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a few questions from a newbie.

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Hi folks,

I would appreciate your help.

1 how do I stop streaming music in second life viewer is there a pause button?

2 I have downloaded the latest Phoenix viewer and wonder which is the best to use secondlife viewer or Phoenix?

3 when using the Phoenix viewer there is a logo above my name that I must have picked up in one of the worlds (not seen on the official second life viewer) How do I remove it in Phoenix?

Thanks for all your kind help.


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1. There is a pause button for streaming music in the upper right corner of Linden Lab viewers or in the lower right corner of Phoenix.

2. Phoenix is based on an earlier version of the viewer that many older residents have a strong preference for. It also offers some features not offered in the official viewers and tends to run better on older hardware. However, there are features in newer Linden Lab viewers that Phoenix can't support due to its older technology, and it may eventually become obsolete. The same developer offers Firestorm, which has many of the Phoenix special features with newer underlying technology.

3. The logo over your head is called a "group tag". You can choose to display group tags or not in either viewer by going into preferences and finding the appropriate option. You can also turn it off temporarily by finding your "groups" menu and set your active group to "none." There are certain activities that require you to have a specific group selected as "active" to participate in.

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