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Gamja Myanamotu

New Vampire/Lycan RP? more....

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Hello there,

I have tried to get my dream of having a rp sim off of the ground for sometime now and due to rl expenses I could not do so at the time that I wanted to do it. However, I am back with an aim at getting a sim sometime in October, so I'm gonna pitch my idea to you guys and get your feed back and see if you all would like to help aid in the goal. I only ask that you all remain polite and not offensive in your feed back. Thank you, so here we go:


Name of sim: Cumberland Shores


Sim rating: Adult


Sim BG: Somewhere in southern America beneath the Appalachian Mountains lies Cumberland Shores. Cumberland Shores is built on the back bones of strong hard working Americans that go about their daily lives oblivious to what lies beneath the surface of their bustling city. Cumberland Shores has recently gained a new resident. She's regal and determined to see the prosperity of her species. She also only comes out at night. Underneath the surface of Cumberland Shores a war is raging between the supernatural and mankind. Elves hide beneath their glamor, vampires move between the shadows of night, werewolves prowl the mountain ridges, werecats assume prosperous employment, shape shifters claim alleys and witches concoct mysterious brews as all of them seek to evade the hunter's keen eyes. Are you prepared for war? What side will you fight on? Be sure to watch your back and arm yourself, because you never know when you'll be on the next menu in Cumberland Shores.


The Low Down: Cumberland Shores is loosely based on the real life city Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Cumberland Shores reflects the vampire/lycan lore of yesteryear where supernaturals weren't "out" meaning that normal everyday humans don't know they exist. It's not exactly Vampire the Masquerade as VtM is more extreme and rigid. Think about it, if you were a supernatural in today's society would you want everybody to know? Especially with this government we live in. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't. I wouldn't want to be hunted by hunters and taken as a science experiment. So no, lycans don't sit at the bar in full bestial form, werecats don't prance around in neko form chasing mice and catnip, no, elves don't show their pointy ears. If you "out" yourself it's your problem, your fault and you will have to deal with the consequences, which means exclusion from your kind and being hunted by hunters. For insight watch such movies as Underworld, Sleepwalkers, Warlock, Vamp, Fright Night, Dracula (book and classic and 1992 movie versions), The Lost Boys, The Howling, The Wolfman (classic and 2010 version), American Werewolf in London/Paris, Teen Wolf, Once Bitten (comedy), Queen of the Damned, Interview With a Vampire, Salem's Lot, the 1990's Dracula tv series, Forever Knight (tv series), Dracula 2000, Van Helsing, Cat People (classic and 1982 version) and read books by Anne Rice, 'Nothing' by Poppy Z. Brite, 'The Undead' and 'Cold Kisses' by Roxanne Longstreet. This is not a MUST read or watch to get into the sim. NO, you do not have to read these books or watch these movies and shows to rp in the sim, but this is the type of feel for the style of sim I'm going for. This is NOT a VtM sim. I also thought it would be nice for people who want to play vampires but don't want to deal with metered shoot them up sims to have some place to go as there are so few meterless sims for vampires.


Allowed species:

* animals - must act in the ways that normal animals will act, no talking dogs, etc. Be realistic, a wild animal, as in a bear or lion, wouldn't just walk casually down the street unless it escaped from the zoo and be prepared for police to be called to capture you, and act aggressive in the way a wild animal would. No cuddly acting wild animals unless you are domesticated and if you are domesticated then you should have an owner and should be with that owner at all times. Breedables and shoulder pets are NOT allowed in sim. The only shoulder pets allowed are birds.

* Elves - Humanoid being possessing magical powers with the distinction of being very elegant and beautiful and having large and/or pointy ears.

* Humans - Homosapien. You, behind the pc in real life are a human being. At least I hope so. o.O I mean you could be an extraterrestrial or a genetically altered chimpanzee... wait, that would be a human. Anyway. We all know what a human is. Human ranks:

The Oblivious - these are humans that go about their daily lives without any assumption that anything abnormal is living along side of them. They work the nine to five, vote, have a dog and/or cat, eat breakfast, read the paper, normal **bleep** that people do. Vampires feed on them without their knowledge.

The Knowing - these are humans that somehow, through a well detailed background know about the supernatural. However, you MUST have well detailed and concrete background to support this knowledge.

The Devoted - these are humans that have earned the trust of the beast and have been  taken into a group as part of the family. To betray that thrust will surely be detrimental.

Blood Doll/Blood Swaine - this is a trusted human used as a stable blood source for a vampire. Only the highly valued and loyal human will be chosen and they are sworn to secrecy and if they break that trust it will not end well for them. Blood dolls are women and blood swaines are males.

Ghoul - these humans are between the living and the dead. While they provide a secure blood source for the vampire they too feed off of the vampire forming a bond with the vampire after having their blood for three consecutive days. The blood of the vampire bonds the human to them. The human would feel a deep reverence for the vampire and swear their loyalty to them. If they betray the vampire's trust it won't turn out too well for them. With the consumption of vampire blood, ghouls heal faster than normal human beings and they may inherit ONE vampire ability from their vampire. While a vampire may have many ghouls, a ghoul can only be bound to one vampire.

Hunters - these humans know of the existence of the supernatural, be it vampire, werecats, werewolves, shape shifters, magic folk, etc. They seek to put an end to these abomination and evil doers. Since the days of Van Helsing, hunters have passed down the knowledge of the hunt generation after generation. Hunters have a deep religious belief and call on that religion to aid them. The only thing they have to aid them in their quest of purifying the earth is their boom stick, whatever god they believe in, silver bullets and stakes. Hunters do not use magic.

Magic Folk - be it witch/warlock, mage, sorcerer/sorceress, conjurer, whatever. These humans deal in the arcane and magic. They know the secrets of the unknown and the supernaturals. Most would readily make truces with both the beast and the undead and hide from the hunters. Like the supernaturals, they hide their existence and knowledge of what they are. While others hide in darkness, the magic folk hide in plain sight.

Blood Reavers - The most hated enemy of the undead, Blood Reavers seek vampires out for the drug inducing properties of their blood which they sell on the black market. These vile creatures know just about as much magic as the Magic Folk and they need to in order to get the job done. Be careful who you choose to be your blood doll or ghoul, you might just end up with a Reaver.

All humans except Hunters and The Oblivious and The Knowing may learn magic, though it would take a lot of patience and hard studying and devotion. The Oblivious and The Knowing, however, can learn magic through rp and than they must submit a new character sheet for the magic folk.

* Shape shifters -  can only turn into Earth animals. They CANNOT have the bestial form of a werewolf or werecat, cannot change into anything that is smaller than a toy or tea cup dog/cat, rodent or humming bird, i.e. no turning into a fly. They cannot speak in their animal form. Shape shifters are the loners of the supernatural world. They don't run in packs, it is rare to see a bunch of them in one place. Shape shifters are not created the way that werecats and werewolves are made, there is no bite, there are no genes that are passed from parent to child. So how are they created? No one knows, they are the biggest mystery to the supernatural world. Most keep to themselves and most are shun by their family if their family finds out. Some actually long for the day that they meet another like themselves. Be careful in your longing and who you reveal your true form to least you get a hunter on your tail.

*Vampires - humans that have died but have been brought back to life through some intervention, may it be a curse, spell or by another of it's kind. Essentially it is a corpse that is animated and has all characteristics of a human being though it does not have the normal bodily functions of a human being. It must feast on blood to "live". Most vampires do not eat or drink human food, many do not have a heart beat or breathe, often times they feel cold to the touch. In Cumberland Shores vampires are not "out" so to say, meaning people, besides a select few, still believe they are fictional characters on a cereal box. Vampires in Cumberland Shores will not be put to death by the higher ups for revealing what they are to anyone but they may draw unwanted attention from hunters and will then be isolated from other vampires. Therefore, run your mouth at your own risk. Naturally werewolves are enemies of vampires and sees the vampire as an abomination. Animals are sometimes weary of vampires that they come in contact with. On acceptance to Cumberland Shores you will seek out the elder and present yourself to him/her to ask to be allowed to reside in the city. You will not know the identity of the Ancient but when you are around her you will feel the immense presence of importance around her, you will want to respect her. Vampires have a very odd relationship with werecats. They neither like nor dislike them. However vampires do favor them as pets. In fact, the owner of the werecat's head quarters is a vampire who adores the species and owns one that is the liaison between the vampires and werecats.

* Werecats - human beings that can shape shift into any feline form, be it neko (body of a human with ears and tails of a cat. NO paws or animal feet!), domesticated cat, bestial form, or big game cats. Werecats can only talk in their human and neko form. Note that werecats in Cumberland Shores are not the bumbling happy go lucky catnip chasing felines of SL. They are smart, keen, proud and diplomatic. They are either born this way with at least one parent being a werecat or they are bitten by another werecat. Werecats have a very odd relationship with vampires. They neither like nor dislike them. However vampires do favor them as pets. In fact, the owner of the werecat's head quarters is a vampire who adores the species and owns one that is the liaison between the vampires and werecats. It is for this reason that werecats are not trusted by the werewolves. Just like normal cats in the real world, werecats either run in a pride or are loners. Just like real felid the females go into heat. On arrival to Cumberland Shores you must present yourself to the Primo Felid for permission to reside there.

* Werewolf - human being that can shape shift into any wolf form, be it wolfman (see 'The Wolfman' movie:​m) ) , bestial form, or standard wolf form. Werewolves are alternately called lycans short for lycanthropy ( Werewolves can only talk in their human forms. These strong proud brave beast are completely in tune with the wilderness and will do anything in their power to perseve it. Therefore they make good partners with elves. They are the natural enemies of vampires whom they view as an abomination of nature. Werewolves do not trust werecats due to the relations they have with vampires. Werewolves roam in packs and have a strong family structure. The ruling pair in a wolf pack are called the alpha male and alpha female. Lone wolves do not survive for too long in the wild, so it is in your best interest to find a pack to join. Werewolves are either born with at least one parent being a werewolf or created through the bite. The change is a mysterious thing. Some believe it comes with the full moon but it has been proven that many change whenever they feel like it and have more control over their change. The older the werewolf the more control they have over the change. Females go into heat just like ordinary canid. On arrival to the city you must seek out the Land Alpha and present yourself to them to be allowed to stay.


Enamies and Allies:

Alliances may change through rp

*Elves: Enemies: hunters Neutral: vampires, shape shifters, werecats, magic folk Allies: werewolves

*Hunter: Enemies: all supernatural and magic folk Neutral: none Allies: none

*Blood Reavers: Enemies: vampires Neutral: werewolves, werecats, shape shifters, elves Allies: none

*Magic Folks: Enemies: hunters Neutral: all supernatural Allies: none

*Shape shifters: Enemies: hunters Neutral: all supernatural, blood reavers and magic folk Allies: none

*Vampires: Enemies: hunters, werewolves, blood reavers Neutral: magic folk, elves, werecats, shape shifters Allies: none

*Werecats: Enemies: hunters Neutral: magic folk, blood reavers and all supernaturals Allies: none

*Werewolves: Enemies: hunters, vampires Neutral: magic folk, werecats, shape shifters, blood reavers Allies: elves


* Leaders needed:

- Head Hunter - oversees the hunters

- Wise One - overseer of the magic folk

- Head of the useelie elven court

- Head of the seelie elven court

- Vampire elder

- Primo Felid - overseer of werecats

- Land Alpha - overseer of werewolves

- Sanguine Proper - overseer of the blood reavers


* Roles available: business owners and managers and workers


* Sim structures to be built:

sky mall/entrance

blood reavers hq: the underground

werecat hq: warehouse

vampire hq: dance club/rave

magic folk hq: library

elven seelie sithen cave

elven unseelie sithen cave

hunter hq: pub

homeless shelter

strip club


jail/police station

fire station


coffee/jazz lounge

courthouse/city hall

newspaper office

convenience store/gas station

tattoo parlor





* Sim staff needed:

ST (story teller) - STs make up sim wide plots and stories, they are not to be contacted for any other concerns.

GMs (general managers) - GMs managed the land, their responsibilities include: maintaining ban lists, dealing with griefers, rentals, sim restarts and making sure all renters are under their prim limits. They are the first persons you go to when complaining about griefers and people who violate LL's TOS.

Mods (modifiers) - modifiers are the ones you call when an agreement in rp cannot be reached.They are to learn all sim rules and rp guidelines for the sim. They are only to be contacted concerning griefers and people that violate LL's TOS when a GM is not available.

Admins (administrators) - admins are the ones that review character sheets and group applications. They are to learn all sim rules and rp guidelines for the sim. They are only to be contacted to mod a rp situation when a mod is not available and only contacted concerning griefers and people that violate LL's TOS when a mod or GM is not available.


And there you have it, my idea. If you would like to aid in the planning or would like to be a member of staff or leader or help in any way you'd like IM me, Gamja Myanamotu and I'll send you a pre planned rp guide pamphlet. Thank you for your time and thank you for reading.

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