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ATTENTION! Listings on the Marketplace are borked. Everyone check your stores!

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Pearl Vollmar wrote:

Here's the link to the jira

They have to fix this immediately!

Please everyone vote and watch and tell your merchant groups inworld. I'm going to do that right now too.

Note that the JIRA you created Pearl is a duplicate of an existing issue. Your JIRA has been closed and linked to this one instead:

Incorrect items showing up on my marketplace store from other merchants but with my listing texture and vice versa

So everyone needs to go to the original Issue and vote/watch there instead.

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I've noticed a lot of these issues happening before the switch to DD. I kept getting people requesting help with products I didn't even make.

Looks like DD exposed a lot of issues that were hard to find. I've been dealing with a lot of what everyone is talking about since September! I thought I was kind of crazy or maybe I was getting scammed when people were saying they paid for things, I had no transaction history, and didn't get it, but they did (they sent pieces of kits back at a later date to prove it).A lot of the issues I was experiencing had to do with massive wait times. I would start to see sales and deliveries lag by a few hours, then the magic box would send me an email saying it had to reset itself, and then the messages would come.

Considering that the number of people who are vocal about things is realistically around 1-10% of the users, who knows how long this has been going on. A lot of people probably purchased things and never got them (and I never got my L$) and never said anything about it. 

I never knew how to approach the subject. Everyone I talked to said sales were just fluctuating and me messing with my boxes and having it positively affect sales was just luck (I doubt a 10x increas in sales after repeatedly doing the same thing is luck, but whatever). I am glad to see these issues being brought to light (though I'm sorry everyone has to go through it).

I agree, the best thing to do right now is to delist things if your store is broken. You might end up with a lot of angry customers who paid for things and never got them, and you might have no idea that they paid for them because they won't show up in transaction history.

What's really worrying is the amount of people who have tried to open stores (or shut down stores) because they thought sales were tanking. Only it isn't their problem, it's the software delivering products.

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Not to distract from the gravity of this error in the Marketplace, but it reminds me of an event we had happen to us years ago.

We had written a Natural Language Expert System that could accept any question then comb its references and abstracts returning the proper text that related to your question. The night before we flew out to present it to the customer (a very large international company), we had to port the database of medical abstracts and the Expert System index files onto a new computer we were going to take with us.

Well, the tech in charge of doing the port loaded up the two index files from the medical database, but grabbed the abstracts file we used for testing and goofing around.

Just before I unplugged the computer and boxed it up for travel, I thought to run a few test questions through it.

Q: What is the primary cause of traumatic epilepsy?
A: A good peanut butter sandwich requires the proper balance of peanut butter and jelly.

Q: What is the proper dosage of blood thinner to adminster for a 180 lb. man that is 6' tall?
A: You can arrange a tee time at the local golf club by calling the reservations desk at ...

Needless to say, it was a long long night. LOL 

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I'm going to bed now. I was on my way when I decided to have a quick look at my listings. Now that I have calmed down, I guess I can sleep. I hope they fixed this before I wake up. If not, I'll have to unlist my stuff or at least those that are broken.. I really don't have the energy to do it now.

Thank you all for the support. I was kind of desperate :-)

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I just checked all 37 pages of my store and I don't see any problems with anything.  Pictures are all mine, etc.  Good god!  I about had a heart attack when I saw what this thread was detailing!  I hope they get this fixed for everybody and right this very minute!

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Hey!  I get to play too.  After reading angel6's post and that she had not changed over from the Magic Box, I ran over to my listings.  Oh the joy!  Wrong prices on items (my convertible futon sells for 100L, but the listing for an entire Japanese room is now 85L - gah, no wonder I sold one the other day...lol. 10 or so items are showing up as unassociated (keeping in mind I have not touched anything in my MB or on the MP website) and, yes...some items with different names, prices and designers. 



A closeup:



It's hard to read but the description under the welcome mat says: "Cute neko outfit with tank..." etc.

Then one I just had to laugh at:


These are both wrong but the description for the Victorian Hearts...GAH!!!!!!  Also notice the pricing - the first mat was 99L, no price for the Victorian Hearts and 10L for the Love Hearts mat that has been "renamed" to Dark Red and sold by Colleen Later.

Customers must think we've gone mad!!!!

Ticket and jira time and I must say - we are not amused!!!!

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I had'nt given direct delivery any thought untill yesterday, i heard about it but thought it was something LL was doing , anyway i decided to watch torleys videos and realized really fast i did have to do something.

So yesterday i migrated  my 5 magic boxes over and all went very well for me, luckily all my pics and prices are as they should be.

But that blo**y Marketplace  is hopeless trying to edit anything, i am surprised my migration went so well, i only hope customers are able to use it, i have 'nt sold a thing for days, not that i sold a lot anyway.

I rely on my inworld store, i make more there than MP, if i get a bite on MP, well thats nice but i don't depend on it. it's free so thats good.

I just think MP has ruined the amount of people who shop inworld,yes lots still do but the amount who do is grossly less than if MP did'nt exist

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This may be why everyones listings are out of wack.


[postED] Scheduled Marketplace Maintenance

Posted by Status Desk on March 27th, 2012 at 11:27 pm PDT

[Posted 11:27 pm PDT, 27 March 2012] On Wednesday, March 28th the Second Life Marketplace will be undergoing maintenance at 9:00 am PDT. During this time the marketplace will be unavailable. Maintenance is anticipated to last approximately one hour.


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MIne are not out of whack.

And I have MANY products.

It seems more likely to me that Malefactor Linden simply decided to steer clear of me this time, since he knows I'm already on the brink of taking decisive action if he gives me any legitimate excuse. 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3343 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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