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Edit your pictures!

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A lot of us like to take pictures of our avatars after we have customized them. Snapshots from SL can be edited in so many ways, but often people think it is difficult or that the software cost too much. It is many free programs that can give impressing effects- Picnik is one of those programs. Sadly it's closing April 19th, I hope it will still be free but until then, we can use it as much as we want. Take pictures to decorate your SL home or give away as gifts! http://www.picnik.com/

I will post a few simple tutorials here. The first I call "Hello Spacegirl".



I found that the size of this picture was good, it's a nice closeup, but not so exiting? If you have saved a full screen picture, you should first use "basic edits" in Picnik and crop it so you get rid of the background and that the avatar is in the focus.

Then go to "Effects" and scroll down to "Heat map 2.0" . "Thermal" is the default selection, but click on it and test the other alternatives. I settled for "Autotrophic" and then press apply.

For the fun space effects, go to Seasonal >  Final Shuttle Launch > Space textures. I picked the far right, middle and applied it. Then I applied another one, bottom, no 2 from the left. This was a bit too much, so I pulled the "Fade" slider until I was satisfied. You can also flip and rotate the effects.

Press Apply again and go to Effects > Vignette and add a dark vignette, adjust it by pulling the sliders until you are happy. 


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For the modern colorful home, inspired by Andy Warhol: 

Picnik collage.jpg

Pick a snapshot with a good image of the face and crop it so you get a square closeup.

Then go to Effects > Duo-Tone. The upper left is the default color choiche. I applied that and saved the image back to my computer.

But i want 4 images, so I pick "Continue Editing" and "Undo", so i get the natural colors back. Then I choose  Effects > Duo-Tone again, but pick new colors. Remember that you can switch the colors by using the small arrows between first and second color!

I repeat these steps until I have saved enough images. remember to save them as different images! ;)

To get the collage, go to the "Home" tab on top of the Picnik page, It will probably say "Picnik is closing" in a large information box. But use the arrow keys under until you find "Try a collage" . The square with 4 images comes up as default, and that is what I want. But as you can see, you have lots of different collages to pick from. I was working with large pictures, so I select the "High quality". Pick "Upload a photo". Upload your 4 images and drag them over to the collage. You can either save it with a spacing, or reduce the spacing to zero as i did.

Click "Done". Now you have a large image, if you will upload it in SL you should resize it smaller, to 256 x 256 or 512 x 512. Work on as big images as you can, and resize them when you are done. This you will find in "Basic Edits". 

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Surprise a friend! Edit a snapshot and give it away.


Upload your image to Picnik and crop it. Then Advanced > Curves >Faded Daguerrotype. Before you apply it, pull the "Fade" slider to 10-15 so you bring back a bit of color.

I want more contrast, so I choose Advanced > Curves >Darken Shadows. This made the jacket go almost solid black, so I fade the effect to 50 before applying it. 

Then Effects > HDR - ish.  This is a strong effext, so I pull Radius, Strength and Fade until I like the effect. 

For framing, I apply 2 layers of Effects > Vignette. The first big, and faded almost out, I set it to 80. Apply. Then Vignette again this time I set size to 10 and faded it less,  to 40. 

So Frames > Museum Matte. I reduce the outer color to zero so it disappears totally. Then I click on the "Inner color" tab and a "Eyedropper" appears. I move it over the lighterst colors of my image until I find a color I like. Then I apply it and pick the frame "Museum Matte again. I think it looks great. Remember that you can adjust the thickness of both frames. I also picked a dark brownred color for the outer frame.

If you will add text, then do it now. You find that the text box applies the text in the middle of the image, but it is easy to click and drag it where you want, resize and rotate it. Play with all the different fonts until you like the result. You can also add a different color to the text if you like  

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3466 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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