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Sven Pertelson

OZLAND - The Best of Both Worlds - A great place to live and do business

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We have land available in OZLAND

* All plots have double the number of prims of a mainland plot.

* All residents have use of Intan Anyplace Couples dance system on their land

* No Premium account required to purchase

* Purchase price shown on land for sale by Estate owner pays the first weeks fees, so we have time to set up your regular payments, no need to panic that you will lose the land,

* Residential use only below 500m so you can have a lovely home here

* Small business use on the Sky Villages above the sims at  500m (best of both worlds)

* All plots have access to the protected parks and waters covering the 4 residential sims with protected waters for sailing and exploring underwater on the central open space sim.

* No ban lines allowed so great for flying around

Come take a look inworld or on our Real Estate Blog

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Ozzzzland .. coming home after a hard day ...

or something like that, lol your video was so soothing, I feel like I just want to go lay down and snuggle some..

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