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  2. experience.... what about a SL sim ban and a forced teleport to Sansar?
  3. Neighbor with big amount of breedables, problem?

    it's a great rule, but pretty useless if they are allowed to fill the place up with huge textures and badly scripted vendors...
  4. i was thinking about how far away is the SL sun. I know right! but yanno far away meaning relative to the distance between realworld earth and sun what I came up with follows - the earth rotates full circle in about 1440 minutes - earth radius is about 6.4 million kms - circumference then about 40 million kms - an earth peg on the surface at the equator travels 40 million / 1440, approx. 28kms per minute - the number of earth rotations in its orbit around the sun is approx. 365 - rotation distance by an earth peg at the equator is 365 * 40 million kms. 14,600 million kms - the distance from earth to sun (orbit radius) is approx. 149.6 million kms - the orbit distance (circumference) then about 940 million kms - unrolled the earth peg travels 14,600 * 940. 137,240,000 million kms in 1 earth orbit - when we divide this by the rotation speed 28 kms then scale 1:4,901,428,571 applying this to a SL region - a region rotates full circle in about 240 minutes (relative to the SL sun) - the diagonal of a region is about 0.362 kms. Radius half this - circumference then about 1.137 kms - a region peg on the surface at the region equator travels 1.137 / 240, 0.0047375 kms per minute - multiplying this by the earth scale then: 23,220,518 - dividing this by 1.137 gives us a region orbit around the SL sun of 20,422,619 kms - the radius of this (distance to SL sun) is approx: 3,250,360 kms i just wonder if there is an easier way to calculate this, or have I made a logical error and what I think is the answer is wrong ?
  5. Should a purchased mesh head look like the demo ?

    I experienced the same problem like the thread starter described. A friend wanted to have head and shape what makes her avatar a bit looking like her RL face. So i went to Catwa and got the demo of the lilo head. I created a new shape, and spent one hour altering that (face) shape. After it was done, i gave the shape to a friend who uses the Lilo head already (bought at catwa for 5K). And guess what? It was looking completely different than being used with the demo head. I dont get it...
  6. why not?... it does add a new experience
  7. What did your avatar look like when you first started SL?

    Happy Xyla Vamp first days))
  8. SL slow

    Sam can you re-type that in English your not making any sense
  9. SL slow

    it s funny to see people in SL who says OMG SL DIIIES,but for some silly reason they still play)p.s had same thing,reinstalled windows ,everything sems ok
  10. looking for a bestie or family

    hello nice to met you my name is mericia im 35 I stay in orange park fl been on secondlife for a long amount of years but im lookin for a family or havin sum friends or a bestie I can just enjoy life wit im also looking for kids tht will join my family im lookin for truthful honest people that just want to enjoy sl just lik I do I do work but I have my own land im also getting a full sim to build an empire just so I can have less drama but if you would lik to talk to me plz hit me up if you are interested thank u
  11. I know that I rent my place at Azure, and those have rules against breedables. No more than five breedables per plot, which is 4 plots in my region. That will keep breedable lagfest to a minimum.
  12. SL slow

    Even with a moderate PC running at 3.80ghz and 32 gig of ram and a decent graphics card GTX750Ti, its now taking much longer for everything to render in sl, my graphics card is even set to low-mid and still, everything is damn slow, I checked my net speed that's fine. I experience parts missing on me to others, some places one rezzing and see a club empty then 5min later people will renderer, other problems its just getting worse I spoken with others and they are experiencing the same thing, it SL pumping up the specs each time a new viewer comes out or what, I know its not my PC or Net.
  13. Allowing Group members to change music settings

    Has land been only set to group, or has it also been deeded to the group? I can't check right now, as I do not have access to SL where I am now, but there is a difference between them. When the land is set to group, you will still be listed as owner of the land. When the land is deeded to the group, the group will be listed as owner of the land. When you are still owner of the land, group settings have no effect on the land.They will only take effect when the group is owner of the land.
  14. Having some issues with group permissions. Trying to set it so certain group roles can change media settings (stream) Steps taken: Group created Land set to group Role created with "Change music & media settings" permission User added to this role For added measure, user set that role as active After relogging, still unable to change the stream. Any thoughts on why?
  15. Today
  16. Demo Text stuck on all my non demo face appliers

    Hahhah. At first I thought I might not have an option but to do so, lol. Hi Skell. I very much appreciate you extensive and informative explanation. I am indeed using a Catwa Bento, Catya atm... I did clear all the layers, so I thought. But... Never realized that the upper and lower layers needed to be cleared. I had just assumed that clear meant that specific area in it's entirety. Thanks for clearing that up, will now know for future instances where this might occur. I'm only 6 days old in SL, maybe 7 today hahhah. Enjoying the experience so far. A lot to learn, which I also enjoy. And lots of screenshots to be made. Great product you guys have there. Used to working with high poly heads and sculpting manually by manipulating verticies, or just with sliders. But, what I'm not used to... is having several different variations to choose from. This is fantastic! Thanks again Skell. And sorry for the late reply. Just got back to the forum now.
  17. Maxiumum number of items per folder?*****-up-at-the-same-time-d933471d59de
  18. Happy Birthday?

    I've never heard it sung without the name of the person whose birthday it is, and it gets sung often. The normal english version includes the name. As someone said, if it's more than one person's birthday, then maybe a specific name is sometimes missing, but it's not the normal english way of singing it.
  19. Help me find this glasses

  20. Help me find this glasses

    No, its two worms, kissing a mushroom.
  21. I hope, you dont run a help/welcome/orientation sim.
  22. The VaNiTy ThReAd

  23. How does your avatar look today ?

    lazy and lazy)
  24. New Male AV - Appearance Opinions Needed

    Hello Cerebrogasm , Evolution mesh -
  25. Help me find this glasses

    Is that what I think it is in the reflection?
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