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Land Impact Game

Madeliefste Oh
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The game is about guessing the LI of a mesh object you see on a picture. Someone posts a picture of a mesh. Others can guess what the landimpact is of the object. The first one who guesses the right LI is the one who posts a new picture of a mesh. It must be a mesh made by yourself.

I will start with one that is not too hard to guess, I guess




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Madeliefste Oh wrote:

It has the size of normal womans handbag.  x = 0.13, y = 0.26, z = 0,38


But good idea for a new rule in the game, Drongle. Add the size of the object to the picture when it's your turn to post.

What is "normal" though? my wife's handbag seems to be able to accommodate at least 50% of all the matter on planet earth. :smileywink:

My serious guesstimate is 4

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Nice idea, and a fun diversion :matte-motes-smile:

Hmm... I'll hazard a guesstimate at.... 3. The little round spheres on the top and the clasp closure might hog a few more triangles than the overall main mesh volume. However, this cost is entirely dependent on the LODs.

So yah, I'll try 3 :)

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Thanks Madeliefste! And nice mesh btw! :matte-motes-smile:

Okies... Since I have been talking a bit lately about my extremely savage LODs workflow, I guess I should post an example here. Anyone who has been reading my posts or has visited my build (which is unlinked currently) will probably already have a good idea of the LI range.

So... here it is... three interior room modules, with my ultra savage LODs applied. They are designed as interior only rooms, so won't be visible from outside when their LODs change. Only the interior wall surfaces and doorways are modeled (NO floors or ceilings - JUST the wall segments). Each room is a separate mesh - the three are linked together, so there is the the benefit of combined fractional LI's to reduce the cost slightly. No exterior faces... ONLY the inner sides of each wall (the INSIDES of the rooms) are modeled (due to the modular nature of this build). Each room mesh has the full 8 materials assigned, as well as UVs.

Total volume of the three meshes LINKED inworld is 23m x 15.5m x 7.5m high.

Phew, I think that's about all I need to state (typing this fast, as RL duties call LOL).

So... guess the LI of the COMBINED Linkset. :matte-motes-smile:

EDITED TO ADD: In my haste, I forgot to mention that each mesh room has its own functioning physics hull (for the walls and doorways).

MB guess the LI 01.png

MB guess the LI 02.png

MB guess the LI 03.png

MB guess the LI 04.png

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Medhue: Sorry, you're waaaay out of the ballpark!  :matte-motes-shocked:  :matte-motes-wink:

Dain: Hmmm, you are incredibly close with your estimate! Not quite on the mark, but almost!  :matte-motes-smile:

Oh, and I forgot to mention that each of the room meshes has functioning physics for the walls and doorways (though the LI for the physics hulls doesn't push the overall LI for each module any higher, for what it's worth).

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Maeve, I'm not going to guess... good additional info on the lower LoDs, without them it's nearly impossible to take a good guess. But since you're on the superlowprim path, here's something you could do to lower the count some more.

I see you have built your walls in a "column-wall-column-wall" kind of way. The seperate walls aren't needed are they? Just make one long wall with a texture repeat, it will cost you a tiny bit in texture efficiency, but only the parts covered by the columns. You can also make a compromise and use two pieces of wall like you are, but push the edges together and merging the vertices. This will save you two vertices each time (2 less than the one wall) and will make you able to show the entire texture.

btw you aren't going to cheat the thread by altering the build and keep people guessing forever? :)

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  • so... 8 materials per object you write. That means additional vertices from the UV-maps
  • And from your LOD description i guess you have only used the first 2 LOD and set all others extremely low ?
  • then there are 3 parts
  • Overall very few vertices for the entire build
  • But huge

I can not decide between 2 and 4 :)

ok, if you use physics, i say 4. If you do not use physics i say 2.

[edit]: I just saw you use physics, so i say 4

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Kwakkelde: Yah, the columns are an aesthetic choice on my part. Since the overall LI for each room module is pretty low, I am happy to have a little bit of additional geometry for visual detail etc. The columns are a mixture of practical and artistic choice: By having the wall segments in blocks as they are, I can allocate multiple material zones, which allows a bit of texture and/or diffuse colour variation (currently I only have a couple of placeholder textures applied).

Plus the overall build I am working on re-uses these mesh pieces over and over again throughout in a modular fashion (the wall panels, the columns, doorways etc - all these pieces have been UV-mapped prior (along with other pieces in the build) and then I have been using these pieces to assemble each room module etc (which are then saved out as single meshes for SL)... via the use of materials, I can split them up into relevant UV sets and so on. A balancing act, between texture efficiency in the final build and overall LI, and artistic choice.

Oh, and altering the build....? Hmm... thanks for the idea! :smileyvery-happy:  :matte-motes-smile:


Gaia: (You posted while I was replying to Kwakkelde)... I'll give it to you on your initial guess.

IT WAS 2. (Unlinked, the meshes are 3, but with rounding of LI decimals, the LINKSET is 2). The physics cost is surprisingly low, although I guess the large size of the flat surfaces may be a deciding factor in this (the two smaller room modules were only about 0.5LI in the uploader (WITH physics hulls), so when linked together with the larger room module, the decimal rounding saves 1 LI - a nice bonus.

Your turn now Gaia :matte-motes-smile:

MB guess the LI 05_001.png

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I wasn't talking about getting rid of any columns... Just merging the walls "through" them. I understand the texture variation... You won't get it any lower than 2 anyway, with three pieces. Nice low poly build!

Oh edit on the compomise I described in my earlier post..that won't work, it would require seperate UV islands...

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