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What about your avatar's personna?

MoiselleErin Teardrop

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Some see their avy as an extension of their RL selves, some see it as it's own person.

Mine is her own lady but slightly like myself. Cept looks, she is prettier.


Her favorite look is the bad girl look. Kind of stuck in the 80's.

Her favorite songs are "I like big butts" and Divinyls "I touch myself".

Her favorite foods are Ben and Jerry's ice cream and bacon (not together though)

Her fav restaurant is Red Lobster. She keeps asking when we are going there again.

She has a good heart but acts like everything is this big joke. Still means well. Joker but not a hater.

She is not well accepted in goody two-shoes or suburban places. Something about her mouth gets her in trouble a lot.

Her favorite places are urban style. She is a city chick.

Her crowd is the bad girl crowd. Erin and her best friend got banned together on the same day from a place we hated. A few of the members of that crappily-textured dump are still the butt of some of our jokes.

Erin CAN build and texture quite well but cannot be bothered with it, she might break a nail.

She loves her ample size. The haters do not phase that one bit.


But she DOES have a softer side -

Erin is forgiving of almost anything. Even a customer who STILL has not paid that L$5,000 he promised... (don't ask)

She is deathly afraid of sleeping in the dark. Must have night light.

She hates the gym. I tried to take her to one once and she flew away on her own, I could not find her for 3 days. The ear-full I got would have made the devil blush.

If a real friend needs a few L$ to get by, Erin will give.

She has a brother in SL that she doesn't chat with nearly as much as she should. She misses him.


Maybe I have too much mind invested in MoiselleErin. But, seeing how we build our characters, it is more than just prims and textures. Avatars are people too. I love mine like a friend. Even if she is a ghetto chick who thinks she is hot sh^t.


So how bout YOUR little avatar's story?



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It's pretty simple for me... my avatar is me, only more so. She's the Tyler Durden to my Narrator. SL is my place of a bit of escapism, where I can look how I like and do what I want with minimal risk. I try to leave my hang-ups at the log-in page.

I don't even like to refer to 'her' as anything but 'me', so I can't say 'she' likes this kind of music or that kind of food. My look varies from vintage to science-fiction; at the moment I'm part raccoon so it's mainly urban/grunge. The raccoon thing suits my personality at the moment too... inquisitive, mischievous, intelligent but lazy. About the only thing we have in common looks-wise is height.



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Each of my avatars is a unique fictional character. Most of them started as characters I used in roleplaying venues, or that I created for fiction stories that I have written. 

Ceera Murakami : She is a demigoddess. She started out as a very precocious and talented Human mage, but over the passage of 700+ years she has shed much of her original humanity. Ceera is amoral. She does whatever she feels is in her own best interests. Fortunately for most of those around her, what is in her best interests usually is in alignment with acceptable behaviors. She will always honor her promiese, once made, and is a devoted friend to those loyal to her. She is a terrible enemy to any who oppise her. She has died and been reborn more times and in more ways than she cares to count, and has done many things to extend her existance which the ordinary folk would consider abhorrent. Her current incarnation is as a Kitsune with three tails, which she was transformed into as a blessing from the Japanese Kami Inari, because of her love and devotion to another Kitsune. Her default appearance is as an anthropomorphic red fox, with green eyes, white and black fur markings, auburn hair, and three tails. She's 5'7" tall, and I can tell you her exact weight and measurements... She is also a shapeshifter who can assume almost any form you can imagine. For hundreds of years she was under a curse that made her unable to comprehend love, but also made her immune to fear and nightmare. I've written enough about her back story to fill a novel, and in fact I am writing that as a proper novel right now.

Feral Mill: Somewhere along the way, Ceera, who was an only child, wished she had a brother. When you're as powerful a mage as she is, wishes can sometimes come true. Feral is essentially a male version of Ceera, though he has his own distinct personality. He's more quiet and submissive, and less ambitious. He is happy merely to be of service, or to be a good companion. He's a litle taller than Ceera, and a fashionable dresser. Quite the gallant gentleman when it is called for.

Meridith McMahon: Meridith is an anthro timberwolf girl, with long black hair. She was from a nomadic people who lived in the mountains on the edge of a vast desert. She was captured by slave traders when she was fifteen, and sold to a cult that hoped to use her to bring into their world an avatar of a demigod named Ulthoris the Devourer. Their plans went awry. Meridith to a certain extent did become an avatsr of Ulthoris, but not under their control. She is essentially now a lycanthrope that switches between a wolf girl and a demigod werewolf. Under the influence of Ulthoris, she destroyed the cult, and escaped, but afterward couldn't remember what happened to her while with the cult. She was taken in by the folk of a forest tavern, where she worked happily for some time as a whore and barmaid. Her experiences with the cult had several effects on her: Increased libido; Increased luck in many regards; And a most unfortunate intermittent loss of control where Ulthoris may end up rampaging. She works now as a cook for Ceera, who os trying to help Meridith to control Ulthoris' effects on the wolf girl. Physically she.a about 5'10" tall, and somewhat muscular for a girl. In the form of Ulthoris' avatar, she's 8 feet tall and huge and fearsome.

There are many others...

(Edited to add: To give you an idea how much each of these characters has their own Personna: When the ones from the RP forum I was in before I came to SL were actively in use, for a 5+ year period, most of the people who interacted with my many characters had no idea that they were run by the same person. )

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My car is what I use to get around, my house is where i sleep and my avatar is a game character I play a video game with. None are an extension of me, just elements I used to do what I do.  I've never been able to build any kind of bond with an inanimate object though I know many who do.

I am no more Chelsea Malibu than I am Dasa of Kul Tiras (see below).  When your avatar becomes an extension of who you are, the there are issues in my opinion in that you need an alter ego in the first place. 



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Yay for warcraft! Good....I begin to miss my game account now....

Well, I have roleplay charakters. They act as its logical for them in the roleplay setting. They don't represent me and I take more the role as a puppetmaster. But when I'm not roleplaying people who chat with me talk to the person behind the keyboard and not to a fictional charakter. If they ask for an opinion they get my own opinion.

But I would never consider Syo Emerald as an extension of me. I see my avatar more as something offering me a step into a world where I can do what ever I like and relax from the world outside. Here I can be some fantasy-me. I have fur, paws and a tail or I click some buttons and look like a model and go into clubs and or drive a box on wheels down some road in Zindra....I'm such a loser when it comes to driving....in both worlds :matte-motes-crying:

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Each of my finished avatars have their own personility that show in their design.


Rhonda, Tonya, Andy, etc. They each stand out on their own and often I find myself speaking as if they were speaking. If that makes any sense. Kinda of a small role-play.


I don't have an avatar persona which makes it all the more fun for me.

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I'd say my avatar's persona is different from my real life personality. My avatar persona is outgoing, friendly and chatty and loves to socialise and attend dance parties whenever possible, whereas in real life, I'm a quiet person who loves to read, who barely leaves her home, and who thinks real life socialing is a huge chore because I always have to think of what to do or say to make sure I don't look stupid in front of other people.

Yet at the same time, I do consider my avatar persona a part of myself as well. It's just an extention of myself in a virtual setting with less inhibitations than in real life. It's how I act in a virtual setting, much like how I act in real life is a part of myself as well.

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I have been thinking about this a great deal, because I am fairly new. I am a quiet, solitary (but not anti-social) person in RL. My SL life revolves around literature readings, discussion groups, and art. I am definitely more talkative in SL, but I say the sorts of things I would be thinking in RL, but less likely to say out loud.

I read in someone's profile, "in SL we wear our insides on our outsides". I liked that. 

So I suppose I'm in the camp of "me, but less inhibited". And, yeah, I look better in SL - not extreme, just the way I would like to look in RL.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3849 days.

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