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  2. i saw some weird addons at the homes ,i never saw any of it at MP a lot of blings and no it wasnt helloween deco ,stiff from lag not a nice place to be
  3. I don't think we should send in a ticket before we hang up a nude. Both Lindens and Moles has said nudity is allowed. It's waste of their time, they have better things to do.
  4. Not sure what Homes you saw in Rothaker. The reason to post a slurl of the Home being abandoned. I keep my draw distance at 200 all around Bellis don't run into lag often.
  5. I love to chat in local. I always have. SL is my social outlet. My first avatar used to sit at NCI(New Citizens Inc) for hours every day just listening to everyone who came in with problems and the helpers there answering questions. I learned so much about SL that way. Then I found the forums and began hanging out with forum friends at music venues. We did all our talking in local and we had a blast. Sadly that group splintered when we learned that one person had been gaming us the whole time. At the same time, my partner of 3 years left SL and left me bereft. So I re-invented myself as Kali and moved on to a club that had a lively local chat and music I loved. That became my home and 7 years later I still love to chat in local there. I loved it so much they gave me a job hosting a few years back and I still host there once a week. Whether I'm hosting or just hanging out, I always chat in local but I don't reject IMs. IMs are more personal and it's a different level of communication. Whoever said that if a new man IMs you out of the blue it's because he wants a hookup wasn't wrong. I prefer a bit of flirting in local before the move to IM, and if the guy is not sophisticated enough to understand that, then I'm probably not interested, but there have been some that surprise me. For the past year, I've been exclusive with one person though so I don't engage privately with others. As a host I always respond; but I'm quick to blow them off if it's a pick up line. I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Couldn't do much, houses are no mod except for wall changes
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  8. When I was back on RL dating sites around 5 years ago, I noticed a big change from when I'd used the same ones close to 13 years ago. The earlier time, paragraphs (and usually a few) were the norm, a little bit about the writer, some about what interested him in my profile (or vice versa), and an invitation to continue the conversation if you'd like. The later time, most went right into short back and forths, like texts rather than e-mail (even when it was nominally still an e-mail system on the site). I think it was the shift to phones, texts and constant notifications rather than computers and e-mail which was the biggest influence, more than social media, but it's all part of the same ecosystem. I'm not sure how that would play into local v IMs so I'm just throwing it into the pile for consideration. Inworld, I'd add group chat as a primary social avenue. It could be changes in which groups I belong to, or maybe even just changes in the interface, but it feels like group chat dominates in a way it didn't several years ago. What do others think on this? For me personally, I've never been great in large social environments and much prefer smaller conversations, both in RL and SL. Free-flowing local chat can be interesting to watch but I've never been quick enough to get my response thought out and typed. As my health worsens though, I struggle more and more with multiple streams of conversation going on. The frequent changes of focus just exhaust me even when I'm not trying to reply. (Time zones and US-centric scheduling doesn't help either.) The years before my surgery were like this too, and that's when I stopped trying to participate in larger social settings. Which is a long way of saying, I wonder how many of the IMers are simply more comfortable in smaller conversations for their own reasons?
  9. i had trouble sending it back ,the lag there was killing me
  10. I'd cry too if my hair did that in the morning.
  11. I know I'm going to regret this but... I don't have one of the traditional homes so I have no idea what any wall looks. But let's say I do have one. And I want to put some very tasteful, in my opinion, nude artwork on my walls, and I want to be able to enjoy it, not hide it away in a back room. It's allowed according to the covenant and the adult content policy. I also don't want to waste my LI by putting up some shrubbery to block someone's view of my parcel. You're saying that I should either hide my artwork in my own home on my own parcel that is perfectly allowable on the off chance that someone might be offended by a boob, rather than expecting the person who is offended by the boob to just derender the boob? Which one takes the least amount of effort and doesn't impact anyone's enjoyment (or LI) of their own home?
  12. what some people do to their houses ,awefull ,going to send it back right now
  13. That's an abandon, my Home in Passwall region is next door.
  14. I'm definitely in the "local chat for small talk, IM for actual conversations" group with this, but it's definitely situational. With a group of people? Local chat is just easier, unless there's a pressing reason why it needs to be private. On the other hand, if a conversation started long-distance but then one of us came to the other, I see no reason to suddenly swap to local chat, so that stays in IM. People that overshare in their private conversations conducted in local chat - please stop, thanks.
  15. I'll be putting out a bowl of very special treats. Adults only - don't send your kids to my boat or trailer. 🎃🎃🎃
  16. There ^^ That's a much better way of saying what was on my mind. Specifically, the bit about It's not just that it feels dumb to IM when I am standing right there looking at the other person, although that's part of it ( In the same sense that I think it looks dumb to see people in RL talking to each other on cell phones when they are obviously close enough to shake hands). It's also that I think it's implicitly rude to everyone else. Even if other people nearby may not be aware of the IM conversation, I still have the feeling that I am talking behind their backs. I'm being exclusive and elitist in the same way that teenagers chatter behind their hands in little cliques. Thank you, Maddy -- it just doesn't feel right.
  17. Or maybe the Toad Hollow trads with campers? ......maybe/.....!!! Lots of abandons going through atm trad wise
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