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  2. Animesh is gonna be a big thing, guys

    Yeah, like everyone else I'm just hoping it's not crippled with unreasonable land impact costs. (If animesh really is more reasource intensive than those laggy frame swap mesh statues then LL has done something horribly wrong.) If LL reduces the LI cost to something that makes sense then yeah, it will be huge for immersion, interactivity and provide a much less resource intensive way to provide people with pets, NPCs and other animated sim features. Of course, it will still be up to SL content creators to use it efficiently, and they don't have the greatest track record. We'll see, tho. I am excited even if I sound anxious.
  3. What is the purpose of these "extra" cubes

    Always happy to help
  4. Getting into Renting Accomodation

    I would say that the harsh reality is that since Linden inflated prims value with the 50% increase, which has its plusses and minuses, you cannot charge $1/1 prim in new, lower-end and Mainland markets. You have to charge 0.66/prim now to attract customers. Because I've been in business a long time and have a customer base, I can get away with $1/1 prim. But most areas have to come down to .86 or .90 a prim if not lower to stay full. Again, somebody who has an anecdotal experience of a city on Bay City or whatever can't grasp what are the facts here, which I see with land across 50 sims. It's a depressed market in which only intensive sweat equity or special niche offerings will work.
  5. Getting into Renting Accomodation

    That's nice. But that isn't the point. The point isn't that somebody's anecdotal singular use case of rentals are rented. But that the law of vacancy means harsh diminishing returns. That law didn't go away just because of your experience now. See the Brutality of Rentals Math. In the early days, for years, the Lindens had a rule: only 5 accounts per real person. So I have abided by that rule. They used to ban or stop you from making ever new accounts with the same payment form. I don't know if they still do that. In the early days, I put lots of alts in lots of groups for another reason -- to hold the groups together as they required 3, not 2 as today, and they had that awful "officers' recall" problem. Philip Linden himself came to me in person and asked me in puzzlement why I had so many groups and so many alts. I had to explain to him that it was the only way to overcome his hippie commune group tools. Eventually he began to change those tools as the new phenomenon of land rentals -- which he himself pushed! -- forced them to. Cory Linden once told me that this blog post of mine explaining the reality of their insane group tools persuaded them to reform them. I personally think maintaining legions of alts is not a good business practice and leads to customer doubt and confusion. After the purchase of one sim worth of land ($195) the tier price then goes down slightly so adding the cost of a premium account to the rentals business makes no sense.
  6. How to Summon a Spirit?

    No, I didn't, because she didn't ask for payment. She sent me a script on full perms saying it was a hobby, a thing she did in 20 minutes instead of a crossword puzzle. I don't pay hobbyists. I pay people who have price tags on things or send me a bill. I didn't get one.
  7. How to Summon a Spirit?

    Um, no. Um, yeah, I get it about "free as in free beer" and the difference between free and open source, and got it about 15 years ago. That's not the point. The point is that if someone sends you a script they have put on all perms -- in this case Inna, who made the Summons Spirit script -- and they have not put any license on it saying "even though this is on all perms it has a license whereby you cannot sell it or distribute it or whatever" the convention is -- as well as the technical features of SL -- is that it is, indeed a free, open source, paid-up in perpetuity until the heat death of the sun script that the original maker cannot expect to stop anyone from passing on. Free scripts, with all perms, of the sort, say, Alicia Stella distributes in boxes mainly for newbies, but not only newbies, have caveats/licenses on them that say "don't sell this or distribute as is". And that anyone can respect if they are law-abiding and a believer in these social conventions, as I am. But if there is NOT any license or permissions, then just because someone says they have a thought or a feeling or they don't like grabby business people you shouldn't put it in the script library, they don't have a case. That is what you refuse to hear. There is no case here. And that's what's wrong with the culture -- that subjective valuations of classes of people (business, landlords, newbies) are invoked as a reason not to distribute a script that is open and free and not licensed not to be distributed "just because". Open source cultists -- whether or not they love open source code as such -- use social conventions and social taboos to stop openness of open things rather than the rule of law. That is what I object to. It's wrong.
  8. I Need Help with Animations....(beginner)

    Agreed, a “menu changer” may do nothing but allow customizing menus, but require special configuration to actually “do stuff” or interface to other scripts.
  9. Production Assistant - 5k per week

    Well I'm not your man that is sure but if you need an actor I'm here
  10. What are you doing today!? :D

    You can fish for clothes at Sn@tch
  11. Wow A Terrible Search/Places Bug LL Should Fix ASAP

    What I've just learned is that a major second-tier store owner who tried to get the members of the Casper Vendors group to care about this bug found out they DID NOT CARE They don't see it They don't use search/places They use Classifieds. Those still work. But not all of us have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on multiple CLASSIFIED ads as distinct from SEARCH PLACES ads. This is why @Lina Pussycat you need to hear. The users of the virtually monopolist leading vendor system DO NOT CARE because THEY DO NOT USE SEARCH/PLACES .
  12. Just Ignore and let this one die

    It's Lil, she needs this:
  13. Wow A Terrible Search/Places Bug LL Should Fix ASAP

    My Main Store on Southpointe is gone and only one of my small satellite shops is showing. I was wondering why my traffic had been so slow as of late!! Here is my Main Store, it is ALWAYS checked ad Show in Search. It is not showing up at all. And my store traffic is next to nil. I and colleagues 100% rely on the Show in Search feature to work, and we are paying for it. I have had a store in SL for 10 years. TEN years. And this has always worked. I literally cannot stay in SL as a business person if this is not fixed. And if I am not a business person in SL, then I will not stay in SL at all, since I will have no reason to stay. I own land and I spend a LOT of money in SL on uploads of all my designs. Please fix this ASAP if you want to keep people like me in here.
  14. recent anypose live glitch

    I've tried it on various sims, it also happened to a friend when I was posing for her
  15. Wow A Terrible Search/Places Bug LL Should Fix ASAP

    You said my parcels were not showing up in search because the boxes weren't checked. I assure you they are checked. You wrote: Ravenglass, specifically, did not appear to have the box checked on any of the land I investigated, So that suggests to me that god-mode isn't overriding this bug-not-feature. Or I suppose you are looking at some parcel already rented, and then it wouldn't have the box checked. The examples I sent all definitely have the box checked. You can see group debits paying for them, for one. And they remain in place.
  16. What are you doing today!? :D

    So much for inventory clear out, re-discovered my 7seas rod went fishing & everything i purged came back as fish and salvage i didn't already own
  17. Today
  18. Just Ignore and let this one die

    Here’s your cloche!
  19. Just Ignore and let this one die

    Ooo, I can drop your name, now. "Oh yes, I was talking to @Clover Jinx while we were in Paris(TX) last week ..."
  20. Just Ignore and let this one die

    It’s the syndicate, quick! Make a getaway! 💨
  21. Gente, quero entrar em outros mundos por portais, mas sou barrada pq meu filtro tá no Geral. Tento mudar pra outro mas não consigo. Como faço pra liberar as outras opções? Porque eu já confirmei meu e-mail e não foi nada ajuda aqui a esquizo
  22. Another important issue that many content creators in SL overlook is that having a high-res texture ends up being a waste if the texture map itself is full of empty or hidden space. It feels like the majority of textures I've seen in SL use only a tiny fraction of of the pixels, the rest of the file just eating up valuable VRAM for no reason. Also, look for ways you can reuse parts of the texture across your model. I've seen mesh chains that give every single link in the chain pixel space in the texture when they could totally have a single instance of the chain link texture used for every link in the chain. Doing that would allow for both higher resolution even if the whole texture is a fraction of the size.
  23. Where Do People Get This Idea?

    Yeah, as a renter, I want to deal with the owner or staff as little as humanly possible. More rights for me and more automation means I have to take up someone else’s time needlessly and I can also save myself some time. As for the OP, I’ve rented on estates and owned mainland. I have no experience with renting in a situation like you described. So, yeah, I’d be confused and disappointed to find a feature I’m used to isn’t possible on your property. But that speaks more to my own inexperience with dealing with rentals like yours. I rent from an estate that has been around for ten years. Their terminals are efficient and I love that I can easily pay with PayPal. It’s a little pricier I’m sure, but the features are worth it to me.
  24. I Need Help with Animations....(beginner)

    A "menu changer" by itself may or may not do what you think it does. It all depends on what it was designed for. As I indicated in my long post last night, scripts that handle animations in furniture can come with all sorts of bells and whistles. For example, you can make a very simple system (with no menu at all) by just adding a pose ball script to your furniture, like this one >>> A slightly more complicated system might have a menu that lets you select an animation from a collection in its inventory, but not let you adjust position, and so on until you get to something quite sophisticated like AvSitter. As OptimoMaximo pointed out, that one is now free to download, but you should expect a bit of a learning curve.
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