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  2. I would love to be a Mentor, I used to have a folder I put together with a starter ao (that Gorgeous Yongho created and gave to me full perms, perms were changed before handed out) some clothing some other creators had given me to hand out, and some LMs to places that had gifts out for new residents, like Gurl6 and Diversity hair that did free styles for new people etc. I got an IM from someone years later when out shopping saying that I had helped her years before when new and thank you, it was awesome. Every so often I have these urges to go to help island and help people and every time I am just so shocked by the condition of the place, the people that stand around picking on each other over the heads of new people that don't have any idea what is going on. The freebies in the stores there are so old I think they were there when I was new 13 years ago. We get a lot of new people on the sim my store is on due to the owner being part of the Library items, but they don't know what they are doing once they get there, what they are there for, you can't just send people the second they arrive in SL to a store to encourage shopping, while it may benefit the economy if they have no money what is the point. When I was new we had to use Credit Card to join, they would test with a 37c purchase, then return it. The other thing they did was give you 250L it was so amazing spending that first money, within a few hours I was locking in my first and only 30 USD buy lindens, I started working the next day. I do not recommenced that to anyone, I missed a lot of the things that newer people experienced, I never camped, I didn't money tree, I didn't stand in stores for Sploders or lucky chair hop because I needed to etc. Most people I know now that are still here from those days had many experiences from those things, like lifelong friends, partners etc they met doing these fun things. Social interaction was so much more back then, its lacking in such a big way now. The problem with helping New Residents, is that they often have no idea why they are here or what they want to do, rarely knowing how to find things they can do. I have mentioned this before and I still think that it is important for real new people, that they go through some kind of process on the second life website, that shows them how to use search, how to teleport what a slurl vs lm is, how to get dressed, what a skin and shape are and how they cannot be removed only replaced, what an Ao is and why it may be needed, how to find information about products, what marketplace is, how to buy currency and so on . Without the being in world feeling unsure of the space. This was heckled in the past, but honestly some people just learn differently spending the time on a website you can translate or take your time going through then logging in feeling confident, may really change how people join and stay.
  3. Remember that the last official estimate on cost of changing name was $35 US (I went OMG and was happy I didn't have a need or want). So you would be better off to make them Premium LOL. That could CHANGE of course. I think Inara's last post (at least the last that I read on the subject) suggested that name change was tabled for now but not completely forgotten. Priorities shift -- often. That would be a good place to keep track of any progress. Living In a Modem World - Inara Pey.
  4. Having announced this back before SL15B, now 461 days and counting, furthers the sentiment that residents are second class. I do not feel we are a priority to the Lab to make happen in a timely fashion (late 2018 - mid 2019). I listened to what was said, I understand it is a difficult task but you said it, make it happen. To come to us today without so much as a timetable as to when it will happen was huge disappointment.
  5. Thanks for all your comments! It seems like the majority of forum folks anyway are happy (or at least satisfied for now) with the new method of releases so I hope it works well. I will be reporting the thumbs up feelings on my bi monthly Bellisseria blog report. While I didn't read all the details in the FOMO post above this I understand the point; I had already in my mind decided that people were happy because it SEEMED that they had a better chance with this new method. Since I got good grades in both logic and statistic I won't go into the unlikelihood of that premise LOL, but hey, perception is everything -- right? And happy citizens are HAPPY citizens. All good. May everyone get their plot somewhere along the way! Feel free to keep chatting of course.
  6. Fig Mistwood updated QAvimator for Bento. Bitbucket link here: https://bitbucket.org/QAvimator_Team/qavimator-beta/wiki/Home its a beta/preview version but works ok
  7. I never thought I cared about this but I have an alt or two for whom new names could lead to a small spending spree. Probably not all the way to Premium membership given the new rates, but somebody else might take it that far, maybe.
  9. I can see it using the legacy Groups tab search. I cannot see it via Websearch
  10. Auto refresh finally paid off managed to get a really good plot in Anati my place shouldn't be too hard to miss i put a rather ancient bike dispenser near the road side
  11. FROM INFORMATION FROM ANOTHER THREAD VERY INTERESTING,,,,, FEAR OF LOSING OUT ,,,,,,, The video game industry utilizes FOMO to get consumers/players to engage in the medium. Video game publishers will create release windows with early access for those that pay for their subscription service. An example is the publisher Electronic Arts. On their main website they have posted, “Try new EA games before launch day. Your save progress carries over to the full game if you decide to buy.”[37] This can be seen in the release of the game Anthem, where Electronic Arts released a chart depicting the various ways to purchase the game and which would grant early access to the game. The games themselves are also designed to create a fear of missing out. There are a few ways that FOMO is utilized, such as with daily login rewards. Again, Anthem is an example, having daily, weekly, and monthly challenges to complete for various levels of rewards, prompting players to return. “Daily login rewards are a type of system that rewards players for simply logging in to a game each day. Some games will give a player a set reward every day, while others will build up to better rewards the number of consecutive days logged in.”[38] Mobile games are another example of products that use FOMO to retain large numbers of engagement. Mobile games are well known for timed exclusives of one sort or another. “If there's a chance a player might miss a one-time event, it generates FOMO.”[39] As an example of a mobile game that utilizes FOMO tactics, Crab Wars has a timed currency booster that lasts for three hours, so any time where it’s not active is time spent “losing” money.
  12. ALL of the complaints are emotional ones. At some point, LL has to stop listening to everyone's brilliant ideas that they have probably already run up and down the flag pole several dozen times and do it the way they think is best. First come, first serve. Doesn't matter how old or how new or how long they've been trying, or where they live... first come, first serve. Simple as that. Get to the button and click it and go through the screens faster than anyone else and you get the home. There is no process problem. First come, first serve. Boom, done.
  13. hi i need the skeleton figure for poser please melonieromano@gmail.com
  14. thank you thank you thank you,,,,,, i knew it ,,,,,, hugs hugs hugs
  15. Dont understand why a very expensive program like Poser Pro cannot work making Bento animations? Why cant someone make the bento skeleton for Poser or Qavimator? Ive been making animations for over ten years in SL, and I feel like I was squeezed out from doing this. Any suggestions are very much appreciated. ty melonieromano@gmail.com
  16. A lottery solves some intractable process problems. It doesn't solve emotional ones. No system LL could implement can solve them all.
  17. when the look when you think the homes are not getting released like this monty python meeme
  18. lol... don't spend too much time on it! I've opened a ticket and will let you know the answer!
  19. Today
  20. Using Firestorm, I search "bellisseria" and use the "groups" tab at the TOP to filter (so I see it on one of the grey tabs). However, if I leave it on the white "websearch" page, then nope, it's not there. I do have "A" checked, and I see the other adult Bellisseria group on the websearch page. Now I'm going to have to play with this, because I want to solve the mystery.
  21. The point is that no matter how LL chooses to do it, someone is going to have an issue with it. Here, let me rephrase: "I don't like the lottery because I've been here a long time and seniority should be the priority." "I don't like the lottery because I just joined and new members should have priority." "I don't like the lottery because I've been trying to get a home since they were released and I don't think it's fair that someone who hasn't put in any effort gets one before me."
  22. But you specified the imagined complaints of people who DID know!
  23. Well, how strange is that? You're able to see it in web search when you just do a general search?
  24. Doesn't matter. No one knows when someone snags one the way it's being done now unless the tell people.
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