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Kaima Honi

SL doesnt load...

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I'm having a problem wen starting SL.

After launching the aplication it freezes...

log fail.png

I cant get passed this fase... I tried a lot o diferent stuff:
Clean instal; instaling 3rd party viewers... cleaned it all again; even redownloaded and instaled it... I just cant get pass this screan.
the error log reads has:

2012-03-25T18:47:15Z WARNING: ll_apr_warn_status: APR: The system cannot find the file specified.  
2012-03-25T18:47:15Z WARNING: LLAPRFile::remove:  Attempting to remove filename: C:\Documents and Settings\Freddie\Application Data\SecondLife\logs\SecondLife.exec_marker
2012-03-25T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLoggerWindows::init: Loading dialogs
2012-03-25T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLoggerWindows::mainLoop: CrashSubmitBehavior is 1
2012-03-25T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLoggerWindows::mainLoop: Showing crash report submit progress window.
2012-03-25T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLogger::updateApplication: Gathering logs...
2012-03-25T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLogger::gatherFiles: Using log file from debug log C:\Documents and Settings\Freddie\Application Data\SecondLife\logs\SecondLife.log
2012-03-25T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLogger::gatherFiles: Using settings file from debug log C:\Documents and Settings\Freddie\Application Data\SecondLife\user_settings\settings.xml
2012-03-25T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLogger::updateApplication: Gathering hardware information. App may appear frozen.
2012-03-25T18:47:15Z INFO: LLDXHardware::getDisplayInfo: CoCreateInstance IID_IDxDiagProvider
2012-03-25T18:47:15Z INFO: LLDXHardware::getDisplayInfo: dx_diag_providerp->Initialize
2012-03-25T18:47:15Z INFO: LLDXHardware::getDisplayInfo: dx_diag_providerp->GetRootContainer
2012-03-25T18:47:15Z INFO: LLDXHardware::getDisplayInfo: dx_diag_rootp->GetChildContainer
2012-03-25T18:47:15Z INFO: LLDXHardware::getDisplayInfo: devices_containerp->GetChildContainer
2012-03-25T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLogger::updateApplication: Encoding files...
2012-03-25T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLogger::updateApplication: Sending reports...
2012-03-25T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLogger::updateApplication: Sending to server, try 1...
2012-03-25T18:47:34Z INFO: WinMain: Crash reporter finished normally.
2012-03-25T18:47:34Z INFO: ll_cleanup_apr: Cleaning up APR


I dont know what to do anymore... I thank you for your time...

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LoveAngels recommendation at the link is to roll back to the previous version and turn off Auto-Update. Which is a workable solution. 

The idea is to run an older version until the Lab fixes the problem. If the problem is on your side, then you'll eventually run into the problem again when you do try to update. Staying in an old version is a dead end. But, if it works for now that is a big plus.

If you get a working viewer using a TPV or older LL version, you may want to try the Beta version 3.3.0 (250306) of the viewer which is older than the current main viewer 3.3.0 (251182). Or the Development version 3.3.2 (251752). Both install in their own folders so they can be installed at the same time as the main viewer and not interfere with each other. Hopefully the problem is resolved in one of thsoe coming viewers.

If you do install the Beta or Dev viewer do not use their 'uninstall' to remove them. The uninstall will break all version of the LL viewers installed regardless of the folder they install in. Manually delete the program folders.

If you decide to run multiple viewers read Second Life Clean Install to understand some of the complications of running different viewers.

When you ask a tech question include information about your computer. If the viewer will at least show the login screen, get the info from the viewer's Help-About... and paste that into your post with your question. To add your info to an existing question use OPTIONS->EDIT. It’s in the upper right of your post.

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