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  2. Looking for land for your business or simply a place to call home? Look no more! Victoria Chung Estates provides a wide range of sims to choose from. Check out the details below. • No premium account needed • 24/7 Professional Land Management • Residential/Commercial • Full Estate Manager Rights • Region Ban, Terraforming, Texture Changes, Environment Settings, Change Sim Rating • Sim Restarts • Stand Alone-Total Privacy • Sim Design (Optional) • Largest Private Estate in SL Homestead: Price: 7,399 L$/Week Prims : 5000 Area : 65536 Sq.M ======================================================================================= Parcels: 1/2 Homestead: Price: 3801 L$/Week Prims :2495 Area : 32768 Sq.M 1/3 Homestead: Price: 2534 L$/Week Prims :1661 Area : 21776 Sq.M 1/4 Homestead: Price: 1897 L$/Week Prims :1245 Area : 16384 Sq.M 1/5 Homestead: Price: 1526 L$/Week Prims :994 Area : 13040 Sq.M 1/8 Homestead: Price: 1050 L$/Week (corner plots) Price: 847 L$/Week (edge plots) Prims :620 Area : 8192 Sq.M To see a complete list of our available sims: - Visit my store or drop by at my office in Ponte de Lima Get a chance to win 10,000L$ worth of free rent weekly by joining our raffle. PM me for details.
  3. The Yava ones are phantom. If I found a physical, unattended vehicle I would AR the owner quick smart.
  4. Looking for land for your business or simply a place to call home? Look no more! Victoria Chung Estates provides a wide range of sims to choose from. Check out the details below. • No premium account needed • 24/7 Professional Land Management • Residential/Commercial • Full Estate Manager Rights • Region Ban, Terraforming, Texture Changes, Environment Settings, Change Sim Rating • Sim Restarts • Stand Alone-Total Privacy • Sim Design (Optional) • Largest Private Estate in SL Full Regions: Price: 14,799 L$/Week Prims : 20000 Area : 65536 Sq.M Price: 16,799 L$/Week Prims : 30000 Area : 65536 Sq.M ======================================================================================= Parcels: 1/2 Full Region: Price : 9002 L$/Week Prims :9995 Area : 32768 Sq. M 1/3 Full Region: Price : 6006 L$/Week Prims :6660 Area : 21824 Sq. M 1/4 Full Region: Price : 4501 L$/Week Prims :4995 Area : 16384 Sq. M 1/5 Full Region: Price : 3801 L$/Week Prims :3994 Area : 13088 Sq. M 1/8 Full Region: Price : 2499 L$/Week (corner plots) Price: 2247 L$/Week (middle plots) Prims: 2495 Area : 8192 Sq.M 1/6 Full Region: Price : 1316 L$/Week (corner plots) Price: 1253 L$/Week (ocean view plots) Price: 1190 L$/Week (inner plots) Prims :1245 Area : 4080 Sq.M 1/64 Full Region: Prims: 307 Area: 1008 Sq. M. Prices: • 600L$ Regular rate NOW ONLY 399L$ Weekly / Corner Plots • 450L$ Regular rate NOW ONLY 301L$ Weekly / Waterfront Plots • 300L$ Regular rate NOW ONLY 203L$ Weekly / Inner Plots 1/49 Full Region Parcels with 20% Prim Bonus: Prims: 374 Area: 1024 Sq. M. Prices: • 487L$ Weekly / Corner Plots • 427L$ Weekly / Waterfront Plots • 378L$ Weekly / Inner Plots To see a complete list of our available sims: - Visit my store or drop by at my office in Ponte de Lima
  5. Dwellings: size and camming..

    Between pokey small rooms and the bigger problem of mesh-faking LOD abuse - there are not many options in homes right now. Open plan though, is the way to go, less walls, to the point of large single rooms. I love Maven homes, and they seem to hold up well at a distance, BUT they have the mesh rez bug, so meh.
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  7. Sketchup vs Blender

    It is amazing how fast you can model in Blender once you get the hang of it. The learning curve is steep, but the rewards come in stages to keep you going. After modelling, you have Texturing yet to come!
  8. Dwellings: size and camming..

    There are 2 well-discussed basic opinions on this subject, and each side has strongly-held views. I'm on the side that RL realistic sizes don't work in SL however you try to adjust the camera position. But I won't expand on that unless the thread developes in this subject's usual way. What I will say is that there are houses and furniture to suit the views of both sides, so you'd need to buy the things that suit your avatar preferences, which really means shopping inworld so that you can see what you're getting. And remember that this is SL. It's not RL. An RL person coming to this world would think of it as a land of giants. And that's absolutely fine, because this is a different world. So matching RL sizes here is not important, unless it is to you. The bottom line is, for these things, buy what you can see and try, and not from pictures in a webpage.
  9. Noobie Nodes Question - texture to bake to

    Which then lead inevitably to the question: What is muting a node? What changes when it it Muted? In effect, a muted node connects its inputs to its outputs. Which is why, for a texture-holder node, there is no effect at all.
  10. How does your avatar look today ?

    Friday Night at my Sister's set....i stumped the DJ : ) lol
  11. Hey beautiful people! I've been desperately searching for the *bbqq*-Sign-01-Li Jin Hotel RARE gacha below - I've dropped an insane amount of money into the machine to no avail, it's not on MP and I haven't had any luck with my gacha groups and gacha resale venues. If you or anyone you know is willing to let go of this sign, please contact me here or in-world @Runi Jinx! *prayer hands emoji*
  12. Noobie Nodes Question - texture to bake to

    First thing i thought was the recolor feature for the nodes that was introduced in the 2.7x series. But i was mistaken. When it is red like that, only on the top label, it's because the node is Muted. You can toggle it from the menu shown in the pic or by hitting M when the node is selected.
  13. What do I do about trespassers ?

    I don't worry about it too much. I've had one jerk, but that's life. My parcel in Vallone has a cafe and a bike workshop, obviously public. I don't have a residence in SL, just an office.
  14. How does your office space look?

    Kimika Ying's office in New Babbage. This is part of her workshop, which has working engines and machine tools. One of the best builders in New Babbage.
  15. How does your office space look?

    Here's my office in Second Life. That's where I do scripting and vehicle work.
  16. Stand Alone Island Sim ..........2 1/4 sims left or make it 1/2 sim? 1/4 sim 5000 prims ...........4199Lw..........full rights sunset view , other is sunrise. Low Lag tenants preffered.......... Contact Propstar Resident for viewing ..........won't last long at this price !
  17. Abandoned Land Auctions

    If you're a paid member, you can send in a support ticket and ask that an abandoned parcel be auctioned off. I've done that and bought a parcel. That's probably where most of the abandoned parcel auctions come from, which implies someone wanted that parcel.
  18. A valid URL for ANS?

    You could try a dynamic DNS provider or it may be the port that's upsetting it or that you're not specifying a page to process it. It has been too long since I did it last.
  19. I just bought another roadside land earlier today, and just earlier I decided to check on my neighbor's parcel because they have this random prim rezzed on the edge of their parcel bordering mine. I checked the creation date of the prim, it says 28th of January, 2007. I thought it might have been something created a long time ago but just recently rezzed, but it doesn't seem like it, so I investigated further. It turned out everything on the parcel are very old prims which are clearly not prefabs, and most likely been created on the spot right then and there. I saw the land info and read that it had been claimed on 25th of January, 2007, so three days before the prim I mentioned was rezzed. The other prims are also rezzed around those dates. And lastly, the land owner's profile is totally empty. Wow so I guess this person is still paying for this land for 11 years straight without ever coming back to the land. It's not a small land too, it's 3632m2 big, so that's like $25 every month. (not sure how much the fee for a land that big was back then though). It's a very fascinating find to me it's crazy how the things on the land predates even the protected roadside's road next to it (the road was made in 2009) Here's a screenshot of the land, and the location is here (I linked the road next to the land) if anyone wants to check it out Edit: Checked further and saw something that was made on February of 2007, but still not too far from January
  20. Dwellings: size and camming..

    Houses that have high ceilings and are realistically proportioned are the best. I'd recommend La Galleria / Maven Homes, I think they designed their houses around the fact that people are on 3rd person perspective on SL, and put a good amount of space for the camera by making high ceilings / roomy rooms in general Of course, you can also edit your camera preset through the debug / developer settings to be lower and closer to your avatar like I did.
  21. What do I do about trespassers ?

    I 'live' off trespassers now, but also in my first years in SL I found them to be quite amusing. Especially the ones that have social issues like not being able to talk back and have a normal conversation. I then started to answer my questions for them which made them feel annoyed often. Hey what do I know!?! If you don't answer I have to guess for you! Most of them just leave by themselves that way. Some feel sorry and apologize and a few become more talkative and made friends. Moral of the story. Something positive can come from what at first seems to be rude behavior. And those that really lack any form of decensy and social skills get out of the way by themselves.
  22. just wondering

    Well, the toddlers will make great curling stones! Not sure where Combat Gor will fit in though? Kajirus figure skating and Triathlon for the men?
  23. Ideas for a home in the sky

    There are actually lots of things you can do with a quarter of a sim up in the sky. There are a variety of landforms on the marketplace. I prefer mesh over sculpt as I hate teleporting into a giant blob surrounding me while it rezzes. I have some walkable hills but they are only good up to 64 meter size. Likely someone else has larger ones and I plan to make some too but I have lots on my todo list at the moment so that is working its way up slowly. With some gorgeous trees and rocks things can SEEM very ground-level. You could of course learn how to make your own but the learning curve is pretty steep -- still a good skill. Meanwhile feel free to visit the upper levels at LEA6 where full sim environments will emerge as time and energy permits. Now there are just hints of what will come :D. I DO agree that FINDING things on the Marketplace is definitely a quest LOL and I wish you luck. But know that it IS possible to have a nice place in the sky.
  24. This post is already old but for those who don't believe it... YES, it is possible to get pregnant in SL by that Alpha "male part" thing. I got this issue just once. NO, you will not have a big belly growing in your avatar like a RL pregnancy. Being SL if you want to keep it you may buy the belly and the baby at the marketplace or wherever you want since it's still your decision if you want to go along with the roleplay. This pregnancy will last 9 days and if you don't want the baby you must abort it or it will be too late. ¿What will happen then? you have to either choose to keep it and pay like 2k L$, you may ignore the message but then you will get problems while rezzing some things or either textures in SL and if you either way try to abort it, a tag will appear in your avi saying that you refused it. The best way to avoid this issues is to ask the owner of the "male part" to turn off said option.
  25. Work in progress anime head? Feedback please?

    The bridge of the nose should stop where the eyebrows are. Since your model doesn't have eyebrows yet it's hard to say where that'd be. The shape of that head actually reminds me a bit of the Danny Phantom style, now that I look at it more.
  26. Encroachment on Robin Loop ?

    No, it's not about "me encroaching" big guy. It's not even about old Lindens. Stop it. This is just some weird form of griefing. I know EXACTLY what you said when you IM'd me in world, accusing me of encroachment, making false accusations against me about sim borders and so on. This is all what accused ME of inworld and trust me, this is not about some motorcycle disruption. Go drive your motorcycle elsewhere if you have "problems" you know? That's not what you're about here. Let me inform you once again what the problem is here -- but then you know it, you're making a fake gambit here. It's about the Lindens having built the road crappily here. There was no reason for it whatsoever. They have roads all over SL and are very good at building them, they just have messed this up. LOOK at this area. Weird, messed-up lumpy rocks. Messed up road. TERRIBLE landscaping creating a totally impossible environment. If you buy land here, which I did, you cannot drive out of it because of the Lindens' obstacle course. So sorry, I'm going to put up a ramp and the hell with anything anyone says about it, the Lindens should fix their road. I get to get out of my land, and so do my tenants, the end. You also have misplaced ideas about "my" prims at the border of Electra and Grote where I don't have prims. Get a grip. There's some other guy's prims there (but they are road signs) so I don't think they cause you to go off the road. Hmm now why do the Lindens not fix their road here? I KNOW, it's because of their fanboyz insane idea that they should put a railroad "back" here that was a resident railroad. They've agitated Michael Linden to try to put that railroad "back" which in fact was a resident railroad that uglified the skyline and was abandoned and removed. And the Lindens SOLD THE LAND there and it was purchased by people off the auction ,then by me. The end, go away. The Lindens and their rail fans have plenty of other places to put railroads without messing up THESE sims again and harassing me about my land in different ways (this looks like merely the latest gambit). They even have other ways they can run their silly railroad even in this area, with all the enormous amounts of abandoned land they have. So they truly need to go away in the worst way. If you're not about that, you STILL need to go away in the worst way. NO ONE NEEDS YOU TO DO THIS 'INSPECTING'. YOU WERE NOT ELECTED OR APPOINTED.NO ONE NEEDS MORE STUPID-A$$ SELF-DRIVING CARS MESSING UP ROADS, GOING OFF ROADS, DESTROYING THE THEMES OF SIMS. GET LOST WITH THIS SELF-DRIVING CAR IDEA. If you do this, I will abuse report you continuously as it is harassment. Why do people like you get graNdiose ideas about yourselves, your scripts, your ideas, your vehicles that you want to impose on OTHER PEOPLE'S PROPERTY you don't pay tier on and the PUBLIC ROADS near them? Buy a sim and play with your cars on that sim and stop harassing people with your nonsense. Pictures will describe it all perfectly well if you don't want to read my words.
  27. How do RP sims break even?

    Agreed that many to most do not. SOME however do by incorporating rental units with minimal prims (like 50 for $3 or $4 a prim --or more). If it is a very nice place and some are, then the cost works well and the sim stays full so far as rentals go. But RP folks are sometimes fickle so there is no way of knowing if "paying your way" will be a long term thing. So best not to count on that.
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