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Deploys for the week of 2012-03-26

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We didn't see any large issues with the RC code last week, but given the complexities of the project we wanted to give it more time to soak in RC. That means that we will not have a channel to promote this week. There will be no code promoted to the main channel. We will however probably do a rolling restart of the main channel Tuesday morning for stability reasons.

Second Life Server (main channel)
There is no promotion to main channel this week. This will be the same code as before. Rolling restart likely.

Second Life RC BlueSteel
This is a "Maint-Server" branch.
  • No new features.
    • This release is focused on internal stability with networking code.
    • Modified existing throttles and caps on network traffic.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Several fixes for certain crashmodes involved with SVC-7713 "sim crashes all avatars on sim (dosent restart but crash all viewers) multiple times a day"

Second Life RC LeTigre
This will get the same maint-server code as is on BlueSteel



Second Life RC Magnum
This will continue to host the Threaded Region Crossing Phase One code.


We will be monitoring this thread during the next week so please feel free to post issues that you feel have been introduced by the new code. Please file a JIRA for issues you find and post the JIRA link into this thread. It really helps us out. When determining if issues are relevant or not research is key. Tracking down exactly the right situation where an issue is occurring greatly speeds up the development process to get fixes in place.
I appreciate your help. Have a good week!
p.s. If you are interested in helping test SecondLife in beta please join the group "Second Life Beta" in-world. We also have an email list where we communicate upcoming projects and how you can help. (https://lists.secondlife.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/server-beta ) Once a week we meet on ADITI to discuss new features, new bugs, new fixes, and other fun stuff. You are more than welcome. Information is here:https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Server_Beta_User_Group
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Sim crossings generally seem to be getting worse. I usually run a script-light AV, but even that's had problems, walking. Sometimes the process is taking 30 seconds to complete, or more. A few times, with a vehicle that has previously been quite good, I've had my AV briefly displayed underwater at the sim-edge, before being back in the vehicle.

I haven't been able to pin it down to a particular RC, and I haven't been able to rule out my net connection as at least part of the cause, but in the past a 28m/sec sim crossing has been possible (not 100% reliable, maybe 80%), and now even walking over the boundary is difficult.

At the moment, I don't have enough solid data to justify a JIRA, but keep your eyes open, guys, OK. If I read the notes right, the number of sims running the new sim-crossing code has dropped, but, as I said, I can't rule out Non-LL factors. 


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It is beginning to look as though most of my problems are related to the net connection, with a pattern of timing that matches other experience. Though a few tests of connection speed don't show an obvious speed difference. Still, with the rise of internet distribution of TV content--here in the UK we have the BBC's iPlayer service as one example--the traffic levels do shoot up in the evenings, localtime. But there's still the question of why things have suddenly become worse.

It is possible that ping times are a factor, everything taking an extra 100msec or so because of the Atlantic Ocean,

Anyway, I'm relieved that it isn't just me, even if the reason it is happening so often to me is not your fault. There's been a lot of changes to internet usage in the seven years since broadband became available around here.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3332 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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