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Super String

Direct Delivery Second Life - payment system broken

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Sassy Romano wrote:


Furthermore, there is still NO warning to other merchants about this issue and since this is one that will affect mostly non English speakers, that's a pretty serious issue.

Where is the current ISSUES LOG for a project of this magnitude that affects so many?  There should be one, maintained in multiple languages, there's simply no excuse for the lack of communication here.  Bugs are one thing, telling people how to avoid falling into issues such as delayed payment reconcilliation due to LL's bugs is an easy alternate in the mean time but no...not here is it? 

^^ THIS ^^

There really does need to be an Outstanding Issues list linked from the Merchant Home Page so that anyone logging in can get the latest news / status.

I wonder how many people they actually have at LL that can do docs and lists like this? I know it's Brooke's job as the department manager, but she's probably delegate this to someone on their staff that does docs.

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This is no longer a unicode issue.

It is an issue with non-unicode listings as well.

I now have 2 orders hung up in "being delivered". The customer paid for them, and they were delivered. I did not receive payment.

[08:54 AM]  Arwen Serpente: Pardon me, I just noticed that you sent boots as gifts to 2 people. Can you tell me if the MP charged you and delivered them? I apologize for asking, but there are issues with the MP right now and this is the only way I can find out.
[08:57 AM]  C Resident: just a moment
[08:57 AM]  Arwen Serpente: thank you
[09:02 AM]  C Resident: This is because the boots which you make are well-done very much.
In addition, the price is reasonable, too.
The boots which you make as a present are very good.
[09:03 AM]  Arwen Serpente: Thank you. Did you get charged for them? and were they delivered?
[09:03 AM]  C Resident: yes
[09:03 AM]  Arwen Serpente: Thank you very much.
[09:03 AM]  C Resident: ur welcome :)
[09:04 AM]  Arwen Serpente: Bye bye for now.

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