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How do you put objects inside other objects?


I searched for this and could not find it anywhere, so here I go to ask this question...I was told by someone on Second Life it was possible to somehow place objects inside other objects. How do I do this? Does this work for all objects or just some objects?

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One can put prims inside prims, note cards into prims, scripts into prims...

Rez a prim on the ground. Open the Build-Edit Tool (Ctrl-B) and click the Contents tab. Drag things from inventory to the Content tab of the Build Tool and drop them, A copy will go into the prim. If it is a no copy item, your only copy of the item will go in the prim.

The prim can be taken back into inventory and all the stuff stays inside. Some people use this to reduce their inventory count without giving up having the stuff.

 This is how simple vending machines are made too.

This is how chairs and cars and other stuff have scripts that control their behavior are made.

If you can drag it from inventory, you can put it in a prim.

The shape and type of the prim do not matter.

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