’s my lucky day.
  20. ETA: Just looked it up...apparently Cliff Richard hated the song and initially refused to record it. Good for him, it's horrendous.
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