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  2. DANCE CLUB SOHO is hiring talented club staff!! Want a fun, friendly, busy, party place to make friends and earn? SoHo is THE Place to be!! We provide training and promotional opportunities. Live-mixing DJs required. CLUB SOHO HOST APPLICATION: CLUB SOHO DJ APPLICATION: CLUB SOHO GM APPLICATION: (paid job) Visit us inworld today at: of Gold/151/137/22
  3. GREAT DEAL: Standalone Homestead - 65,536 sqm - 5,000 prims Tier 6,745 L$/weekly. No premium account required. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Full permissions (there are no restrictions for what you use the land) You can terraform the land as you want. Full rights, estate manger. That means: the estate managers can change the terrain textures from the land, can control who has access on the land and many other extra options. You can change the rating from the Sim as you want to PG, Mature or Adult. You can use the Sim as residential or commercial land. YOUR SIM, YOUR RULES. You can pay the tier either in L$ or USD/Euro (via PayPal) is over/122/104/22

    In the context of Rhonda's post, it's the pronoun 'we'. Because many subs capitalise their dominant's pronoun while using lowercase for their own pronoun (regarding them as separate), they use W/we as a contraction of 'We/we'.
  5. The VaNiTy ThReAd

    Oh well yeah that´s how you do it your first style card YEY YOU!!!! Love the pics, my editing skills are just at the same level Now I´m trying a very lazy Style Card method on you lot this time: Avatar complexity is.... 231425 oh right... and the outfit is: I know... it´s been 1 am for me and I was dead tired plus I didn´t know where to go where I have water access and rezzing rights (Maddie?^^ Do your magic hun^^)
  6. EXmachina mesh body

    I don't recall complaining about a free gift..please point out where I complained..I came here to ask advice about a product as I knew very little about it..As I said earlier we both love the Avi..Neither of us can afford the full product and yes, who does not like a bargain? I certainly didn't come here to be called a freeloader or have my character assasinated..This is the last post on this subject..Good luck to you and your business, I wish you well. And thanks for the help everyone.

    well when I see w/e my inner eye portrays a bitchy teen girl screeching WHATEVARRRR and doing these weird annoying hand-/headmoves trying to be supercool but just making a complete and utter fool out of herself You know like in these chickflicks where the white cheerleader wants to pull off some "Oprah" moves with head nodding from side to side or in circles, fingers snipping and all that... Well those moves a real soul diva could pull off but not some random cheerleader (I´ve never seen Oprah btw but that´s what those ... moves... were named to me ^^)
  8. sl viewer for iphone

    There is a new iOS app that was released a few days ago that works on my iPhone. The reviews show some people still have issues with iPads, but I am sure they will be worked out in a future update. Similar to metaverse, but refined and updated a bit as well. Only used it a few 30 minutes today so far, but stable for me and I just wanted a chat feature and it even looks like a chat on a mobile device with the bubble chat. Metachat
  9. i have an ipad mini where can i get a viewer for it

    There is a new iOS app that was released a few days ago that works on my iPhone. The reivews show some people still have issues with iPads, but I am sure they will be worked out in a future update. Similar to metaverse, but refined and updated a bit as well. Only used it a few 30 minutes today so far, but stable for me and I just wanted a chat feature and it even looks like a chat on a movile device with the bubble chat. Metachat
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  11. Best slave collar with tonnes of animation?

    What was that? I still dont get, what caused the sudden derailment from charming Miss Kitty.

    lol, when I see it, that's usually the first thing I think of...probably because I spent too many years in the food industry though
  13. Animated Objects in Sansar

    No way to judge Sansar, yet. Sansar is in a very primitive stage. No one knows yet how will turn out. Being opinionated about Sansar is a few years premature.
  14. Issues Weight painting a Zipper

    So I have this bodysuit that I meshed, with a zipper on each side. When I rig it, the zipper moves, stretches, and all kinds of other things ( It looks pretty decent when you're not moving, but once you pose walk etc it starts moving weird ). I have been searching for a few days for a solution. I saw something that said rig the entire zipper to specific bones. When i do that, it doesn't move right with the clothing. Does anyone have any kind of advice, on how i can rig a zipper so it doesnt stretch, yet still moves perfectly with the clothing? Its not an actual rigged zipper where it opens and closes, its just a zipper i did in Zbrush that should stay pretty static for the most part. Any advice will help, Thanks.
  15. BEE REAL ESTATE SINCE 2007 AVAILABLE PARCELS FOR RENT 512m - 175 prims - L$199/w Grass Valley at Shukshin 1024m - 351 prims - L$299/w Grass Valley at Clay 1024m - 351 prims - L$299/w Grass Hills at Poidor 2048m - 703 prims - L$599/w roadside at De Campion 2176m - 747 prims - L$699/w Waterland at Carbonel 4912m - 1686 prims - L$1,499/w ANCIENT at Varney 16384m - 5,625 prims - L$3,999/w Golden Sand at Skibbereen ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE ! Read more Feel free to call beethros Karas anytime
  16. Being harassed and stalked please help

    honestly... mostly it are the people themself, not LL

    I thought w/e meant "with everything", which is how my ex-hubby used to order his hamburgers. I hate catsup and mustard and he did that just so I wouldn't take a bite.
  18. EXmachina mesh body

    where is said there is a alpha hud in the DEMO ?.. you and your man were thinking to have a great deal on this, and just didn't read everything around it, and now complain about a free gift... use it or not, but please stop thinking you'r tricked... because you are not, you simply didn't read upfront. I wasn't talking about groups you are in.. but the Egoism groups.. quotes ( caps are original ..sorry....).: in the normal Egoism group and Prestige Egoism group: WE PROUDLY ANNOUNCE THE RELEASE OF OUR FULL BENTO AVATAR COME AND TRY THE FREE AVI AS DEMO AND CHOOSE IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE BIG EXMACHINA FAMILY WITH THE BEST BODY IN THE TOWN. ONLY FOR THIS MOUNT PRICE IS DISCOUNTED 50% TONS OF OPTIONS AND EXPANSION KITS FOR YOU COMING SOON ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GET NOW YOUR FULL BENTO AVATAR FULL OPTIONS! COME AND TRY THE FREE AVI AS DEMO AND CHOOSE IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE BIG EXMACHINA FAMILY WITH THE BEST BODY IN THE TOWN. ONLY FOR THIS MOUNT PRICE IS DISCOUNTED 50% TONS OF OPTIONS AND EXPANSION KITS FOR YOU COMING SOON
  19. Chateau de la Rose is an upscale adult club with the emphasis on elegance ready to re-open this week. Currently we are seeking DANCERS Please note: We have a dress code We do not allow gestures, tummy talkers, titlers or text speak in the club. Dancers retain 80% of their tips If you'd like to work at an upscale venue with a difference and join our family we'd like to hear from you! Please contact Amythe Moonlight ingame for an application form ( send a notecard if I am not online as my IMs cap )
  20. SL TELEPORT LANDMARK Mountains/35/215/21 VIEW US ON SL DESTINATION GUIDE CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK GROUP ● DISCO PARTY WEDNESDAY 8-10 AM DJ LITTLE RAIN Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park is quite simply breathtaking. Featuring many various views of a mountain, forested stream, amusement park & club overlooking a beautiful ocean on a full family-friendly moderate sim. A different breath taking view no matter which direction you look. Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park features the largest Waterslides on the grid in Second Life, as well as various themed Roller Coasters; The Shark Tank, Angry Birds, Lego, and many more! Ride while enjoying the rocking tunes of our DJs featuring themed sets from the 60s thru to the present hits of 2017. Live DJs & HOSTs from 10am - Midnight every day! Shop at our Shopping Mall, while you listen to the tunes. Come see the variety of shops in our Mall and Market Carts. Browse at the Art Gallery and pick up something for your home or office. Rent a Shop or Cart to sell your wares. We also have beautiful various sized SkyDome homes for rent fully furnished or bring your own home, with full security. Need a Job?...We are hiring DJs & Hosts. Bring your family, friends, neighbors and yourself for a fun loving time here at Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park. We are Family oriented, people caring, fun loving & love to have a dang good time!! Music is always great, so many attractions to see & ride! Grab your family for an outing. You'll be glad that you did! SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Live DJs & HOSTs from 10am - Midnight every day! ● MELLOW MONDAY 12 - 2 PM DJ SUNSET ● NEW WAVE MONDAY 10 PM - 12 AM DJ DOLLY ● DOUBLE SHOT TUESDAY 12-4 PM DJ SUNSET ● DISCO PARTY WEDNESDAY 8-10 AM DJ LITTLE RAIN ● WEDNESDAY SEPT 20th 2-4 PM TBA DJ VIXEN ● TOTALLY 80'S REWIND THURSDAY 12-4 PM DJ SUNSET ● COUNTRY MUSIC FRIDAY 10AM - NOON DJ LITTLE RAIN ● FRIDAY NIGHT TRIO FRIDAY 4 - 6 PM DJ OZZY ● TRAIN TRIBUTE SATURDAY 2 - 4 PM SEPT 23rd DJ SUNSET ● RAFFLE MOVIE CHARACTERS SATURDAY 4 - 6 PM SEPT 23rd DJ VIXEN Message Inworld for more information: Owner/Rentals Manager: Krystal Rose (krystal333) Owner/Amusement Park Manager: Lady Mei (maystone) Owner/Sim Manager: Shadow (aelash) Owner/Host Manager: Ony (onyxphoenix) Owner/DJ Manager: Sunset (sunsetmoonites) Owner/Asst. DJ Manager: Dan (dan.pevensey) COME ROAR WITH THE LIONS!
  21. TMP and Blender - Making mesh?

    I know TMP is dead. I have for a long time, since it's very apparent everyone else is moving forward, and not them. It's not about the market. If I end up making things and putting them on the Marketplace, and others buy them, so be it. There are people who prefer TMP over the others due to it fitting their aesthetic. Such as myself. And if they happen to run across my items, then there you have it. I am interested in making clothes for other bodies, but my main focus is TMP right now, so I can wear what I make and improve enough to make things for others, depending on if I want to market them ( if I get good enough ) or not. Thank you for your input.
  22. Come to Daddy's Wednesday and let's get WILD! It's hump day! Come visit your favorite Naughty Girls! Watch them tease and please, hump and pump, just for your Pleasure! Uber:
  23. TMP and Blender - Making mesh?

    Just an aside comment. Unless you are making clothes for your own TMP body that you absolutely love above all others, I would look at some other bodies or standard fitmesh as TMP has been dead for years. A little research will tell you that. Hopefully someone that makes clothes can answer your actual question
  24. babygirl's touch,voice,cute,little,bbg,shops,addboards 50l weekly,hiring all staff,events,auctions,OPENS now. WE ARE HIRING ALL STAFF FOR MY NEW WONDERFULL FAMILY AND TEAM OF DANCE'S ELITE THEY ARE CUTE SMALL BUBBLEY SWEET SEXY ADORABLE GIRLS SOME COME ONE COME ALL I GIVE EVERYONE A CHANCE TO COME TRY IT HERE SEND ME A NOTECARD OR IM empiresmist OR GOTO THE CLUB babygirl's touch and goto the owner's add board n get in touch that way the application is in the front door off to the right of the inside stairs at the top the application group joiner is there as well drop the app into the laptop screen owner empiresmist the bug cuddle bucket hit me up anytime ill reply asap see yous soon xxoo be safe and enjoy SL

    ♥ Stop by for an application ♥
  26. 200,000L really????

    Note to any budding-billionaires : if you suffer from this form of depression seek me out. I will alleviate your depressive symptoms in just a few easy steps.

    I don't know how others use it, but she's (?) using it as the slang for whatever...though I've never been all that fond of that particular shorthand to be bad as "ur" and "u" nearly always gives me a super bad impression of...yeah I'll shush on that's just an odd pet peeve of mine, not shorthand in general, just certain ones.
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