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  2. What is your Favorite Saved Outfit?

    The only saved outfit I have is of my avi naked. I tend to keep all the outfits I wear, set up in my RLV folders.
  3. Race Play

    cool thank you
  4. The physic of a rug

    4. Your rug is less than 0.5 meters in one dimension. It silently uses convex hull physics even if it's set to Prim physics. IIRC, to make it work you'll have to add hidden geometry to make all dimensions larger than 0.5 meters, and it requires a triangle based physics mesh, and indeed will have to be set to type Prim.
  5. Race Play

    actually its a joke but since its not pg i'm not gonna try and write a convoluted version to avoid the censors
  6. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    Hello Everyone, ! Watch out for Maddies Microphone ! Have a great day you all : ) Kind Regards, Josephine
  7. The physic of a rug

    Three possibilties srping to mind immediately: You forgot to change the physics type to prim after uplaoding or You uploaded with unanalyzed physics You uploaded with analyzed physics and didn't compensate for the walking elevation error analyzed physics has
  8. Race Play

    Hmm. Somehow I've managed to miss this variation before. Assuming that we're talking RL rather than SL, and that it's not consensual role play (which would surely defeat the point), how is this not rape?
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  10. The physic of a rug

    Hello. i tried to make a rug with wrinkles. Its physic looks ok on SL uploader but when i rez it in SL world, physic seems higher than it was. i float on it. What is wrong with it ?
  11. My Textures go Crazy on my Mesh

    Well I had NEVER had this issue until lately but I use Blender so that might have something to do with it. Folks that have been writing with issues have Blender and it appears to be a NEW issue for them. It isn't the 2.79 Blender problem (many there from reports) as I went back to using 2.78. I will just remember that if ODD things happen with the maps to do the Triangulate Modifier. Odd though that the finished triangulate modifier didn't work on the triangulated model ^^ . That was very much a surprise. Hopefully they will fix whatever is going wrong. MY issues have been on the beta grid since I always test there first.
  12. 🐰🐰🐰Club Soho Presents: 🐰🐰🐰 : November 19th : 3rd DAY !! :❄Winter Wonderland: November 17th - November 19th❄Dress up in Winter Attire: Snowbunny❄Come get your party on at Club Soho! ❄Get your winter on and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. We are throwing an ALL WEEKEND WINTER EVENT!!! Let's see those fun winter outfits and join us in a Winter Wonderland!!! FB• Live• Pics• Info• Twitter @ClubSOHOSL cƖυв & ѕнσρριηg ɗιѕтяιcт: of Gold/151/137/22
  13. Why do people hate TMP?

    You mean facial expressions like this? Sorry, couldn't resist it. This may well be a system head, not mesh anyway but there is a point: a friend of mine on the OS Grid was very, very proud when he had managed to hack a Bento expression HUD from SL and make it work in Open Sim. Ignoring the legal aspect (I'm not going to rat on my friends, sorry), when I looked at it, it turned out that all it could do was replicate those horrendous grimaces the system avatar always has had but, for obvious reasons, nobody ever uses. I'm sure a Bento head can do much more than that and lips-completely-out-of-sync speech animations.
  14. Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    chat is not down because it's broken, so it needs no fixing. They'r installing a new support sytstem. I'm not happy about it, but also not pay my premium for that only and mine pays itself, have 3 premiums, from those two are grandfathered. btw.. tickets system is operational... also is phone.. you'r not without support at all. Our Support Portal upgrades are still in progress. During this period, Live Chat remains unavailable, but phone support is available for Concierge and Billing issues. All other issues can be resolved through a support ticket, which can be filed here:
  15. Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    @Marina Ramer You shouldn't...with the amount of information they may have to migrate over, upgrades like this will take time. I rather them take the time they need to get information migrated correctly then to rush through it and possibly create other issues resulting in more downtime. You can still reach them via support ticket. Sorry but not sorry you can not get the immediate attention you need. Welcome to the world of technology.
  16. Auction Land

    It would be nice if you didn't post the same message twice. Things are much easier to keep track on if we keep all the replies in a single thread. I don't remember the details but the same question was raised by somebody else recently. Apparently there is one browser - either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, can't remember which - that has a problem with the way the land auction system keeps track of sessions. The only solution for now is to use a different web browser when you want to bid. I'm sure others will give you all the gory details. I use Firefox so I haven't experienced the problem myself.
  17. Today
  18. Race Play

    ' Edited 1 hour ago by BilliJo Aldrin too many asterics again ' The word I believe is Asterisk, plural has an S. I always remember as it was always my, ahem, A*** to risk. Brought to you by the department of pointless yet correct Interjections. Carry on now...
  19. Face/Material Problem

    The limit is 8 materials per mesh. You can upload meshes with more than 8 materials though, but the importer will split the mesh into multiple meshes automatically, with no more than 8 materials per mesh again. There are (, or used fo be) a couple of other things which are messing up materials. The triangle limit per material, or truncated material names.
  20. I'm not sure which software is the "wretched" one (Blender, Firestorm, or your NVidia graphics), but the answer is probably in this Knowledge Base note regarding graphics card issues: Note about NVIDIA drivers NVIDIA graphics cards may cause driver-related problems. After installing the latest NVIDIA drivers, the Second Life® Viewer may crash with an error message that states: "Second Life is unable to run because your video card drivers did not install properly, are out of date, or are for unsupported hardware." This appears to be a problem with the NVIDIA drivers' initial installation: the first time the install process is run, something fails silently — a file or set of files doesn't copy properly, but the installer doesn't give you any notice that something went wrong. There is a solution: ensure that all of your applications are closed, and install the NVIDIA drivers again. For some reason, the drivers almost always install correctly the second time. If these steps do not solve your problem, please see NVIDIA's Driver Installation Hints. "
  21. I rolled back my graphics drivers and this appears to be now resolved. It appears to be an issue with new NVIDEA DRIVERS
  22. My Textures go Crazy on my Mesh

    Yeah, it's all very odd indeed. I don't know if there were any changes to the importer recently. But I pretty much have to pre-triangulate every mesh exported from 3ds Max now, or I end up with broken UVs. Usually I triangulate everything anyway, because it's essential for baked tangent space normal maps. But whenever I do quick test uploads these days, and did not triangulate before exporting (even if the Triangulate option is checked in the Collada exporter), I end up with broken UVs in-world. I don't know when this started to happen? It's doing it for quite some time for me actually.
  23. Forum Profile Duplicated?

    That title makes me think of randy guys running naked through info hubs.
  24. After installing the latest video drivers everything was working well until I tried to install Blender. This installed an booted up ok. Then when I quit and tried to start Firestorm and got the famously useless message: Secondlife is unable to run because your video card drivers did not start up properly, out of date, or are unsupported hardware Please make sure you have the latest video card drivers. This was not a problem until .i tried to install this wretched software. I have Geforce video drivers 3.8133 my card and system was working fine before I installed Blender. How do I fix this please?
  25. Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    I do blame LL actually for 5 days of chat down, is a lot, should be fixed right away, you actually seem happy about it? maybe you dont pay premium or dont need to use the service, no idea?. I do follow the blog and announcement that was made on 14th, still I do not enjoy this.
  26. New Babbage Burning Barrel Race 2017 Highlights

    That's just wonderful, Loki. It looks to have been a lot of fun and your video is the bee's knees.
  27. Are you looking for a job?

    Currently I am on the search for a personal assistant (or a few if the right conditions are met). Skills: Fluent in English. Strong communication skills Good attention to details - both in written documents and in doing tasks Flexible with time Willingness to learn new skills Able to meet deadlines Able to work independently as well with others. Friendly & enthusiastic If you are interested, please visit inworld and grab the application: Please save all inquiries for the interview - all major questions are addressed on the application.
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