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Missing Items from land after region restart

Tone Benoir

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Duplicate thread:


Contact the support as described here:


The steps above can often recover inventory that appeared lost. If you have a Premium account, you may also submit a case to Support here. Please be aware that while we cannot generally recover lost inventory, having the details of your inventory loss can help us correlate our statistics and lead us to the root causes of inventory loss more quickly. Please be sure to include the following information in the support ticket:

  • What were you doing when your inventory item(s) were lost?
  1. [ ] Nothing, items disappeared from my inventory and item count is lower.
  2. [ ] Items were auto-returned from parcel but I never received them.
  3. [ ] Item was purchased from a vendor but I never received it.
  4. [ ] Item was taken from land INTO my inventory when it disappeared.
  5. [ ] Item was being taken OUT of inventory (rezzing into world) when it disappeared.
  6. [ ] Item was given TO another avatar who never received it.
  7. [ ] Item was being received FROM another avatar but I never received it.
  8. [ ] I was wearing the an item/attachment when it disappeared.
  9. [ ] I was attaching or detaching an item/attachment when it disappeared.
  10. [ ] The item was sitting on my land when it disappeared.
  11. [ #] Other, please describe.
  • How many items did you lose? i have lost most of my very expensive outfits
  • What were the names of the items? Just list the top 3 using their exact names if possible. hoodgirlz outfits szd outfits some ve ry expensive formal dresses, n-core shoes fat pack
  • How many items do you have in your inventory now? Bring up the inventory window and look at the top of the window. If not visible then click on the "Recent Items" tab to see. 14,222
  • Did folders disappear and if so what were their names? i have folders but nothing in them
  • When did this happen (using Linden World Date/Time)? about 5 days ago i thought they would reappear
  • What region did this occur in?
  • Were anything happening shortly prior or when you lost your items including:
  1. [ ] Lots of lag
  2. [ ] Viewer crash
  3. [ ] Region Crash
  4. [ ] Manual region rollback
  5. [ ] Rolling restart
  6. [ ] Second Life Grid problems
  7. [ ] Teleporting
  8. [ ] Region crossing
  9. [ #] Other, please describe... just when i logged on and went to change my clothing, none of my outfits would go on me and when i checked the folders were empty
  • What type of item was this?
  1. [ ] Scripted object
  2. [ ] Non-scripted object
  3. [ #] Clothing
  4. [ ] Gesture
  5. [ ] Texture or image
  6. [ ] Script
  7. [ ] Animation
  8. [ ] Landmark
  9. [ ] Notecard
  10. [ ] Bodypart
  11. [ ] Sound
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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4022 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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