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Has any other been Trying Zbrush Fiber mesh yet ?

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Looks nice, for sure... but.... I am almost too afraid to ask this.... what kind of triangle count does this kind of thing generate?

I'm assuming all the individual hairs you show here are 3D shapes, with each hair strand consisting of many triangles each? If that's the case... I would also assume that the associated render cost would be massive, due to the seriously high geometry detail, even with LODs applied to compensate.

(Please correct me if I am assuming wrongly here in regards to the geometry).

Out of curiousity, what kind of LI (land impact) does the moustache have? I know that it's an AV attachment, but... if the LI is as heavy as I fear it is... your moustache and hair concepts could be a serious drain on render times / frame rates for anyone within viewing range.

(Just something worth keeping in mind overall when trying out this kind of thing).

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Mmm... if it's only around 35 to 40 LI, it's not as bad as I had assumed. Without wireframe previews it's hard to ascertain... although I can imagine if someone attempted really dense fur in this manner, it could cause potential problems.

(Although I am guilty of having flexi-prim hair, LOL, so I can't really talk too much).  :matte-motes-oh-rly:

Still, I can see how this kind of mesh can be overdone easily if not used carefully... I guess I am just wary, having seen some truly show-stopping meshes inworld (as in, potential frame-rate killers).

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I find that if you make the fibers one sided you will run into all kinds of normal problems where the mesh becomes invisible when viewed from some angles. So you must compensate for that, which will at minimum double your verts. 

Even though one UV is mapped to all the strands in the fiber, as per Pixologic, this will take massive amounts of memory, so I guess texturing will be the major cause of lag, and not verts. 

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To Answer you qestion about the LI of those i posted  yes there higher then they could be. Being that i just installed the update to Zbrush and was more to see and show that it could be done.

The Mustache was around 100 LI but i didnt try to do any thing to lower before importing.

 there is many options to lower ing LI of the hair fibers,

1.  you can set faces to render ,like just the front, back side not. ( ones in pics have 4 or 6 faces each hair more round then flat.) ALSO you can set the segments more segments more bends in hair you can have.

2. one can decimate it some, but as you can tell by the settings i stated the hairs are in basic form  all ready.

and as for the sculppties or flex hair most  wear in SL. if the allyed the real LI nnumbers to them as under the mesh system there LI  would be alot  higher.

i remeber taken out flex hair that comes with the linde folders of outfits and avs in your inventory. basic defult flex hair, out on the beta mesh sims they had LI of 12,000. BUT thats a Hole other can of beans to chat about some other time.

Basicly this may never replace of even be fully usefull but worth some time to play with, as to see what can be done. id say for sure a full head of hair split in 3 parts top, sides, back. You  would  easyly have 150-200 plus or minus all dependig on how you do it ,fiber size, and count, useing a base under it would allow of less volume needed,

Now also this is usefull in the plant world you can make wide 1 sided or 2 ribbons or fibers for leafs and use a alpha on each. you can  grow shafts then  grow leafs off of them.

But as i said i just got going on this still testing,.

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