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Would like tips about the tool for dividing land

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I am new to managing land and this is driving me craaaazy (sorry if I could have found the answers elsewhere)

I am using the "Select land" tool in "Edit terrain", just as I have seen in a Linden video. So far so good.


1) Dividing in shallow waters. To me (in Phoenix Viewer), the water surface is an effective barrier to see the little yellow rectangles that the select tool uses. That means that when I am over the surface I cannot see what I am selecting. And when I am under the surface in 1 m deep water, I cannot see what I am doing at all?


2) Dividing a large parcel. If I zoom out too much, I cannot see the yellow rectangles......  If I don't zoom out I cannot see where I am doing and cannot finish the selection because I want to go offscreen hehe....   I can fix this problem by first making 1024 sqm parcels and then joining them I guess....


Any tips welcome!

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Ahhhh, someone in game told me that in Phoenix I can simply remove the water through the advanced menu.

This Moses tool is immensely practical.

If anyone else didn't know:

- Phoenix/Enable Advanced


- Advanced/Rendering/Types/Water

...toggles water on and off.

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Ctrl-alt-shft 7 also toggles the water on and off, I use that quite a bit when shopping for land and want to see how much of a parcel is underwater.  I've seen some lay down prims as templates to help when dividing up land, just remember land divides in 4 m increments.

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