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Yingzi Xue

LL Viewer 3 lags like crazy on high, Firestorm runs ultra just fine... what gives?

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Pfff, i'm trying very hard to switch to 2/3 since V2 came out, however i experienced nothing but major issues and showstoppers. Somehow i just keep on returning to V1 after 30 minutes inworld or so.

Since 2.8 fps has gone down too hard i did hope the latest update would fix it, but nope... grrrr.

The latest viewer is very flexible i agree, however the bottom side of the window looks very chaotic, specially how the chatbar is too be used and positioned, and the fixed positioning of 'stand up' button'.

I keep my opinion that floater titles are just too thick on your face and some are just not necessary like the one of the minimap and the chatbar (V1 had no titles for those).

If the fps was back to where it was i could perhaps get used to the most recent viewer, but the crippled fps is a showstopper. And no matter what i do (and i have done all even in the debug settings) i can't get it to an accepted level which is at least 10 fps more on average (where i was before 2.8).

As long as it is possible i will remain using V1 as long as LL doesn't seem to be capable of  and actually resolving the issue.

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