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Lydia Craig

Time to fix this mess

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I don't think people get banned for mentioning OSGrid, Avination or Inworldz.   But I think if you go and check them out, you'll be struck by how empty they are, despite land being far cheaper than it is in SL.   To quote from a recent article in Hypergrid Business, 

InWorldz does not normally publish these numbers, but last week one of its founders said that the grid currently has around 4,500 active monthly users. That makes InWorldz the most social of the OpenSim grids, with OSGrid in second place at 3,510 active users, and Avination in third place at 3,412 active users.

 And a few days ago, apparently InWorldz managed hit the milestone of having 50,000 registered users (one of them being me, who logs in about twice a year to take a look).

Compare that with SL, where, over the last couple of days, the number of people logged in at any one time has varied between 30,000 and 60,000, depending on what time of day it is in the USA.   There's just no comparison. 

Technical considerations apart, to my mind the two main resources SL has, and the other grids don't, are the people and the user-created content, and I don't see that changing.   I've got nothing against of these other grids, but unless you want to own vast tracts of empty land for huge, virtually solitary, building projects -- which some people do, of course, but I don't -- I just don't really see the attraction.

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