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A new SL: The Universe

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Like many of us, I dream of making a new virtual environment similar to SL.  Here are some thoughts on the subject that you may find intersting: 

1. The Universe.  This virtual environment would be an extension of SL in which SL existed as a single planet in the virtual Universe.  Travel between planets may occur by spacecraft of any imaginable type, but should be viewed as a journey not an instantaneous teleport.  In this way we leverage the existing SL and grow it beyond what it's current limitations are. 

2. Billing.  Each world has one or more marketplaces for user commerce, and it's own model of overhead billing.  I suggest the use of server resources as the measure of billing.  Currently in SL the primary means of overhead billing is land use fees.  In The Universe, land size is not restricted by acreage so this type of billing makes no sense.  Rather, the actual purchase and operating cost of the server that your land or space resides on, expressed as a percentage of usage, is what you pay.  Something along those lines. 

3. Open Philosopy.  If you run a web client you must log in to someone else's server and pay their fee for usage.  If, however, you download the server software to your local machine, you become a provider and may charge fees for usage.  In this way anyone can try the game from a browser interface without downloading a viewer, and also those more involved can have their own land for free and even profit from the use of it.  This approach also promotes healthy competition in that those places with the best content will attract the most users. 

4. Creators.  All types of creators may play a role in the development of The Universe.  At first infrastructure creators will lay down the basic fundamental implementation of The Universe, then tool creators provide the tools to be used by content creators for building the places in The Universe.  This way no matter what your skills are, you can make a contribution and be rewarded accordingly. 

5. Bridges.  If possible the strategy should include bridges between different virtual environments.  For example, if logins were automatically handled as teleports with a corresponding swap of infrastructure software, it might even be possible to have a War of Worldcraft planet in the first solar system, or even strangeness like a giant Roguelike world... but I digress, anyway think about bridges as well. 

That should be enough of a general outline to spark your creativitiy and imagination, that is assuming it's a good idea.  This project is way bigger than any one person so it would have to be a team effort starting with a few key individuals and expanding from there.  I would be happy to offer my time as part of this effort.  Your comments, suggestions, and constructive criticisms are very welcome! 

Inventor Alchemi

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3881 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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