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Second Life Textures being sold on IMVU in bulk

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Hello everyone,

As you know texture theft has always been and probably always be around until taken more seriously by some decision makers, IMVU being no exception.

If you are a texture developer on Second Life that sells textures in bulk please review this group (by IMVU user Enycex) as they are advertising selling SL textures and that it's their right. These people have been flagged for stealing textures from IMVU users within the community but just a heads up if you don't have an account there they may still be selling your work as well:








To file a DMCA through IMVU your best bet is to use the following information:


email - dmca(at)imvu(dot)com

unofficial form generator for imvu (speeds things up) - http://www.devcredits.com/index.php?mod=dcma

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Where's "Team **bleep**?

Two Twisted Black Peas in a POD""?!  --  The fighters of the good (but idealistically "out there") fight?! 

(Sorry personal rant there)

:) A lot of our customers come from IMVU so thank you for bringing this to my attention.

I had thought IMVU were on top of things like this because when you sign up to be a merchant they make you read a contract and sign it which goes into copyright and how to avoid it and what happens if you chose to ignore it (loose account funds etc)

But since then I have been contacted and told that the owners of IMVU give less of a s**t than LL does! (their words not mine) 

I think IMVU losers (not the real merchants) see SL textures as a mark of realism cause naming them "SL Textures" like just because theyre were taken from SL means they MUST be good is a bit of a joke...and an insult at the same time..

"SL Textures"  comes over like SL is a "game" created and owned by a game studio which of course it aint... 

Anyhow, was bound to happen and prolly has been going on for months if not years in secret ....

I logged in once to evaluate the potential... and I was left in awe at how lame it was as a platform I just dont "get it" but apparently many do cause they have more people logged in in any one time than SL ever has or can due to technical limitations ( i think)

Still, I value IMVU merchants as customers... you have to know 3D meshes to make and sell anything there so it must have some talented people behind the scenes as well as the "dib dobs"  like these losers. 

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The person doing this is named Enysex

here is a link to all he has to say :

fb:   http://www.facebook.com/people/Imvu-Enycex/100002816144242

PB:  http://s1127.photobucket.com/albums/l621/Enycex/


In these he admits that he/she is stealing from SL and IMVU to make money. Please be aware that this person already had some DCMA's filed against him/her. Please help by spreading the word.



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It is getting more and more on imvu, some users only takes the screenshot that second life has on each product and edit it and use and sell it aswell, thats why i always keep my purshased textures bills and i read carefully each seller rules and respect them,  texture sellers needs to make it more hard for dishonest people to use the screenshots by making them small and full of watermarks with no space, so people have to buy them, and textures sellers need to really open their eyes on imvu users, SL textures is being abused there and am so sad about that.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3871 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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