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how many people still play second life?

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There is a web page that posts the number of players logged in when the page is queried. There are scripts in SL that can read the page and give you the number. I have one in my house. It shows the most people online since I restarted it 1/1/2012 is 68,400+ and the least 30,800+/-. 

Presumably some significant number of players do not login every day. I don't. 

Of the 600+ people in one of the groups I like about 250 of them have logged in in the last week. Some where around 375 have logged in within the month. About 200+/- haven't logged in for a year. I can't say this group is representative of all of SL. But, I think it does show a bit of a pattern. If one extrapolates on these numbers, we can assume the 68k is about 1/3 to 1/2 of those playing. That would mean there are 150k to 200k regular players pretty easily. But, these numbers don't take time into account.

If one figures that as the planet rotates the population in SL changes... then we should use some multiplier for those numbers. Waking and sleep cycles change who is logged in. We peak about 2 or 3 PM PST. This suggests that Europe and east cost USA provide the peak players. About 12 hours later the numbers hit the day's low. Knowing exactly how to divide things up is not possible. I can speculate there are 3 or 4 major groups of time zone players. If it is 4 I would say there are something like 800k daily players. 

There are no good stats to show an accurate number of players. Tateru Nino posts stats. http://dwellonit.taterunino.net/sl-statistical-charts/

In general it appears user numbers are decreasing. But, with the addition of mesh, we are seeing a change in behavior of SL users. They spend more time outside SL building things for sales and use in SL. New World Notes posted an article on the change and SL's placement in users stats for games. It too shows a change in user habits. These changes seem to suggest while SL is getting more players, concurrent logins appear decreased because time in game has decreased. More people are on for less time.

There just aren't any clear numbers. The Lab doesn't release detailed numbers. So, it is hard to know. We can speculate that if the numbers were really charming the Lab would be bragging.


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It is probably important to differentiate between "avatars in world" and "people behind their computers". Someone with a powerful computer can have many, many avatars online at once. Many folks have just one on at a time even if they have an alt or alts. I suspect that the numbers shown are AVATARS and not household ISP connections (which I am guessing The Labs also knows).  So figure that into your estimation.


The numbers are generally down. At the same time, it appears that the numerous bot farms (for traffic count) that were around a couple of years ago have pretty much disappeared. So that could explain a drop in numbers too.

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There's between 800,000 and 1.1 million Second Life users logged in per month - but there's very little data on how many per day. Based on concurrency data and a few not-too-unreasonable assumptions, I'd say that there's roughly 150,000 to 175,000 users on any given day. Only a small number of those, however, would be people who log in seven-days-per-week, though.

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Actual real live people who knows but Linden Lab.  The browser used to show the number of Avatars logged on but not now.  But the number of Avatars has never reflected the number of humans operating them.

If someone knows how many people and how many Avatars I would love to know.


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