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  2. How does your avatar look today ?
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    Checks and taps her watch. Puts her watch next to her ear to see if it's still working I'm still waiting for Batman and Scooby Doo to sign in. Is it having anything to do with whipping?
  4. If the owner isn't responsive, and you feel that the random people that arrive playing the game are too disruptive, I would put signs up stating that game is not allowed and people found playing it will be banned. If the owner is ignoring complaints from sim owners, then the only way to get his attention might be by sim owners putting up signs stating the game is not allowed and banning people they find playing it on their sim. You definitely are allowed to say "no" about these types of games. I would definitely suggest following Callum's suggestion also, to see if there is a visible identifying attachment - that way you could be pro-active with it.
  5. Joining land and I goofed up

    And after the current billing cycle has completed and been paid, you should see the appropriate tier amount showing on your account page for the new billing cycle.
  6. A bit confused about the new rules

    I had no problems buying a new parcel earlier this week. And my old land is for sale right now. If you really want land, contact me. Additionally, I still see tons of yellow for-sale parcels all over the map.
  7. LL Escalation / Complaints

    Yes, I've chased the ticket every 2 weeks, except for the last month where i left them alone for a month. So thats a good 5-6 times i've chased them now with the same "sorry, looking into it" every time. Region is Liwei Physics "timeslice" is constantly >10ms and as a result "scripts getting run" are at 1-5% right now (was 5-10%, guess its getting worse). Script interactivity is unbearable. Normal sim should have physics timeslice <1ms and >50% (ideally >80%) active scripts run. I've pointed this out to support more than once including screenshots of the sim stats floater highlighting the issues and showing a "normal" sim's stats for comparison. I suspect there's something super glitchy and colliding on the sim, but support assures me "top colliders" shows nothing, and I don't have region controls to check myself.
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    Hmmm, some more cleverer peoples about then me!
  9. Joining land and I goofed up

    You don't necessarily have to change anything on the web page. I actually verified this just last month. The only thing that radio button does is set the point at which you will get that 'tier increasing' warning. You are not ever charged for more than you are really using. Once all of the land is in the group with the appropriate tier, the rest of the tier is no longer being used and won't be charged after this current billing cycle.
  10. A bit confused about the new rules

    I just looked on the inworld map with the "Land Sale" box checked, and there are parcels for sale all over the mainland continents, in just about all size variations from 16 sqm to full sim. Whether or not you can find one that you personally like, in the size you want, for the price you want, right now, is another question, but that doesn't mean the offer is a scam and that there are no parcels to buy. Another option is to put in a support ticket requesting to by abandoned land (or at least have the abandoned land put up for auction, so that you can then bid on it). The changes also made it cheaper to own larger parcels. Land availability changes all the time, but sometimes it takes consistent looking over a period of time to find the right parcel for you, that fits all your requirements. There are laggy private estate parcels, as well as laggy mainland parcels, and there are non-laggy mainland parcels, just like there are non-laggy private estate parcels. It varies by location in both mainland and private estates. I would not consider the changes a scam, at all.
  11. LL Escalation / Complaints

    Unusual! Most underperforming regions can be fixed by a reboot, 3 months of it suggests that's been done many times. I gather you have spoken to Live Chat and asked for the region to be moved to a new server. Could you describe what is bad about it? Which setting in particular on the status panel is bad? Possible to list the region name so those residents who know this sort of thing can look? I hope you can solve it The land team are usually very good.
  12. LL Escalation / Complaints

    So, you should be able to submit a support case to report a region performance issue. There's a category for that. The Lab's Land Ops team is pretty good about doing triage on mainland regions. I'm surprised that you haven't heard anything back. Have you added anything to the ticket since you opened it?
  13. WTB 5,120 M GENERAL

    I'm looking to purchase 5,120 square metres in the rated General mainland area. Looking for a fair market price. PM here or in game if you've got between 4,960 and 5,120 available. Near a body of water, road, or shopping area is preferred.
  14. Joining land and I goofed up

    Assuming you have both parcels with you as owner. Join them Deed it back to the group with "owner makes contribution" ticked Go to the land contributions web page and drop your amount down to the minimum you can If you don't do that last step then you will be paying money you don't need to. Because you made a mistake originally and accepted the extra charge you will get one month of extra fees payable to the lab, but if you drop it down on the web page it's just one month. Next time, don't sell to yourself, instead deed the land you own ticking "owner makes contribution", then join.
  15. Old premium member and new double land allotment

    Either one. You're entitled to a waiver for monthly fees on up to 1024 sq m of land on the Mainland now instead of just 512. And the 1024 doesn't have to be all in a single parcel. So you can buy another 512 somewhere or abandon your present one and buy a 1024. As always, you pay the one-time purchase price for the land.
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  17. How does your avatar look today ?

    Pose in the nature. (Nothing else better to do at the moment than to pose the avatar in the bushes.)
  18. What are you doing today!? :D

    So far today, mostly RP related. At my little RP house cut into a big cliff.
  19. Old premium member and new double land allotment

    Hi, I am an old Premium member (2009, before Linden gave free houses) - I have been reading about this upgrade or premium members and I would like to know how it applies to me. I own a small piece of land that land I bought years ago (512 sqm plot). Can anyone shed some light on if i can add another 512 sqm plot with a house? Or, if i wanted a 1024 sqm plot, do i abandon (or sell) my existing land a buy a new plot? Thank you.
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    I think i get it
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    How cute (and yes, I do know what it says, but I ain't telling )
  22. I have uploaded textures before without any issues. However, this time I am seeing quite the resolution loss on the textures I am uploading. The textures are 1024 by 1024 resolution both on my computer and in world. The texture is a rose knit pattern that is clear on my computer and if i load in-world using 'local' as a temp it shows all the details no problem. However once I upload into world the resolution is lost. There is immediately noticeable loss of resolution. Image was uploaded "Use Lossless Compression" checked. I have tried uploading the image as both a PNG and as a TGA file. The main details become smeared as if the image was dropped to half resolution. This makes the texture totally unusable for build. Why is there such resolution loss and what can be done to fix this?
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    *lurks and watches for an answer*
  24. As far as I know moderate sim only allow nonsexual nudity. So yes, if you do a club that emphasizes on the artistic side of stripping it would most likely be OK, keep in mind though, most dancing poles don't have those subtle animations. As Pussycat said, it is just asking for trouble anyways. In the end it is up to the Lindens to decide, but don't say you have not been warned.
  25. Hello, We are currently looking for LSL and PHP developers for our virtual learning environment development efforts. Please get in touch with us so that we can discuss this opportunity in further details. Send me an IM and we can take it from there. Deep Semaphore
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