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  2. another diagram about the size to confirm double when the player marker is on the boundary, say at the top of the map on the center line then the marker can't move left or right, so the map scrolls. Same with the other X Y center lines. And the map looks like this
  3. Many years ago, I was one of those oddball people that Benadryl had the opposite effect on. It would make me very jittery and so I could never take it after about 3:00-4:00 pm without it keeping me awake at night. When the pre-menopause stuff started, Benadryl started making me tired like the rest of the world. When I started having problems sleeping, I started taking an over the counter sleeping pill, which I discovered was the same ingredient as Benadryl -- good thing it no longer made me jittery. However, I ended up having to take 2 of them - the equivalent of 4 Benadryls - before it would even let me get 4 solid hours of sleep before waking up. So then my doctor prescribed me something - I totally do not remember what now -- but I soon found out that it was classified as an anti-depressant and it prevented me from getting a new life insurance policy. Not really sure why since most policies won't pay out for suicide anyway, which is all I can think of that depression indicated to them. Anyway, I came off of that med and I went back to over the counter sleeping pills - which do have diphenhydramine hydrochloride in them. Now, based on the linked articles, I'm not sure if the cognitive issues I've experienced off and on are because of the sleeping pills or the sleep deprivation -- because the sleeping pills still don't give me a solid night of sleep.
  4. Since he was kind enough to leave his email address, I've sent him a nice letter note asking him to come back and tell us how he did this.
  5. thank you everyone for your ideas... I'm still searching around. The genus lab has several heads for a $100L group fee. Its a good deal. But, I'm a firm believer that adding pixie ears to the classic head makes a huge difference in my opinion. This is why making an avi under $75L is a challenge i guess. I may change a couple classic heads to see if i find one i like best. thanks again everyone for your help.
  6. Save yourself the bother and take me off your list. Or if this is all legit then how about gifting it to one of the freebie places for people who want it to take it.
  7. I am searching for jewelry , a choker, or another strategy to hide a neck seam. Something that will cross over different windlights and still hide the line or gap. Do you have any go to items you use? If it's jewelry, I am a bit picky. I want something understated that can be dressed up or down, no religious symbols , no skulls, no rlv collars, no giant clunky beads, or bling. If a necklace says it is rigged for Maitreya, does that mean when my avatar moves her head it won't cut into the neck? I am a simple gal with simple needs. I am hoping for a simple fix.
  8. it happens more often than you think, when someone, attracted by the mirage of money made from renting / selling land, goes into business hoping that if he takes a large area of land he will sell / rent it quickly. but as time goes by, business doesn't go away and it turns out that he has more to pay than he hopes to do.
  9. I have an appointment with a dentist tomorrow. He won't be able to fix anything but today's system requires that I see someone, cough up the best part of £100 for being seen, and get them to refer me to the actual place where I can get surgery. Still, it is progress. I've been too dopey to need the Diazepam so far today. Stop watching the news; it's bad for your health.
  10. I thought maybe they will make the big announcement during Lab Gab.
  11. Yeah, almost all of my alts are either still in system bodies or have one of the freebie mesh bodies available. And why would he (or anyone) do ANYTHING that resulted in them OWING someone 100K L$ ?
  12. When I got the SL email notification of this earlier today it made me wonder if this meant no reveal on Friday, so maybe tomorrow or Monday.....?
  13. Might be some relevant info given on Friday:
  14. I'm curious to know how long this would take you to accomplish but not curious enough to wish to receive it. It's possible you are genuine, and proud of having achieved your build, but do take a moment to consider that not everyone will be happily surprised at your gift.
  15. Well at least we have advance notice so we can block accordingly.
  16. So, I think if you have 6 alts or so and spend 15 K apiece to get them nice mesh bodies and heads and skins etc, you could hit 100K pretty quick.But why would you want to do that?
  17. Anticholinergics mess me up so unbelievably badly. So of course they're the first meds tried for fibro. It's safer for me to live with the pain.
  18. Credits: adorsy - Shantal Shorts with Legging and Top (sold separately with many colors) at Cosmopolitan KUNGLERS - Monika earrings (love these - big texture change hud; mine are made smaller via resize script) at Cosmopolitan *LACUNA* Camille Gingham (applier - old) Hair: TUKINOWAGUMA Noah
  19. Caspervend listings have to be at least 1L however anyone who buys the demo is immediately refunded the 1 Linden.
  20. I'm in a demon mood clearly, so I made one for my female.
  21. I was a pharmacy tech for the first half of my career and sometimes take it for granted that I know what I'm taking when the doctor prescribes it. I would advise everyone, no matter how much they trust their pharmacist and/or doctor, to spend five minutes googling your meds and reading about them. And keeping a list of everything you take with you at all times (there are apps for this!) along with always wearing clean undies in case you ever get in a wreck. As for the diffuser and essential oils, be careful with those, too, especially if you have pets. I have a little one that sits on my desk at work that I love, and was going to buy one to keep beside my bed when someone sent me an article about this... Diffusers/Oils can be toxic to pets. No diffuser for me at home, just a plain old cheap AF humidifier. And we're not entirely sure what the effects of breathing in those oils on humans, either. They may be minuscule particles, but we're still breathing oils into our lungs.
  22. Listening to some lovely live music and dancing with Nephtyria
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