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    Witchy things

    usually just the goth shops, they have enough stuff around here are some more witchy/neopagan ones though: candle and cauldron neverwish oubliette harvest moon witchcraft (now that was obvious wasn't it?) little bat
  3. So what you want is a full perm skin kit that offers both the skin AND the textures. Or you can get a full perm kit that just sells the textures full perm and it lets you save them to your HD and open them in something like PS or Gimp. When you have the texture you can do this to get the UUID: https://gyazo.com/2d9eb3334d4457e524617bffb4a1ebda You want a full perm skin like this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FULL-PERM-SKIN-5/10592280
  4. I guess I can try to, but my experience with UV maps is slim. Would a texture designer be more in my budget? Or roughly the same as a mesh creator?
  5. I don't know about that. I think it's more that the complainers are the vocal ones and the rest of us get on with it more quietly or just ask questions. As for your examples, those of us with a strong kinesthetic approach to learning would surprise you with what we can do and how we go about it. There's always a subtle tactile element to my public speaking and overt ones in my preparation and most definitely in my learning how to do it. Audio learning as the sole way of acquiring manual skills is a red herring. But some will learn better with a verbal description to accompany their physical efforts and some will learn better from reading first or seeing it done. You always have to do it yourself in the end though. But all I'm really asking is to just be a bit more careful with how you word things. Given how difficult many people are inclined to make things for themselves, why throw even more obstacles in their way like demeaning a format you find problematic? It might be part of the solution for someone else.
  6. Destiny91

    Witchy things

    Hello, I am as many I assume into witching items from clothes to statuses to any item regarding witchcraft. I'd like for you to share if you have any places/item shopes/ clothing shopts that I can visit other than those that I already have.
  7. Last Tuesday, Friday and today region releases. Passwall, Rothacker, Sweetmarsh and now Wolfboro. 3 regions were released last week.
  8. SL home ideas? All I've built was on my 512 sqm parcel (well, now 1024 sqm due to recent premium perks enhancements). I've started with a hand-made skybox that had a small classroom at the bottom and a trap door for students at the middle of the stand. Then this was converted to a house on a "leg", a bit like a hut of a witch; Half of it was covered with roof, half was a large balcony with chairs for stargazing. After few years I gave up on box-like houses and went for an oval, hovering shape, "daughtership". Windows all around, warm colours, generally bright and more pleasant for the eye with its softer lines. Yet, it was not very homey-like, and at the same time I've decided to stop to be an alien and socialize a bit more - and I've went down to the actual ground level, installing an A-shape wooden cabin along with a small Japanese-like garden. It would stay like that if not the 512->1024 bonus - after asking Lindens to cut out adjacent 512 sqm from a neighbouring abandoned land and merging it with my existing parcel I've replaced the structure with stone/wooden tower and placed the garden around the stairs that lead to the entrance. Indoors? Cozy, yet not overloaded with items. Furthermore, during winter months snow does appear on parcel, and during summer ones - flowers and trees are visible, like in the attached screenshots.
  9. This sandbox is newcomer friendly as following those rules, therefore currently set as so. But just wondering what would be the better land type we can choose from the drop down menu to have a better traffic?
  10. Ice Top (no idea what they're singing, the meaning of words)
  11. Huh. Well, can you create textures? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UR-Foods-Soda-Bottle-Set-full-perm-mesh/11823801 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Thorenbuilt-Thors-Tavern-12-Bottles-Sculpt-Map-Kit/2354947 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Mesh-Bottle-5-Full-Perms/8251269 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Mesh-Bottle-4-Full-Perms/8251268 OR, you can pay someone L$10,000 for the same thing with a touch more detail, right?
  12. Hanging out in Elven Forest a magical experience.
  13. Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Thank you.
  14. There is another approach. Go to the marketplace, search for "bottle", specify the search by ticking Copy, Modify and Transfer (this will make fullperms list only) and refine the search. Find a bottle that looks as if it has a decent enough shape, and make sure that the description mentions that it includes UV maps (why people sell fullperm mesh without them is beyond me, but it happens). Buy your bottle of choice, unpack it, and create a copy of the mesh that you will work on. Download the UV map to your computer. Open the UV map in an image manipulator program (Photoshop, Gimp, whichever you prefer) and texture the UV yourself. If you have no intention of selling the bottles, I don't think even Pepsi would care that you took an image of one of their bottles off of Google and used it privately - but if you want no doubt whatsoever that any legals are broken, design your own soda logo. Upload the texture to second life and apply it to the bottle. I'm seeing fullperm bottles for L$25 that look good, and you've got 120 listing for L$0-10. If you can't figure the texturing bit out yourself, search for a texture designer instead.
  15. Well, OK, if y'all are going to talk about reality ... Patch spoke of 'railroad' as one of several upcoming themes, didn't he? Was the magic number 8 new LH themes in total? So on Belli we'll have at least 3, Traditional, Houseboat and Campground. I can't believe that they'd actually return to already released regions and add a railroad ... considering their QA process, it would be horrendous, with all the user content in place. So yes, I guess that reality is disappointing me a bit, lol. That leaves the currently undeveloped portions of Belli for a rather localized railroad theme, or, possibly, another continent. I don't see how they'll fit 4 more themes on Belli, so I guess it's kind of a foregone conclusion that there will be another new LH continent at some point. If you wanted a railroad that actually went a real distance, as opposed to a cute San Francisco-style streetcar, it would surely be easier to do on a new continent. But, in the southern part of Belli, you COULD fit another theme, perhaps a localized streetcar city one.
  16. I have used all of these in various Linden Homes including the New Belli Traditionals , and Houseboats. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Trompe-Loeil-Finley-Kitchenette-PG-V11-mesh/8438099? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Con-Catia-Kitchen-WHITE-Modular-Kitchen/13132802 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/hive-modular-modern-farmhouse-kitchen/17307272 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BAZAR-Toronto-Kitchen-PG/5515085
  17. Hanging out in Elven Forest a magical experience.
  18. Found something new - some sims below the working area - and already partly in the works. These photos are from SSPE230 (down south on the map, where the "eye" had some missing sims) - also "parcels size greater than 1024 parcels".
  19. You can also check out this thread: I find that kitchens are the absolute worst to decorate, at least for me anyways.
  20. Olá, estou com uma duvida, eu havia colocado na minha conta um cartão de crédito nacional pelo paypal. Agora eu tentei comprar lindens e na hora do erro informou que eu não tenho fundos suficientes. Eu preciso recarregar o paypal com o meu cartão de credito para fazer comprar lindens?
  21. I have one. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Translator-104-Languages/641722 Sweedish Chef is called Bork Bork
  22. People you bring in to help you with a specific product line development are not your employees (it would've been an RL administrative nightmare for you if they were) - they are contractors. An SL written contract is pretty meaningless as The Lab would not enforce it and tells you so in the ToS. An RL contract, either written or oral, is enforceable via legal venues but such enforcement may cost you more then it is worth. In any case forms for such contracts are available on-line, just do a google search. If there are significant payments involved you might consider paying not in L$ but in USD via Paypal. Then if the work is not performed to your satisfaction you might have a recourse with Paypal.
  23. Well, the skin is purchased, mod/copy/no transfer -- is the transfer permission critical to this? I've tried to find out more about uuids but almost every result seems to imply that getting textures from skins is something only pirates want to do. Are the texture uuids something I should be able to find, or would I have to ask the skin maker or something? And if I had them, what would I do with them? I don't see a way to give that information to the texture picker either.
  24. And I don’t understand how the author’s permission is related to the upload problem, why don’t you answer the question instead of insulting me?
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