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server mintenance?

Alexi Raynier

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After all this time you ask "Why?"  You must surely recognise that Secondlife is slipping out of Linden Lab's control.

Firstly there is no consistency about how posts on the GSP are made, now you see it, now you don't.  That won't change.

Secondly the Marketplace issue is a gamebreaker for many in SL, and in short Linden Lab have demonstrated that they do not know how to fix it.  If it does return to function is will have lost so much confidence, both in vendors and customers, that it will not remain viable.

I don't like rubbishing The Lab; some of the things they have done are truly awesome, but they are one of the most unprofessional outfits in IT.  Their internal communication, if it exists at all, is attrocious.

They have some superb organisers and communicators in their employ, yet time and again The Lab undercuts these hard-working folk, and SL ends up as the butt of yet another joke.

One last thing; I love SL and what it has done for me: this incompetence breaks my heart.

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Nalates Urriah wrote: "Amazingly... or actually not so amazingly a number of people with no idea what happened are slaming the Lab."

OK Nalates, this has gone too far.  No, some of us don't Tweet, or spend our time trawling personal blogs (even well informed ones like yours).

We expect the outfit that runs SL to tell us clearly and concisely what is going on.  So a datacentre went down - why?

So posts apperared and disappeared from GSP.

Nalates, the Marketplace has been borked for MONTHS not a couple of hours.

Yes, it IS Linden Lab's fault and no amount of obfuscation will change that.  If they need the likes of you acting as unofficial apologist, then something in the way that Linden Lab functions is badly wrong.

Sure, folk like Alexi tend to hyperbole, but there is a basis for this irritation and you know that as well as I do.

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Some people have not learned to cope with frustration. Allowing them to go unchallenged just enables them.

Within a couple of hours the CEO was tweeting about the Market Place being down, and you guys feel SL is not informing you. Jeez, when was the last time you saw Google's CEO tweet about a Google outage? Like never....

The Commerce Team has created a great deal of frustration. They are apparently poor communicators... or they have simply realized talking to group they can't please for whatever reason is counter productive. The Market Place is a shambles and I am as frustrated as anyone about the Market Place. But, I don't vent in the forums and not often on my blog. Even then I try to be intellectually honest and just. The Commerce Team has taken a lot of abuse. There is no justification for abusing another human. Abusers and haters are a societal problem and see no reason to enable such people by being silent.

The Commerce Team did not crash the data center. When geeks say a data center is down it usually means routers, power, or other hardware has failed.

Today we have a post http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Update-Valentine-s-Day-Downtime/m-p/1385261#M15642. About 24 hours later. 

Starting at 11pm SLT, February 13, the Second Life Marketplace experienced two separate hardware failures which resulted in delayed deliveries and Marketplace downtime. While the site has been back up since 1pm SLT today, some merchants may see delays in order completion and merchant payout. We continue to investigate the cause of these issues to prevent this kind of failure from happening in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience.

So, it seems from the follow up post that a hardware failure is what they meant.

All the stuff you guys wanted is out there. And you obviously did not know what was going on. So, the complaints are really about your not having information spoon feed to you as fast as you wanted... even while people are busy fixing the problem rather than catering to yours and others unrealistic expectations.

I don't apologize for the Lab. I do challenge the frustrated that start venting from a place of ignorance. I don't fault people their frustration. In many cases it is justified and understandable. But venting and defaming others is coping fail.

Those that smear the Lab as some evil entity out to hurt their customer and disregard them without evidence and knowledge is something I find highly annoying. Of course I'm a great believer in transference/projection or mirroring (Psych 101) so I see such people as simply revealing their inner selves.

It is interesting that you did not challenge the point of not knowing. But, instead attempted to justify not knowing... as some justification for defaming the Lab? Then try to back me down by an ad hom attack and labeling me an apologist. Name calling generally indicates one has no substantive rebuttal.

It seems you have no problem justifying bad behavior based on another's behavior.

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I didn't resort to name-calling.  I didn't defame or flame you.  What I DID (or at least what I thought I did) was to criticize in a measured way the slow and incomplete way in which Linden Lab disseminate information to its users/customers.

You are well informed and pass that information on pretty smartly and I do not and never have had an issue with that.

What I have an issue with is Linden Lab's persistently poor internal and external communication speed and skill.

Commerce Team Linden has taken some pretty harsh criticism in the JIRA from folk who feel that they are in a kind of vacuum.

No-one (so far as I know) has accused CTL of deliberately crashing the data centre, but communication prior to that crash was far too sparse and uninformative.

I do not want, or need to be spoon-fed information, I would like it to be a bit more available, and if not being a Twitter addict is unrealistic, then I am guilty as charged.

What you appear to say is that LL cannot be fixing a problem and admit to its existence simultaneously; the only conclusion I can draw is that their staffing level is too low.

Criticism is not defaming.  If you feel that any criticism that I have made is unjustified I would suggest that you are being a tad over-sensitive and over-protective.

As to some comments in these fora, I wholly agree with you that they say more about the folk making them than anything else.

Oh, and one last point, OK Rod tweeted about the datacentre/Marketplace outage quickly, but the daily issues with Marketplace had been going on for two MONTHS, not two hours, with no apparent improvement or worthwhile communication.  That was the main driver of the irritation.

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"No-one (so far as I know) has accused CTL of deliberately crashing the data centre"

Actually if you go check out the merchants thread there is a prolific poster claiming exactly that.   It is the pattern of abuse that Nalates points out in her post (no I am not saying you).  Heck the post a few above you almost implies the same thing, it states "Taking MP offline on Valentines day is pretty stupid".  This implies LL did it on purpose. 


Nalates post in my opinion is really on the money.   We are very quick to jump all over LL for being "incompetent" without even bothering to give them the time to give us accurate information.

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The post above I took to mean that LL took MP offline in order to fix it, the Mechants thread I did not see, and taken as you read them, Yes, they are ridiculous.

But as to being quick...I have watched SL issues for 4 years now and I don't think I am quick to post before I think.  Others...well..point taken, but wrt Marketplace, no, it has been dragging on far too long.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3874 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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