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Permissions on a land

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I've rented a land and I can't find how to make a co-owner on the place, or something like that, if possible. What I actually want is to give permissions to someone, so he can build, make boxes and so on.

I will also like to know how to put products on its walls, so when you touch them they will show you that you can buy them and the price of the product.

Can someone help me?


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1. The only way you can make someone a "co-owner" if you will is if the land is deeded to a group and that person has owner role in the group. However if all you want to do is let that person build they should be able to as long as you have build enabled on your land and no autoreturn. 

Note that I am not sure by what you mean by "renting" as there are several ways to rent land in SL. One is if you are renting from someone on mainland then more than likely you don't have the ability to change some parcel settings, you will have to talk to the land owner. However if you are renting from someone on a private region where you were allowed to purchase the parcel then you should have full abilities and be able to deed the land to a group. 


2. There are several ways to do this. You can use a vendor wich you can buy from the MP, I use Caspervend. Or you can just box things up and rez them on the walls however you want and set the boxes to sell for whatever price you want and choose whether you want the buyer to get a copy of the box or the contents of the box. 

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