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What program for iPad?

Romy Arlington
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I have PocketMetaverse for my iphone and ipad. They are nice for being able to chat but you can't  "see". There are no aps that will allow you to use sl graphically on ipad. What you CAN do with metaverse:

  • Chat in local chat
  • Chat in IMs
  • TP (most of the time... This sometimes fails)
  • View photos and textures (Though I've found that accessing inventory will often cause the ap to crash)
  • Listen to the parcel stream.
  • Accept new inventory from avatars. **if you are logged on and receive an inventory offer from a scripted object such as from marketplace or a vendor then it WILL autodecline and does not go to trash. So be careful of this.
  • Accept and make friendship offers.

It's limited but good for if you want to go inworld to just chat when you don't have access to a full computer. It works MUCH better when using wifi than 3G. You will also notice gaps in the conversation. There is quite often when I'll get offline IMs even though I was online the entire time. But overall, I like it for the purpose it serves. Definitely NOT an SL replacement but good for getting online to talk to people when you otherwise wouldn't be able to.

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