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SuperStar Faith

Looking for a job!! READ

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Hello, i'm going to tell everything that i'll remember, and if you have more questions, just comment :)


Name: SuperStar Faith

Age: 21

Been playing since: 2006

My avatar was made in: 2009

Main avatar: Fmomo byk

What would you like to be?:

- Model;

- Assistant (any kind - been an assistant in a club and a maternity);

- Photographer (not a pro);

- Writer;

- Teacher;

- Sales Representative (lands, or anything else - I have experience);

- Translator (I speak english, french, spanish and portuguese/brazilian);

- Manager (Been a manager in a club);

- Events host;

- Events maker;

- Doctor or nurse (I have experience);

- Accountacy;

- Partnership;

- Personal assitant (I can help you with your business, and do everything you want, schedule reunions, e.t.c..);

- e.t.c... (just ask)


Skills (I will not name all, just what i can remember at the moment):

- Knowledge of Group Inviting;

- Excellent Communication Skills;

- Excellent Organizational Skills;

- Enthusiastic Attitude;

- Team building and management;

- E-mail communication (I have a hotmail just for Second Life that i'll tell you in the end);

- Knowledge of Group Notices;

- Knowledge of Subscriber Group Notices;

- The ability to meet deadlines;

- Dedicated and Hardworking;

- Fluent in English and Portuguese/Brazilian and a little bit of French and Spanish;

- Alot of programs for photos;

- Make bookings;



- Build

- Take photos and inprove them;

- Make clothes;


I have alot of friends that want/buy:

- Lands/Homes;

- Adopt;

- To be adopt;

- To put their kid in a school;

- Items;

- Want furni.


You can contact inworld SuperStar Faith or leave a comment.

If you want to ask many things, and don't want others to see, or with other reasons contact: superstarfaithsl@hotmail.com





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