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Hello Residents! We're excited to announce that we've opened up a new social media channel for Second Life. Since we're turning 15 this year - we decided that we're mature enough to be trusted with an Instagram account. Head on over, follow us, and we'll be sharing some fun things there. Check out our first post now!  

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SL a California based virtual world
I was watching a youtube video (forgot what it was) but they mentioned that nearly all of the online social sites were made in California and reflect a lot of the social norms and morality system of the people who created them. SL is made in San Francisco. I was wondering if people outside of that state or outside of the U.S. notice anything in SL that seems different from what you'd expect to see if SL were made locally in your State/Country.  Is SL too liberal in it's values? Too restrictive in certain things? 
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Second Life Pic of the Day

Second Life Pic of the day is "Guardians", from clau.dagger. To sub…
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