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Griffin Ceawlin wrote:

I'll also point out that that the large solar flares that happened... last week? the week before?... that had people issuing warnings about the electrical grid seem to have had no effect on it whatsoever.

That was either because it simply didn't do it, or because precautions were taken. Apparently, the precaution is to run the grid to capacity rather than shut is down until the time is passed.

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My headphones are definately too loud most of the time to hear anything strange from the air. Hell, if this place get's nuked, I won't even hear the air raid sirens. I will go blissfully to the sound of Nightwish pounding in my cranium.


Which speaking of nukes, that is to me a much more realistic threat (still) Maybe not as much they will be used in the capacity of war, but I have to wonder what effect the underground testing of them has had on our beloved rock.

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Nukes are little worry when compared to the sizes of the flares, so far we have been lucky and most missed us, but they are getting stronger each time, we have just crossed the solar plane and are now in the same region as this dark body, so now have a greater chance of being hit, it is said this body will cross the solar plane at the end of the year, god knows what will happen then, almost all the planets could get blasted, but once it passes that point it will start heading away from us, so wont have anything more to worry about for a few 1000 years till it returns.

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OK. Well. Guess you'll want to be ready when the big one hits.


If I don't get to post again... nice knowing you all...

@Lucinda: I have no idea what that is. Maybe it's the next ride for the people who were late the last time Hale-Bopp rolled around. Better get your Nike's on.

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Yes there are a few in the USA, what is interesting is how far south they are, one would expect them to be near the magnetic holes at the poles more and not drifting south till all in the north could hear them, so one has to wonder if the magnetic field around us already has holes.


See them as tute sweets, like in chitty chitty bang bang, as the solar wind passes our field it sounds across the holes, so can sound musical, cos it is vibrating air in electro magnetic eddies made as it passes, so our magnetic field could look like a tute sweet now, full of holes and people under those holes can hear the solar wind passing above.

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Yes, as we crossed the solar plane so there was a swarm of earthquakes in odd areas, i think you would prefer it to be solar wind, i have been watching earthquakes there, i fact in my port store is an earthquake monitor that reads the USGS site and displays live earthquakes as they happen, it converts them to locations in sl, lol, but click the top and it will show you RL ones and and adds them to judge a day by day movement of the earth, lol, really, here in sl, true blue yacht club in my port office, to the left above the drinks.

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Yes, I heard a sound in the sky. It was early in the morning. My cat jumped on the window ledge, when I opened the window for him, I heard a very loud sound like a jet engine running in reverse. It was a sucking / hissing sound that lasted for about 20 minutes. It sounded very creepy, almost demonic. The sound emanated from a fixed distant point in the sky at about 30 degrees above the horizon.


I watched an excellent presentation explaining how clouds are formed. Evaporation and condensation are only a part of what makes clouds possible.

Cosmic rays are what make clouds. They create the essential Aerosol required for clouds to form. As Cosmic rays pass through the Earth's atmosphere, they leave ion trails, or particles. It is these tiny particles which give the water vapor something to condensate onto. For years, scientist could never explain how clouds formed over the oceans, where dust (aerosol) is almost completely absent.

Every Star that is visible and even the one which are not, are all shining their light upon Earth. The trillions and billions of lights create, and are the source of the Cosmic rays. The rays are not evenly disturbed throughout the Universe, there are areas of low energy and high energy.

The Earth is positioned on a Spoke in the Milkway galaxy; we are moving through space. Our local group has been given the distinction of local because it moves separately and independently of other local groups. Solar systems can collide, and they can move into or pass through new space, were past collisions have occurred. A debris trail.

A planets location in space can effect a planets exposure to Cosmic rays. The magnetic field of the Sun governs the quantity and intensity of cosmic energy that reaches the planets from distant space.

When the Sun's magnetic field is low, more cosmic rays strike the Earth, heavy cloud formation can occur.

When the Sun's magnetic field is high, few cosmic rays will reach the Earth, significantly fewer (natural) clouds will form.

Earth's location in Space, in the Galaxy and in the known Universe, is critically relative to the conditions Humans will experience on Earth.

Any person who can look up, should be able to see that we are making clouds.


If Earth's Sun were to be extinguished tomorrow; for how long would the Planet continue to warm, due to Man made gases?

When was the first thermometer invented?

Why are all the Planets in Solar system warming?

What do Roman winter clothes look like? Can you dress like that in Rome today? Maybe it was warmer during the Roman era, idk.

Old Maps show Greenland as being Green.

There are Globes older than 1492. (don't tell Christopher Columbus, he discovered America, and proved the Earth was round) 

The Ancient structures in South America were not discovered sooner, because Europeans were convinced that S.A. was just jungles and primitive people.

The moons of Mars were not discovered until 1877, (possibly, arrived in 1877; that's why Galileo didn't see them)

A solid, steady state Earth, fits neatly into text books.

The truth is, the Earth will continue to change, just as it has for billions of years. Forget about saving the Earth; it's time to start saving the People. The Earth will be fine.



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Well, to be honest, I hear sounds all the time in the air, but that to expects near the airport, isn't it?

Oh, and Lucinda, are you talking about transformers or transformators? Big difference when it comes to electromagnetic fields ...

And sounds, well, of course there are sounds everywhere, some in the range of 20Hz ... 20kHz, that's what healthy ears can pick up (well, me not anymore, I played in to many rockbands and have seen to many techno parties, it's over at 16kHz for me).
Of course there are also sounds at very low frequencies, it's called infrasonic, earthquake are in that range (oh, you mentioned earthquake, right?)

Some sounds are at very low levels as well, but keep in mind that 0dB SPL is the lowest change in air pressure that a human usually can hear, of course you will never experience that unless you work with special chambers that are dampened enough to be called acoustically dead.

My advice for you: go see a doctor to check your ears (ever heard about tinnitus?), or change the amount or the type of drug you consume, or, as others pointed out, wear your tinfoil hat.

Last not least, if you talk about things like sun flares, electro magnetic fields, tranformators and such, do it in a way that educated people can follow you, formulate it in a way that it meets common physics and can be proven using math (I think you claimed your world to be pure math, right? Shoud be a piece of cake for you then)

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Lucinda Bulloch wrote:

God and things like rapure are for fools, children that can't face truths.


:smileyindifferent: I just keep going back to that. It makes it a little hard to care what you're saying when I've just been called a fool. Too bad really, this might have been interesting. Meh. Oh well. 

 puts on my tinfoil hat and walks away

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This is the problem with god, it is a object to judge, and all that follow him are the same they have this need to judge and wont listen till they can do that and i think you sum it up well with "It makes it a little hard to care what you're saying when I've just been called a fool", dont you agree?


i was not refering to you i was expressing my view, it does not matter what you think, that is my view since a child, to say i judged you and called you a "fool" is a delusion to far, don't you agree?

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Lucinda's posts contains so much nonsense and display such a lack of knowledge of the solar system, its size, orbital mechanics, gravity etc as well as not knowing that sound does not travel through space (it needs a medium to travel through), that its hard to know where to start..

There are a number of inaccuracies in your post Knowl.

Let's start with cosmic rays. Cosmic rays are not produced by the one/two hundred thousand million normal stars in our galaxy.Cosmic rays are produced by supernovae, catastropic stellar explosions by stars exceeding at least eight times the mass of our sun when they run out of their nuclear fuel. The last supernova seen from Earth in our Galaxy was in 1604 though of course there could be others gone unseen hidden by the gas and dust along the plane of the Milky Way. By galactic norms, we should be seeing about one supernova every hunderd years in our galaxy.It is by no means proven that cosmic rays create clouds. CERN did conduct experiments to determine if cosmic rays can influence the creation of clouds and therefor climate and the results were in Nature last August. You'll have to try and get that or pay to read the article online. However, this is the abstract:

Atmospheric aerosols exert an important influence on climate through their effects on stratiform cloud albedo and lifetime and the invigoration of convective storms. Model calculations suggest that almost half of the global cloud condensation nuclei in the atmospheric boundary layer may originate from the nucleation of aerosols from trace
condensable vapours, although the sensitivity of the number of cloud condensation nuclei to changes of nucleation rate may be small. Despite extensive research, fundamental questions remain about the nucleation rate of sulphuric acid particles and the mechanisms responsible, including the roles of galactic cosmic rays and other chemical species such as ammonia. Here we present the first results from the CLOUD experiment at CERN. We find that atmospherically relevant ammonia mixing ratios of 100 parts per trillion by volume, or less, increase the nucleation rate of sulphuric acid particles more than 100–1,000-fold. Time-resolved molecular measurements reveal that nucleation proceeds by a base-stabilization mechanism involving the stepwise accretion of ammonia molecules. Ions increase the nucleation
rate by an additional factor of between two and more than ten at ground-level galactic-cosmic-ray intensities, provided that the nucleation rate lies below the limiting ion-pair production rate. We find that ion-induced binary nucleation of H2SO4–H2O can occur in the mid-troposphere but is negligible in the boundary layer. However, even with the large
enhancements in rate due to ammonia and ions, atmospheric concentrations of ammonia and sulphuric acid are insufficient to account for observed boundary-layer nucleation.

Earth is not on a spoke, it is located on one of the spiral arms of the galaxy known as the Orion Arm which is about two-thirds of the way out from the galactic centre.

It's not a planet's location in space that determines how cosmic rays affect it. It's the planet's magnetosphere and athmosphere that determines this as well as the protection offered by the heliosphere. It's true to say that the Sun's magnetic field affects how many cosmic rays strike Earth but sections of the Sun's magnetic field can change over minutes and sizeable sections when solar flares occur and while the Earth's temperature has risen over the past
100 years, the Sun has remained very stable so no correlation between the Sun's magnetic field and cosmic rays creating climate change.

Earth's location within our Galaxy is certainly critical. At the moment, we reside in a safe bubble of space with no immediate threats outside our Solar System but undoubtedly over the many galactic orbits our Solar System has encountered many dangers such as supernovae. The outer boundary of the the Heliosphere, the bubble around our Solar System under the Sun's influence is known as the Heliopause and it is currently pushing through a cloud of galactic gas which is compressing the heliosphere. The heliosphpere helps protect the Solar System from cosmic rays
and interstellar clouds.

The Sun cannot just be extinguished. If you want to imagine it could, the Earth would become a dead frozen planet floating in space with an average temperature of 0 degrees within a week and -100 degrees within a year. However, the Sun will continue for another 5 billion years before using up its nuclear fuel and turning into a red giant swallowing Mercury, Venus, Earth and possibly Mars before eventually shrinking to become a white dwarf star.

The notion that other planets and moons are warming similar to the Earth is just plain wrong, While the Sun's radiation does vary over the Solar cycle, it's by a mere 1/100 of 1 percent. There is no evidence that any of the planets are warming apart from Pluto (well, not a planet anymore  actually) but it's seasons are little known as it's only gone one third of its orbit around the Sun since its discovery. We should know a lot more about Pluto when the space probe
arrives in 2015, a probe carrying my name in it by the way, one of many names on a CD inside.

Galileo did not discover the moons of Mars because his telescope was tiny and primitive, just 1.5 inches diameter. In fact, you would need a modern 12" + telescope to see them using an occulting bar to hide Mars and even then perfect conditions with moons at their orbital extremities. They were discovered in 1877 with a 40" telescope. I owned a 10" telescope and never saw them. Very few amateur astronomers today have visually observed them. Sorry but it's pure nonsense to say they arrived in 1877. They most likely were created billions of years ago by a massive collision somewhat similar to how Earth's Moon was created.

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Sounds from some imaginery body that just entered the solar system and has 7 moons...really? I don't believe you have even the vaguest comprehension of anything factual to do with the Solar System as you've clearly displayed in your posts. I've been involved in active astronomy for a long time including night time and solar observing and have a very good understanding of it.

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LOL, wow you could not go any deeper into misunderstanding it, LOL, you are not worth an answer, read it again, i never said any of that, you have twisted it to look like that, does make me wonder what your motives are.


" I've been involved in active astronomy for a long time including night time and solar observing and have a very good understanding of it." is that making the tea?

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3311 days.

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