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Having Issues with SL Viewer

Subrina Bearsfoot

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I am having issues with the SL VIewer 2 it is flashing my hair particularly. I do not know what to do to fix it not sure if there is something that is turned on that is not supposed too be can someone help me please. SL Beta Viewer also will not work it contiuously locks up so I can not get it too work at all 


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Check Me - Preferences - Graphics - Hardware and make sure Enable VBO is turned off.  Also if you haven't updated your graphics drivers in the last couple of months, you might want to do that as well.  Recent updates in the Viewer caused me all kinds of strange graphics issues until I updated my drivers.


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Hi all.

I'm brand new to SL. A few days ago I downloaded SL (Second_Life_3-2-6-248086) and installed it. (I have uninstalled and re-installed it a few times too).

But I can not get the SL Viewer to run. I double-click the Icon on my desktop to start SL. It brings a small narrow window up saying "Loading Second Life" then change to "Initializing VFS". The window disappears and another one popup saying "Second Life Crash Logger" and it sends a report to SL crash report server 1. After sending it disappears too.

I have upgraded my graphics card drivers, I've cleared the cache manually.

Any help to get my SL to work would be great

My crash log report is as follows:

2012-01-31T18:47:15Z WARNING: ll_apr_warn_status: APR: The system cannot find the file specified.  
2012-01-31T18:47:15Z WARNING: LLAPRFile::remove:  Attempting to remove filename: C:\Documents and Settings\Freddie\Application Data\SecondLife\logs\SecondLife.exec_marker
2012-01-31T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLoggerWindows::init: Loading dialogs
2012-01-31T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLoggerWindows::mainLoop: CrashSubmitBehavior is 1
2012-01-31T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLoggerWindows::mainLoop: Showing crash report submit progress window.
2012-01-31T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLogger::updateApplication: Gathering logs...
2012-01-31T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLogger::gatherFiles: Using log file from debug log C:\Documents and Settings\Freddie\Application Data\SecondLife\logs\SecondLife.log
2012-01-31T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLogger::gatherFiles: Using settings file from debug log C:\Documents and Settings\Freddie\Application Data\SecondLife\user_settings\settings.xml
2012-01-31T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLogger::updateApplication: Gathering hardware information. App may appear frozen.
2012-01-31T18:47:15Z INFO: LLDXHardware::getDisplayInfo: CoCreateInstance IID_IDxDiagProvider
2012-01-31T18:47:15Z INFO: LLDXHardware::getDisplayInfo: dx_diag_providerp->Initialize
2012-01-31T18:47:15Z INFO: LLDXHardware::getDisplayInfo: dx_diag_providerp->GetRootContainer
2012-01-31T18:47:15Z INFO: LLDXHardware::getDisplayInfo: dx_diag_rootp->GetChildContainer
2012-01-31T18:47:15Z INFO: LLDXHardware::getDisplayInfo: devices_containerp->GetChildContainer
2012-01-31T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLogger::updateApplication: Encoding files...
2012-01-31T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLogger::updateApplication: Sending reports...
2012-01-31T18:47:15Z INFO: LLCrashLogger::updateApplication: Sending to server, try 1...
2012-01-31T18:47:34Z INFO: WinMain: Crash reporter finished normally.
2012-01-31T18:47:34Z INFO: ll_cleanup_apr: Cleaning up APR

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You should have posted this in your orignal thread. If you have problems finding a prior thread or post, click you name at the top of the page to get a listing of your recent posts.

It looks like we need a few more lines of the log at the top.

Since there seems to be some problem with the files, I suggest a clean install. You will need to run the viewers uninstall program and then check that all the files and cache are actually removed. Then reinstall. The details are in: Second Life Clean Install. It is written for those of us that use multiple viewers.

The files often left behind are in AppData\Local\SecondLife and AppData\Roaming\Secondlife.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4470 days.

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