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Wanting to meet someone new ツ

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I started playing SL over a year ago. Met a lot of great people who made the environment very enjoyable.  However,  four months ago RL issues forced me to postpone my online activities.  These things happen. ツ  Now I'm back and ready to start exploring again.

All the people I said goodbye to are  still on my friends list ( that didn't surprise me ), but I was taken back by the  knowledge that hardly any of them log-in these days.  Well over half of the names never appear as "Online."  its kind of a shame.  So many cool people. One very special person in particular.  "Sweety, where did you go hon?  Hugs."

So, I've been heavy into the social scene trying to find my niche "again."  Suffice to say... Its not going as I hoped.  In the virtual world four months can be a lifetime, and missing it has turned me into an involuntary Newbie.  Socially speaking.

So here I am.  At the brink.  Looking into the SL social abyss.  Believe me, its not a nice place to be.

Here we go....

Hip SL (bi curious) chic looking to meet that special someone who can make her
online time... fly. Should be interested in world history...
(read carefully.  I said interested.  You don't need a PhD
to have a fun, energetic discussion.  So those who are "knowledge
competitive" may pass by.  Toodles)
horror films, scifi stuff like Battlestar Galactica, photography
dancing, trance music, and exploring.

Very laid back, quiet, and none-judgmental.Everyone is entitled to their thoughts
and beliefs without fearing to suffer unjust torment from narrow minded
noobs who don't know any better.. 

Not a typing zealot.  It wont bother me if you are one of those who "hunt-n-peck."
  And don't sweat the spelling.  Its not as if SL chat logs are the basis for some
Masters thesis.  Although I have come across a few who must have believed so, 

Honesty is very important.  Being true to who you are will project positive
energy to everyone around you. If you can see the good in
yourself and others, people will respond in kind.  

I tend to put a great deal of faith in people; sometimes too much.
So if I offer you my heart treat it with care.  Once broken,
it may never be offered again.

SL Sloan 001.jpg


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3476 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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