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Jonny Kyrie

Will this comp run good on sl

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Yes it will.

If you can get the free upgrade to 8GB of memory that would be great.

I would select a smaller hard drive if the larger ones raise the price, you could purchase an external drive if you really need Tera bytes of space. 

Select "no" for most of the optional add ons.

I would get the 460, or the 600 watt power pack.

One Primary optical drive is acceptable if reducing cost is important.

I would avoid wireless networking

Buy your own keyboard

Say no to almost all of the software they want to sell you.

The Radeon 6850 and the Nvidia GTX 550 or the GT 545 are all great cards, you should look for reviews of those cards and choose 1 you like.


There are many paths to building a performance machine. Imo, the machine you've selected, with a lot of memory, a very fast processor speed and a mid-high level graphics card will provide and excellent base platform that can be expanded upon.

Most (not all) machines like the HP have been factory tested and it is very likely that the machine will electronically perform for thousands of hours under varying conditions without a mechanical failure.

Many of the internal components and their physical placement inside of the case of the machine have been engineered to optimize airflow for cooling.

You will be able to find replacement parts for this machine for many years. Always a bonus.

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Only two small caveats. 

Firstly Norton antivirus systems seem to dislike the slplugin.exe, so you may need to manually "allow"that.

Secondly nVidia cards seem to have fewer issues with SL's graphics than the AMD (ATi) cards of similar spec.  Also a GTX will be better than a GT.

Otherwise so long as you avoid wireless connection (wireless connections may seem fast but are often "pulsed" so packet loss can be high), you should be OK.

Good Luck!

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