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  2. Linden Endowment for the Arts --- See Inara's post here: https://modemworld.me/2019/07/17/linden-endowment-for-the-arts-to-officially-close/ For those of you that do not know (and hence perhaps why MY take on the closing is coming from another direction) I was a part of LEA from almost the beginning. As an artist, I had two exhibits the first round -- all built by myself; that was how it was done in the beginning. One plot I won simply by being fast enough and grabbing a "free" spot, the next because I had one of the best builds in those free spots (official quote by a later departed LEA board member). I also made the first LEA video highlighting the builds of that first round. These three videos from year one are still on my YouTube channel. Later on I applied for an Artist in Residence Grant and opened version 1 of the Machinima Open Studio Project where people could film freely and even rez their props. At the end of that round I was invited to move MOSP from LEA20 to LEA7 as a permanently established feature of the CORE. I was there for three years when I left simplistically because of infighting that I was in the middle of (my perception, I am sure others would have other comments and of course neither perception is the whole story). MOSP was invited to return to the CORE in January of 2018 after some of those fighting exited the LEA Board. I became the curator of MOSP 3.0 at LEA7. I was never on the LEA board; I was an adviser to the board for almost three years. The reason that I say the closing was not unexpected is that (at least several) folks on the committee saw the disappearance of the AIRS sims as the first death knell for LEA. We never expected "restructuring" to happen. The official LEA page that said it would disappear soon (this for well over a year) never was replaced by the shiny new board members. NOW the "will soon be replaced" text has "closing" text. The people that were fighting to BE on the New LEA board were completely quiet --- etc. etc. None of these things were positive signs of a return or of even restructuring. LEA was a good program. It helped countless artists. But I still do not feel that its demise was directly connected to Tilia which is how this topic came up on this thread. Since this thread is the ONLY real way for folks to get answers now and since a fair amount of people ON this thread KNOW the answers now, I hope it will remain for the folks that are still confused. The best thing that we can do as individuals is to alert our friends that there WILL be a change coming and advise them to do research. I am sure there are still a fair amount of citizens with USD balances in their SL accounts --- who will be surprised on August 1st when they find a new TOS.
  3. I didn't even see that one. Ah well, never mind. But I think the odds are in everyone's favour tonight, I keep forgetting to press the start button so while I'm waiting for Auto Refresh to catch houses (at 72 seconds) without actually telling it to do so. Yep, old and senile now. There's no hope. đŸ€Ș
  4. And working for "Samsung, le Futuroscope, Singapore Airlines, JVC, Dynastar, Nestlé, KIA Motors, LCI, La Corogne, NBA, and Comité international olympique" ( i quote your own link , i have not verified the contexts ) is not working for corporations ? And he can t pay his own business ?
  5. Cica Ghost Sims always make me feel so comfortable
  6. Hi Christi, Have you run "Activity Monitor" to see just where all your memory is going? There may be some task not identified in the out of memory dialog that's causing the problem. You'll find that app in your "Utilities" folder.
  7. Coincidentally, Kowloon is celebrating its twelfth year in SL this coming week. Anybody who hasn't been to that region should stop in and look around. That was the state of the art twelve years ago. I'd also suggest some time touring modern Japanese regions to get a little perspective on the state of the practice in constructing high density mesh urban settings in SL. Y'all can decide what's art and what's not -- don't make me post a Duchamps readymade to these forums again so soon. I want to be clear: I'm all in favor of Hangars succeeding or, if it can't succeed within the rules, being preserved at least for occasional availability for however long it will still rez in future viewers. What I cannot support is rentals on regions that get non-profit discounts. That should never have been an option, and is a continued distraction.
  8. 4GB RAM? What an odd assumption to make. I've never had 'out of memory' warnings before. Luck doesn't come in to it and no, I don't live under a rock. My 2017 MacBook Pro has two 8GB, each running at 2133MHz. If there's anyone out there who has any positive suggestions rather than making unwarranted assumptions, I'd be very grateful. http://prntscr.com/ohaeyt
  9. I understood the OP in a way that he wants to have a generic "touch event" script that replaces the "sit event" script of AV sitter for the exclusive use of color changing objects. But for the sake of the argument: In your use case, Qie, I would propose to create a seperate script that only executes if the avatar who touches the object is at the same time not sitting on it. Then the scripts for the color change cannot run similtaniously and everything should be fine?
  10. There isn't, but there's a general rule against abusing region resources. However, it's unlikely that in the normal course of events you'd do that, unless you're planning on keeping a menagerie of breedable critters or something similar.
  11. Hi! nice pictures! can you by chance tell what hair is on the first picture?
  12. This actually makes it a bit tricky. You wouldn't really want to pop up a separate script's dialog when somebody is sitting on the object, so you kinda want one script that responds both to the avsitter menu (presumably via a link_message event) and to touch when the toucher is not a sitter. Unfortunately, avsitter doesn't seem to provide any facility to make that particularly easy -- see the response to this question in their FAQ.
  13. Just saw a houseboat pass by - no chance to catch it! so ... let the games begin! and good luck to the other refreshers!
  14. He is "only a composer" . And so ? Marilyn Manson too . I want the incomes from Marilun Manson :D :D In addition , i read in your link "productor' . He owns minimum three labels As he has worked as musical manager for an international TV ( it s in your link !!! so don t accuse me to be calumnious) he has kept his relationships book
  15. If you've already gotten it all working when an avatar sits on the object, then you can take that working code and move it into a touch_start event instead of the changed event.
  16. You probably missed he is only a composer. Whatever claim which is not based on proof, is calumnious and abusive. This is my very last reply to you. Have a good day and thanks for engaging in this thread. Please, if you like, also explain what makes you so mad about HL. I am curious.
  17. Started refreshing again - it's only 5 am SLT (too early for working hours) but the early bird catches the worm! plus it is 2 pm over here and while I cook and eat my lunch let the netbook drag the fishnet over the ground - 80 seconds - very BIG meshes - let's see what fish it will catch today! .... and the too small ones go right back into the sea!
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