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Viewer is not showing Glow effects

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I posted this in answers, and I cannot reply back to anyone there for whatever reason so I will try this here.


I downloaded the newest viewer update, and even downloaded trying to fix this Firestorm, but I have no glow effects at all. Someone suggested i deletea dn remove EVERYTHING and re-install it: didn't work. My basic shaders are turned on, everything suggested I've done. I want my glow back, I have custom avis that I need my glow on.

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I can no longer see 'glow' so I decided to download the viewer again, but then it simply won't run at all.

I just get a blue window frame with half the screen grey and half black and I can't even close it without using the Windows Task Manager. 

I am sure I reported this to Linden Lags ages ago, but got no joy. I do remember trying this ages ago and still the same problem. 

I just complained AGAIN. 

I am having to use Cool Viewer 3rd party viewer (which I like perfectly well) but it seems crazy nobody seems to fix anything any more.


How the heck do new people get logged in at all? They must be losing thousands of potential customers. 



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