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Display Name of Animation

Scout Schwager

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Ok I'm on a poseball, my avi is playing an animation invoked from a menu.

In viewer 1 I remember there was a way to find the name of the animation that was being played. Can't find it in V2 or Firestorm.

Not the name of the menu selection, but the name of the animation invoked by the menu choice.


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I appologize.  It seems this now only shows what built-in animations are playing.  I'm almost positive it used to show all animations that were playing on the avatar.  I seem to recall it would show non-built-in's via their GUID instead of a name, but I'm not sure about that.


Phoenix has a Animation Explorer you could use to get the information you want (and stop the animation, and revoke permissions), but Firestorm doesn't seem to have it, and the standard viewer has never had such things.


If you want to stop a animation use:

Avatar: Stop Avatar Animations


You may also want to select:

Edit: Preferences

Firestorm vertical tab: Protection horizontal tab

Revoke Permissions group: Revoke on STAND radio button


There is apparently a known problem where scripts that have taken a permission, then been taken back into inventory before the permissions were revoked, never release that permission, even if the client says to revoke it.  You may want to see Perrie Juran's testing results here:


They continue on to page 4.  If you don't have the patience to read all this, the most important thing to know is about all you can do to stop someone from griefing you this way is get further than 96sqm from them, then use Stop Avatar Animations.  Sadly, they will be able to continue if they get back within 96sqm of you.


Relevant JIRA's include:




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I think you may be misremembering this.   Develop>Avatar>Animation Info is the V3 version of V1's Advanced>Character>Animation Info, but both of those only give the name of the animations if they're one of the built-in internal animations,   Otherwise they give the uuid if it's an animation that's full perms to you (I think); if it's not, they simply show NULL_KEY (a lot of 0s).   

I don't really see how the viewer would know the name of the animation that's playing, anyway.    Animations, like textures and sounds, keep their uuids, and that's how the sim and the viewer reference them.   So I if I give you a modifiable animation and you rename it, and we both play our copies, as far as the sim's concerned, we're both playing animation uuid such-and-such, and that's what it's sending to people's viewers, not "Disco Dance 1" or whatever.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3543 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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