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SECONDLIFE DASHBAORD (dont know where else to post this)

garaouelle Giha

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just a thought!

i the past week or two i have had no choice but to use an inferior connection speed, so certain SL functions are fairly disabled, which isnt so bad if i is audio streams as i can put my own music on, hwoever, some things are impossibe.

now as i is a connection issue, it isnt for SL to do anything about for me.. until they get it working for phones in which case lower connection speeds woudltn matter, i guess?



featrues that do matter when you have a low speed and are dissabled are setting groups tag,. and loading groups or own profile, and anything similar to this. if you cant get into your group profiles, then you cant set your group tag, and cant take advantage of your groups. you cant initiate an IM window, BUT other folk can you and you can converse ok. as long as u dont have to begin by openeing the windo to chat to them. low speeds dont let me do that.

my query is WHY cant you also set my geroup tags in my secondlife website dashboard? and why cant i message my SL friends from there?

does any one think thsi would be useful? there are a few more things i feel that may be useful for when any one has connection issues, and would be useful to access from their secondlife website dashboard. but those are the ones that are bugging me just now.

thanx all! and hope this was maybe helpful or something useful to anyone,

garaouelle GIha

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It sounds a good idea to have some control over groups from the web-profile area. I don't see anything there at the moment. (Do new residents get told about Display Names when they sign up?)


Isn't there a text-only viewer listed, might get around your bandwidth problem...

Yep, there's several in the Third Party Viewer List

(Even finding the Wiki from the Dashboard is, shall we say, insanely difficult.) 

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