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can't find Viewer 2.7 download

brent420 Wolfhunter

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2.7 Is no longer officially downloadable in SL's old version list, but you seem to be lucky :)

I still have the 2.7 setup.exe in the download folder of my pc, but i don't know which one you prefer, i have 2.7.1 and 2.7.2.

I've uploaded them both on our private internetserver for you, so you can choose to download one of them via these links. They are the official viewers ofcourse, but i don't know if you can still login with these. Just can give it a try.



Pleased to help you :)



The older 1.23.5 (which was the last of the official V1)  is also preserved by me:


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You are going to have problems with the 2.x viewers. Those versions use some of the older depreciated API's. They will soon fail to work with SL, or at least parts of them will fail. You know, little things like inventory...

Viewer versions are not just about the user interface. Each new version has numerious fixes and advances in tech.

If you want to stay with a version 1 interface, try one of the viewers using the 3.2 code base connected to a v1 user interface. Inara Pey has a list of most of viewers available. See: Viewer Round-up, February 13th. They are divided by user interface. She says V1 code base but none of the viewers listed in the group use the V1 code base. They do use the V1 user Interface.

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Failing with older viewers is unlikely to happen. LL has no plans to switch off or mandatorial migration server side support as the Phoenix team has reported as well.

LL keeps a very strong backwards compatibility policy. They just don't keep older viewers available for download to not create too much diversion of viewer use. Backwards compatibility is a must for SL since about 40% of users still log in with a V1. Mostly owners of Islands and estates thus the content and experience creators. Thus their tier is the income base for Linden Lab, therefore the revenue that keep LL in existance.

I can see it clearly in the radar of my Phoenix viewer. About 40% or so still uses a V1, the rest V2 and Firestorm.

I'm still logged in with both V1.23.5, Phoenix 1.5, 1.6, V1 Cool viewer etc. All these are V1 based and there are no problem whatsoever and there will unlikely be any. LL is changing something at the moment concerning codes and inventory, but the old inv will keep on functioning as well as all other thingies. There might come some glitches here and there but nothing to worry about too much.

There is nothing to worry about concerning V1 based viewers.They keep on working fine for at least this year.

2.7 still logs in fine as well as V1 code too. Both V1 and V2 is not about to be become unfunctional.

Have fun with 2.7 ! :)


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3885 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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