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Photography - How did they do that?

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I've been into photography in SL, and photoshop for a very long time. I'm self taught and have learned a lot of things just by messing around with the photoshop controls. I've also referred to youtube to learn ever more. 

Some problems with youtube videos/tutorials is that it applies better to RL images than SL images. Also there are techniques people are using on SL images that I can't seem to figure out how they do it. 

For example...more and more now I'm seeing the exaggerated color saturation and some sort of technique that makes the picture look more cartoony? I've been told people are now painting by hand more....I really don't see that. I mean I understand with some "hairstyles" yes they are painted on but as for the overall picture..background, avatar it looks all over more cartoony...hehe hope that makes sense. 

One of the artist that I admire I contacted and asked how they accomplished the techniques and they really didn't act like they wanted to share then they gave me a notecard with some instructions that more or less created (imo) a warming filter which actually didn't change the look or feel of the picture to look more cartoony or "painted".

If there is anyone out there willing to allow me to be their apprentice and learn under them. I'm very familiar with photoshop and I could even show some of my own work. I'm not looking to compete or steal customers or make huge profits. I mostly photography/photoshop for friends and myself...


Desperate to Learn!

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I also do RW imaging so I can appreciate the struggle of creating nice images from SL.  However, once you hit on a technique and style that works for you, most of the problems will fade away.


Here is an example of my work.  These are sized downso as to not overcrowd the forum. 

Britanny 002b.jpg

To a larger version of above image

Tomb raider Sloan.jpg

To a larger version of the above image

I don't really know if my style of imaging is what you looking for.  However, I am fully versed in Photoshop and currently useing CS5 extended. If interested please feel free to IM me ingame.  I have no problem explaining my editing process.



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That second one Sloan is more of what I'm talking about. I'm not exactly sure how to explain it.

I don't want to link other artist's pictures because it would 1. Be rude (imo) and 2. I don't want people to think I'm stealing their work or ideas or however people sometimes get offended by that. 


Edit: Sloan would you be willing to maybe get together and share some things with me?

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Hi Summer all is not lost, here is a link to one tecnuque if you place your questions in google there are many ways of doing what your seek,    good luck let me know if you need any help


PS check out my studio in sl    name is greek wingtips its in my profile



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Hey I knowwhat you're talking about. I think its the shading and highlighting that is done to photos that gives it that cartoony look. But there are different kinds. Let me show you two that I currently know and do:




Now for a real cartoon look:



If you're still looking to be an apprentice, I'll be happy to tutor you :). (see signature? :P)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4174 days.

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