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  2. Pink Fuel has been my fave since classic avatar days, and continues to be my choice for a wide variety of mesh heads.
  3. Reading all the very interesting lines and precedent points of view, even those ones apparently off topic I think there are some very punctual topics related to all this discussion in a resume: Kinds of use and limitations that residents and LL do on linden homes, old or new. Advantages and disadvantages of being or become premium Comparisons between subscribers premium accounts against basic accounts. Customs and restrictions about building, enjoying, living in Mainland against Private sims. First, without clear rules that have given chance to spoil the experience with lag, low constructions that spoiled views, overpopulation, limitations to privacy, differences in the ground and navigable waters, etcetera. Second with very expense costs for landowners and tenants making the competition very agresive, even injust for some. The no revelated actual and real demographic statistics by LL about the relation of real subscribers, basic and premium, against the inflated population of avatars residents, alters, robots, etc. And about how this overpopulation of avatars is related with customs, attitudes, objectives no well regulated or described for LL or users, causing suspicious, unfair play sometimes, ways of being too as if personalities dissociated for enjoying or participate in role plays. This affect, of course, the good development of business, learning, teaching, therapy, relationships, etc. Also, we need a virtual demographic statistics about types of avatars and outfits and relate those with the first data in order to know better the consumers (furies, child avatars, males, females, shemales, etc.), in relation with Mainland and Private and categories (General, Moderated, Adult) to be more organized and not so messed up and confusing. The data about Homesteads is crucial, I think, in some way related to the traffic, since there is also a huge interest in club, store, landowners to get big traffic on the idea to get more sales, but people just enjoy to camp, and is not bad even some hate that because give "fake" traffics because suspicious of bots and afk. To camp is a way to, for example, earn lindens with one avatar while with an alt create or build something in another sim, or dance with GF or whatever. So balance in this measures can be some kind of fake correlation unless we all, especially owners of something or creators, were not taking care about how to define this "web concepts" adapted and applied to SL. This is one of the reasons too why many become banned without a fair explanation, except in cases where scripts on increases lag, for example, but... Once, I remember, sorry the digression, I was ejected from some sim because the scripting on me, the only way to get in the sim was being a basic outfit, naked, without my *****. Crazy! Was a place to have sex! How! Mindy? The last points are related also with the free imagination and creation and expresion of each one person while that don't affect in anyway to third ones. I would like to combine the actual lands of my home and rental business in Mainland with a linden home, perhaps rent my linden home (not possible according to rules, as I understand, if I am not wrong) or with private parcels in a more virtuous way to get not only lindens to make my account self supportable, but make my virtual experienced more rich and close to RL, if may I say that, with the benefits of virtuality, more or less the way is planned as I understand for Sansar, but without the casquet. After all these considerations, one thing: I still don't have an answer from anybody to my question about why I can't see in the LL linden homes web page the new ones and only the old ones. Have a nice day
  4. Thank you. We all can do a little help in reducing lag, etc. This is useful information.
  5. Hello, my personal favorites for skin are Pepe Skins, ItGirls, and Not Found.
  6. We're lucky they didn't climb on top of our broken bodies to take a nap. 😂 (Houseboat kitchen photo, in case any unofficial topic police cruise by...)
  8. Bay City's 11th Anniversary party was today!
  9. LL always said that the most important thing about SL was the creativity of the people who are part of this community, if that really is true, this would be the best example of it, if they really love the creativity of the people who live in SL, they They should also do something symbolic with Chouchou. I met in SL who was my husband in RL for 7 years. he and I went together to Chouchou on several occasions before being together in RL, I knew that place thanks to him, he died two years ago and that place keeps reminding me of beautiful things, painful but beautiful memories, that place without any doubt has something special and magical and we should not let that be lost. There are some people who think that people are not going to visit Chouchou anymore, that's not true, the sim will not be full, but whenever I've gone, there's always someone there, and that does not happen in many SL sims. There are many beautiful Sims in SL, made with love, but few are as special as Chouchou Sim, Chouchou is not only a beautiful place, it is pure art and magic. We simply can not see how that disappears as if it were nothing, that place must remain with us as a beautiful symbol of creativity and sensitivity in Second life ♥ *and yes, I know my English is not good, but at least I make the effort to try
  10. OMG that's the EXACT analogy I used when telling the story to co-workers/friends 🤣 Cats. I do love them but they have their drawbacks.
  11. I had 1st joined Second life back in 2007 & had a lot of fun for a while, but was not a Premium member & did not have a home. At the time I could not see spending real money to join.......I left for a long time & would log in every once in a while, but that is all. Fast forward to April 2016.....I decided I wanted to be a Premium member - to get a home.....I liked the Meadowbrook homes & tried out many of them...had a bunch of fun decorating, buying stuff - changing the look, style all the time.....but eventually, I lost interest.....although I liked the houses - the neighborhoods were not great & there was almost never anyone else around, no community......so after about 9 months or so - I lost interest again. (loved the Asian & hobbit homes....but only from the outside....they did not have any windows....so it felt very clausterphobic inside. Just about a month ago - I saw a post on Facebook, about the new homes & houseboats......that really peaked my interest, so I got on & checked out the Bellissaria area....I loved it.....looks like actual neighborhoods....with roads, yards........I love that you get some yard to decorate, not just the inside.....so I went ahead & became a Premium member again.....I have not been lucky enough to snag a house or houseboat yet, but I keep refreshing multiple times a day.....I have been riding around the homes on my bike & enjoying what I am seeing. I was actually riding my bike down the road & someone in a car zoomed by me.....I loved it. I am enjoying reading the threads & am finding out a lot of good information....for when I do get a place. Congratulations to all who have been lucky enough to get a property......
  12. Well, based on this, "list besttime" will only have one value and there is nothing to sort. I recommend adding some debug messages to see what's going on. list besttime = besttime+[time]; sort(); string sort() { string bestlap; llOwnerSay(llList2CSV(besttime)); // debug list best = llListSort( besttime, 1, TRUE ); llOwnerSay(llList2CSV(best)); // debug string primo = (llList2String(best,0)); timelist = llParseString2List(primo,["."],[""]); integer secondi = (llList2Integer(timelist,0)); integer decimi = (llList2Integer(timelist,1)); string parse = getTime(secondi); //this is another user function converting seconds in minute.seconds bestlap=parse+"."+(string)decimi; return bestlap; //mm.ss.ddd }
  13. ChouChou isn't just a SIM. A building in ChouChou is not Just a building. It is a great work of art. It is the "virtual historical heritage" ChouChou continued giving much inspiration to the resident who loved art. and Chouchou gave quiet peace and music for the person who seeks healing It is a big loss of Second Life to demolish it.
  14. I'm sorry but I think you're the one off-mark based on that explanation. First of all, you don't "apply a UV." The UV layout is part of the mesh itself, not the texture. There is no "mascara UV" or "lipstick UV." There is only the "head UV." The UV map doesn't do anything for "alignment" on its own. "Orientation, positioning, and layout" are all the same thing and are done on the UV map. This can be used to align things. In SL, any object can only have a single UV map. Materials allow separate textures to be applied to different faces. This is not related to the UV layout. You don't "use the same UV on multiple materials," it's the other way around. The reason why you can apply a texture to a mesh (for example, the lips) but not affect other areas of it is because the lips have a separate material from the rest of the head.
  15. @Lindal Kidd Oh didn't know some heads had sliders, I'm so used to furry heads having a bit of limit to customization. Thanks! @Iki Kimono Those fit what I'm looking for, Thank you! Noted about the Omega skins. ^^; I wish there was an algorithm on the marketplace that suggests other creators that are similar to the ones I'm interested in, would help a lot to find stuff.
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  17. after decorating the barnacle houseboat I found out, I much more wanted to try make something of the wallower, so here is what I came up with ☺️
  18. Hello, it's nice to meet you all. I'm 27, trans, and live in the US. I am a caregiver to my relatives in the first life and my very first attempt at joining the SL community was about ten years ago as something to occupy my time with. But, because it never really clicked with me and managed to hold my interest I faded off into the void for several years until I created my current account eight months ago. Due to anxiety I tend to be a major hermit, doing a lot more people watching than interacting with, but I've been trying my best to stick my leggies on out so I can become more sociable and make some new friends. Due to my current status in real life, I own a bunch of hamsters that have been basically my pack of support animals. I love talking about hamsters, looking at hamsters, collecting hamster things, you catch my drift. I have been spending my time so far in SL playing Barbie and Ken dolls with my avatars, as I absolutely love window shopping and can't resist snagging up items I find adorable or must have, and while I have been a text based roleplayer since 1999 I haven't really caught onto it yet in SL due to my lack of knowing anybody and nervousness about heading out into areas. I'm always up for meeting new folks even though I can hit the ceiling as a first response to being pinged, and I love exploring new stores and whatnot.
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