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Grunt Popstar

Megaprims ok now?

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• Max. prim dimensions (non-megaprim) - 64×64×64m
   • it was 10×10×10m before SL Server 3.0.0 (238864)

[begin lesson:]
Therefore, to be techinally correct, the terminoly is now:

- A prim with size up to 64x64x64 metres is ordinary prim.
- A prim bigger than 64x64x64 metres is a megaprim.

So, we can build prims up to 64x64x64 metres, and edit them normally.
Megapims still do have the same limitations as they did earlier. If you stretch megaprim it will snap now to 64x64x64 metres (earlier they did snap to 10x10x10 metres).

What is important in respect to terminology, is that a prim up to 64x64x64 metres is not a megaprim.
[End of lesson]


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OMG - Thank you so much for posting this!  I was semi0away from SL for awhile as my video card didn't support the newer releases (whih meant I was stick back in an old featureless viewer.  This dimished my enjoyment and set the stage for diminshing time in SL.  Last week a nice merchant introduced me to Firestorm so I was able to start building/sculpting again.  After this post I immediately switched out my, just created, platform for my new skyhome - 18 prims worth of flat platform and was able to replace it with just 1!  I had no idea!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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