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  2. I can't find the right words - it just shouldn't have happened, you should have had 11 or 22 or 33 more years. The song is beautiful. I'm so sorry.
  3. looks like nothing can be answered serious, every line ends in giggling and other non defined noises...
  4. I think you heard that wrong. The $20 was the discount people with the Premium Plooooooooooose account will get on name changes. There was no mention (I don't think) of what Premium Ploooooooooooose will cost.
  5. Yes but how she has wrongly called out racist against her in her past postings amongst many other things; surely that is bad way to seek attention? Anyways enough said on that as don't need this go to off topic.
  6. I only started listening at 11:15. What did I miss? Notes: Premium Plus is $20 extra? Is that per month or per year? Email-based 2-factor authentication is coming. Nothing like a Yubikey. Too much time spent on name changes.
  7. Cindy; this for you right and I'm so sorry for your loss!
  8. I know, but we all have issues and problems and days or weeks or months where we need a bit of attention. And this thread is all about attention.
  9. Conumdrum dismantled ? littlepaws nova ravenhearst wumpkins ? Maybe $40
  10. I do love all the extra detail you've put into your avatar. Those rings and the sticking plaster are just so pretty with the pink. You will rarely see me on this thread, because I look like a moose. Not literally, but I do not spend enough time making my avatar look this amazing and detailed. You have done a good job.
  11. This what she likes, she likes believe everyone is against, then whines she going to leave the forum as lost count how many times I seen her say that in post but comes back after a bit to post all over so I guess she loves attention whether it good or bad or indifferent.
  12. Ebbe just announced on Lab Gab that LL is looking for a new "home" for Sansar. They are not going to be moving forward with it.
  13. There is no clique. That's in your imagination.
  14. Some weapons merchants also set aside areas for combat play. LR Weapons I believe does so.
  15. Have fun! Report back with comments, please. SL is a bit sluggish for the pew-pew crowd, but combat does work. (SL actually started as a shooter. When SL started, everybody was issued a gun. People wanted to hang out and do social stuff too, and that got to be bigger than the combat part. Amusingly, that's happening with Fortnite.)
  16. As far as I know, I have not scammed anyone seeking to hire me for services. I told you my base rate for modeling is $700L/per photo. That is industry standard on SL for such services and almost every model on SL requires payment in some form. Not to mention that models in real life also get paid for their work.
  17. Oh Cindy, I am so so sorry. It sounds like an amazing relationship. If you do feel like talking about it we are here. <hugs>
  18. @Cindy Evanier My heart is absolutely breaking for you. All we can do is wrap you in love and hugs and be here for you, and we will be. Anything you need, please let us know. Anything we can at all. And your song is one of my favorites. It's beautiful. I'm so sorry.
  19. I never would have thought to look anywhere outside the Preferences box. Thank you. This is very helpful.
  20. I'm not sure outing alts is a violation of disclosure or any other rule... but I'll defer to others on that. I'm always baffled by all this alt drama... I have a lot of alts... I'm sure some of them think I'm their alt... but... what is the big deal...
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