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What is your guilty pleasure...in music ..

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Me too! The crying thing lol, I still 'get something in my eye' every time I hear it. :matte-motes-wink-tongue:  

@ Randall, me either, its probably just easier for girls to need to cry over a song than guys. This song tho, gets me every single time, so you might not want to listen to it.

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Now the little girl dies? I'm supposed to choose between a guy shooting himself in the head and a little girl being beat to death? Can't these people write better endings?

How about the guy overcompensates, becomes a big success and meets another woman that makes him so happy that he's glad the first one rejected him?

How about the guy  in the other song calls the authorities and they save the girl?


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Good grief.  You know the forum addiction is bad when you happen across a thread like this and spend over 24 hrs contemplating your own reply.  LOL


Nothing wrong with a piece of music bringing tears to your eyes.  Or a moment in a movie or a book or a story you hear doing it to you.  One of my teachers used to say that music can touch on the things to wonderful and too tragic for words alone to reach. 

So far as guilt?  Well, I don't much buy into guilt as a concept for life.  Like regret, I think it best to avoid.  In cases where it can't be avoided, it's better to have it for what one feels one should have done rather than what one did.  But there are always things we like where they are mostly indulged in during quiet private hours simply because other people probably wouldn't understand  Or most days we'd prefer not to risk it, anyway.



Where's the "guilt" on those?  Well, for one thing, they're all major label stuff.  I don't approve of the major labels in the recording industry or how they treat people.  Most of the time I listen to independent artists who do most everything themselves and publish under some "creative commons" license.  Also, my wife is a singer and doesn't do any of those songs or styles. So, yup.. I listen to that sort of thing in the solitude of the occassional dark quiet night.  LOL

But for a song that inspires a bit of actual guilt..

I'm old enough to remember a time when some of us were so naive as to think that if the world was as we made it, it would be a better place.  Even leaving RL out of it for this forum, look around you in SL and most places, it's usually a lot of billboards and you're never far from stepping into a snakepit of drama.  Some may feel better blaming that on "the system" or LL or politics.. But even if that sounds good, they didn't do all of it.  We didn't change it and we didn't do better.   Maybe it's wrong.  Or maybe it's no worse than we deserve.  I don't know for sure. 

So I can enjoy listening to an old song that (to me) is rather cheery and optimistic pop with pleasant romantic overtones.  It can still make me smile, but I look at the world or SL and there is some guilt because I feel somehow we could do better than this.

Ah well, enough of that tack.  This reply has already kept me from going inworld for a couple hours.  LOL  But just for Randall Ahren, who said "How about the guy  in the other song calls the authorities and they save the girl?"  I like that thought!  But I like this one even better..


PS, sorry for it all being simple links, but I've never learned how to put the little window with the actual vid into a post. 


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Ganelon Darkfold wrote:

You know the forum addiction is bad when you happen across a thread like this and spend over 24 hrs contemplating your own reply.

Now that made me laugh. This forum is fun. I may never go in-world again. You win for your Heart selection. Although I like Celine Dion's rendition better, the one where she cries very openly during the performance:

. Sorry Ceka, you are no longer in the running.

I think your Seeker selection is called folk music. The best part in the performance is the lady in the audience singing with her hands.

Thanks for the alternate ending. I much prefer it over a little girl being being beat to death.

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Randall Ahren wrote:

I think it is possible. For example, if someone were really into to trance or techno, and their friends found out they listened to jazz on the side, that person might be embarrassed.

Well, I was just kind of making a joke. For more than a generation 'cool' and 'jazz' were inseparable. You could dig the second without being the first, but the reverse was damned near impossible. If I were to continue in that direction, your hypothetical victim (that is, one who's friends are all into trance or techno) might well be embarassed but she would still be cool, and have some light at the end of the tunnel.

To all the trance and techno fans who read this: yes, I am SO last century :-). But that was obvious earlier. I mean, George Jones? Really?

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i don't know how much of a guilty pleasure these guys are..but they are  good..my father said he had seen them a few times..

i just remember him listening to them a lot when i was little..

the t-shirt the lead singer is weaing reminded me of home..it was one of the big radio stations up in chicago that my dad used to hang out with some of the dj's there..The L00P 98..

i just found them on you tube when i was looking around..maybe they make someone feel guilty..me i'm hard to make feel guilty..i'll play anything anywhere lol


oh and this lol

which is not related to those hehehe when my father heard this one playing on his computer he was like..oh brother not that song!! turn it off!!

so i figured maybe this would remind someone of some time back in those days..lol



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Lol I haven't heard 4 Non Blondes in forever! My sisters and I used to sing that song at the top of our lungs while we were out cruisin :smileyvery-happy:  

One of my alltime favorite groups, The Presidents. You either love em, or hate em lol

I love Cake too, dessert for my ears :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:

And while I'm outing myself for the major dork that I am... :smileylol:

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Randall Ahren wrote:

What about the Violent Femmes? I associate them with the Presidents for some reason.

This is what the music at GOL, Element 8 sounds like to me:


GOL has always had really good DJ's and good music..i couldn't appreciate it as much when i worked there because i heard it all the time..but going back now and again it really is goodness hehehehe

i used to love the version of one our dj's made of this song..it became our theme song for the longest time..i wonder if they still use it hehehe..it really sunk me into the immersion of the whole place..even though i was already as immersed as i could have ever been..it just kicked it to much more hehehe

a tingle used to go down my neck when i would hear it.. hehehe

if you are ever there and a DJ named Dina Dana is on..give her a shout from me if you could..she is a wonderful dj..she has such a good voice for it and her mixes are really good =) i loved her intro as well..

i just have to get back there soon hehehe..


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3109 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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