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Mesh: Love, Hate, or Don't Care?

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Pamela Galli wrote:


Do you use mesh things?  If so, worn or rezzed items? 

If you do not use mesh (worn or rezzed), what are your reason(s) (eg do not use mesh viewer, have heard bad things about mesh, other)?


I currently can't see mesh items (at least  rezzed correctly) due to not being able to run a mesh viewer.  I am having a lot of fun seeing avatars that look really odd.



My opinion on mesh at present is I don't like it and don't plan to use it even when I can see it properly.  The main reason is because, true to LL form for recent releases, it's not quite ready for prime time. 

Clothes: I'm not changing my shape to fit clothes; clothes have to be able to fit me or not buying.

Furnishings/Houses:  This Land Impact thing is like trying to break a secret code.  Plus the whole issue with an item having a Li of x, but if it is resized the Li can skyrocket.



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Clarissa Lowell wrote:

Who teaches how to make mesh stuff? What skills and what programs do you have to learn?

One forumite mentioned on another thread that she has no idea how to make mesh but is using a tool that converts to mesh.  Checked out her blog and found she is using this:


Apparently the person who mentioned using this has been converting buildings in her sim to mesh.


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Sy Beck wrote:

I'm know it's the future and there is no doubt that the end effects are far superior and I'll buckle down to it at sometime, though I'm spending most of my time in InWordlz at the moment so I'm not compelled to learn it there.


One of my best friends spends most of her time in IW and moved her business there.  She knows how much I detest the "mesh movement" and is using that as a draw for me to spend more time in IW. ;)


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Rigged mesh is amazing, if you have a stock avatar and shape.

But of course, I don't come to secondlife to look like everybody else, I -love- modding stuff, making my own stuff, but right now making mesh/sculps is outside of my ability sphere, so, that means I'm excluded from a lot of the new content that's coming out.
 And of course, I'll always be excluded from rigged mesh hair, due to having a non-human avatar.


I'm also highly skeptical of how well the deformer system will work. I hope I'm wrong of course, but, I'd much rather see something that allows me to go in and edit things my self.


As far as mesh objects, I still like sculpts better. It's harder to do annoying things like link completely abitary parts together in a sculpt. ~ Take a shoe for example, I've seen some really annoying builds where like... the shoe laces and heel are one mesh.

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Liz Venenbaum wrote:

Well, my point was, that this house is not an inworld build at all... There has been a 3DS-MAx Plugin called PrimComposer around for a while, that allows to build with prims outside SL, use the enhanced texturing possibilites there, and then directly import it into SL as a linkset... I doubt it would be possible to create a similarly credible lighting with just inworld building tools and Photoshop...

Slightly off topic but this made me think of something:  There is a creator in SL who sells 1-prim rooms!  Entire rooms, beautifully done going by the photos, that includes a bed, carpet, end tables, lamps, art, etc., etc.  This has to be a sculpty and it's been around prior to mesh.  I've been scratching my head thinking...how in the world is that done??? Knowing the frustration of trying to get a texture to scale decently on a simple sculpted prim, the intricacies of all the various textures on a one-prim room boggles my mind.


Would a tool like the above be able to accomplish something like that? 


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I do not like the mesh clothes.  I hardly ever fit in any of the sizes, my favorite shape is no modify, so I am stuck with stuff that does not fit.  I also do not like the alpha that makes your body invisable.  I end up with holes that I can see through usually in the breast armpit area.  I do have some Mesh hair I like ok.  And I have a mesh house that is pretty nice.  I bought a mesh table though and the table cloth on it will not lay flat all the time.  I literally have to clear my cache every two days to get it to lay flat, and that is with rendervolumnload set at 4.0

So I guess in a nutshell it is good sometimes.



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2641 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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