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Rihanna Irata
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Hey, i was wondering. Basicly i put my application about listing my cruise on the sl destinations few days ago and yestrday i noticed a linden wondering around my ship so i thought she was here becouse of that. So i was wondering how long time does it take for them to accept and if they deny will i get noticed?
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LL does send a Linden to visit the place when you apply for the DG. When I had a blues club (over 1 year ago) Torley Linden (wooohoohhh!!! :smileyvery-happy:) came and stood there for a while to check the place. If I remember well, I think I got an IM saying the club was accepted. But I don't think you'll get any notification if it's refused.

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Traffic? OMG!!! We've been invaded by 100 to 200 noobs a day for 4 or 5 weeks! LOL. Be prepared to that. You will probably get dozens of new residents landing in your place. Some will come back and eventually join your group if you have one, most won't ever show up again. Just a friendly advice: make sure you don't allow public to rez stuff in your place otherwise you'll find just about everything possible! I had forgotten to check this option in the land's preferences and I remember a morning when I found loads of crap on the dancefloor, from simple boxes, teddy bears to bykes and even a huge camping car!!! :smileyvery-happy: It took me 30 minutes to return all the objects to their owners... Haha, funny memories though! 

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Hehe lol No what i ment was did you sve big traffic befor they put you on destinations? I was a bit worried becouse i opened just like 3. Days ago and the stores are pritty empty and traffic is only around 2000-3000 so i thought maybe they look at that to.

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I don't think traffic is a major criteria. My club had just opened when it was accepted and the traffic was close to 0 before being in the DG. Here are the "official" criteria (pros and cons). Good luck Rihanna! :smileyhappy:


How venues and content are selected

Selections for inclusion are at the sole discretion of Linden Lab.

Criteria favoring selection:

  • The venue is a high-quality implementation of the Second Life experience.
  • The venue appeals broadly to the Second Life community, including new Residents.
  • The venue is exceptional or unique.
  • The venue is being promoted outside Second Life and is participating in the inSL logo program, if appropriate.
  • The venue has a real and active community.
  • The submission includes a compelling and visually interesting screenshot.
  • The submitted description text accurately describes the location.

Criteria weighing against selection:

  • The venue or one like it has been included before.
  • The venue has been warned for failure to comply with some aspect of the Terms of Service.
  • The venue is currently violating the Terms of Service through use of bots, campers, illegal gambling, or mainland Adult content.
  • The submitted screenshot contains promotion text over the main image.
  • The submitted description text includes lists of keywords and/or incoherent or inaccurate text.
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