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LL have been very quiet lately on the blogging front. You could check out the office hour minutes, that might give you some insight, The only ones I really follow are content creation/mesh which are found Here

I assume there may be other Lindens still holding office hours...although on second thoughts, this is LL we are talking about, so I shall refrain from assuming anything. 

Mesh meeting minutes is all i've got 


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Qwalyphi Korpov wrote:

Hello ppl of the forums.

If you wanted to see the latest blurbs from the Lindens where would you look?

Would you start on your dashboard and check for some featured news in the blogs?

Would you jump right to the blogs and see what the latest blurbs were there?

Would you go to my.secondlife.com to see if anything Linden was trending?

Would you check the second life viewer login page for special announcements?

Would you check the second life twitter feed for breaking news?

Surprisingly, in at least on recent example, none of those places gets the job done.

A chipmunk knows how to hunt for acorns.

How do you know where to hunt for blubs from Lindens?




Well... breaking news should be fed to our dashboards, with extra-important stuff plastered in big red and yellow stripey lettering on the log in screens so no one can miss it.

But it's not.

When I want to know the latest, I stealthily stalk the Lindens around the grid, and then I offer them drugged coffee and cake and get the truth out of them.

Truth is, the Lindens like their coffee and cake, although some prefer tea, and there is absolutely nothing going on anywhere at all.  All the fancy meetings they've been having at HQ behind closed doors and with the blinds tightly closed have not been anything to do with SL at all. Rather they've been having Space Invaders /Galaxian/ Sonic the Hedgehog tournaments.

So now you know. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:

Who knew that Rodvik was so good at Sonic?

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I read SLU to keep up on such matters.

There we have several people who take sufficient interest in particular technical areas to attend the relevant usergroups and office hours, read the -dev lists, follow jiras and so on, and who post summaries of anything they think is of general interest.   And we quite often get Lindens, including Rodvik, contributing to the discussion.

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He posts there now and again, as do Soft and Oz sometimes.

I was thinking more, though, that there's several SLU regulars, like Cerise and Hitomi,  who are also involved in the technical side of SL and keep us posted of anything interesting that's going on with development builds of the new viewer, or what Oz says in the opensource dev list, or what's happening in the world of mesh or the beta testing group or whatever, and there are other people who follow twitter feeds and do likewise.

There's lots of different sources of information from various Lindens, and, in my experience, they tend to get collated at SLU and various blogs like Tateru Nino's  and Nalates'  (her digests of office hours and user groups are very useful, I find).


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I check the Second Life Server and the Second Life Viewer sections of the this Forum on a daily basis now.



Several Lindens, especially Oskar, post there regularly and I find more than anywhere else it keeps me up to date on upcoming changes, improvements, de-provements (heh heh), etc on the Grid and for the Viewer.  The heads up I get on many things has helped me to help many friends having troubles In World, at least technically speaking.

As far as LL policies go, basically I see the same things rehashed over and over no matter where I go, just different twists on age old problems.

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Porky Gorky wrote:

I find Linden Labs current silence quite ominous. I know they are not the most communicative bunch but the last 6 weeks it has been eerily quiet. I am starting to think something big or at least significant is going to be announced soon.

Be afraid....

I suppose they are all occupied checking out other grids, might be time to stop laughing at Noah 


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3892 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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