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Direct Delivery Beta Launch


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Caren Jewell wrote:

Is this the new way in the future or will help come and make soon all better?

You are not alone with this issue and it is well documented in https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/web-4260

There is clear evidence of a process that runs between certain hours that cripples Marketplace delivery.

It will be interesting to see if Direct Delivery masks an underlying problem is as a different process, entirely fixes it or whether it completely fails.

It would be more logical for LL to aggresively attend to an underlying systems problem and to ensure that is corrected first before changing something else instead although I am beginning to suspect that the whole "delivery problems" is actually less understood than it was believed to have been since we were always told that the problem with deliveries was that Magic Box methods couldn't cope but it actually seems far more likely that it's the single threaded delivery queue that gets crippled due to some other process, during certain hours that was probably the problem all along!

What LL are about to do is equivalent to a process of failing to identify a reason for slow software on a PC but then just install a new motherboard and CPU instead and see if that fixes it.  I remain puzzled as to why there has been no response to the JIRA around slow delivery problems since it's pretty easy to ask the systems team "What time consuming processes run between the hours of x and y on host z?"

We shall see...


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Well.. Congrats!! I really expect it will works good on sl grid as it worked while i tried it on the Aditi. 

The delivery was really fast and the debit also.

I just had no chance to try the listing items yet, but it does not seem to be a lot different from what it was by using magic boxes.


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Well based on the level of posting activity in this thread, either...


  1. its going so so so well that its not even worth these brave Open Beta Tester's time to post here to tell us how ell its going (with the exception of CouldBe that did some basic testing and documentation improvements over LL).

  2. OR other than a few brave Merchant souls... no Merchants want to waste their time and effort becoming LL's free testers.  So the DD is not being tried by most merchants.

I guess LL should not have gagged all the Close Beta Testers that actually were enthusiastic about participating and actually do have TRUE insight of the real weaknesses of the solution but even to this date they are bound by LL's secret society rules and cant tell us what worried them during them closed beta. 

I think there would be a lot more help is LL openly announced here that ALL CLOSED BETA Testers can now speak freely and openly about their experiences, concerns, etc. so the general community can validate if these concerns still exist.

Asking the general Merchant Community to step in on the 11th hour 59th minute to do some quick testing to find out bugs about a system we have no real strong understand of is POOR TESTING practice.  The Closed Beta Testers have a year of insight and they know how LL developed this DD and they know what SHOULD be tested.


Ohh well.... as long as I am the last Merchant to transition from MagicBox to DD and as long as just engaging DD into production does not break the current MagicBox merchants... all would be good for me.

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Copied from another thread as i wanted to share my concern about missing items in folders. Changing systems in my eyes even if the current has problems will just add new problems. The cycle continues. It is often best to fix a currently flawed system (that isn't so major). Then create a new system that will also have flaws (potential for minor and major flaws). At least failed deliveries is the biggest worries with the current system. Whats next to come for the new system? Dont get me wrong I love advancement. However please excuse me while I have some deeper concerns on the swapped method.

Not only that but I have a fairly large inventory. I really do prefer the slap it in a in-world box. And good to go. Because I can track and manage the boxes in-world. Often times much easier than sifting through all my folders for the right folder to update. With that said. If LL DOES decide to use this system can we please get a secondary storage unit just for marketplace items in inventory. Rather than smooshing all our personal and business belongings together. That doesn't seem to say "keeping things neat and clean".

In short this secondary inventory would act like a synced folder to that of the marketplace system. No need to press anything or select anything for marketplace addition. Inclusion in this folder is automatic understanding to list them.

Mind you I am highly against the new system anyways. Just noting things because I am sure it'll still go through. Who am I but one voice.


problem with items disappearing from inventory

Airway: Recently I have lost some items from my inventory that I previously purchased in world.  Some were furniture items purchased several months ago and one was a jewelry item I just purchased last week.  Is this a known problem?  I have never had this happen before, and it's quite frustrating because these were not free items.  I have contacted the seller of the jewelry to see if I can get a replacement, but unfortunately I don't recall the store I purchased the furniture items from.  I try to avoid buying in the marketplace because I have had the problem of items failing to deliver.  Now I'm not sure what the best method is to purchase items.

Kats Jupiter: I can relate to your problem as I have 2 folders from my inventory totally disappear: a collection of bikes purchased over 2 yrs as well as a huge collection of hair.  I tried everything to find them and even cleaned and organized my inventory to no avail.

My lost occurred during the roll back a couple weeks ago and I have no idea where to begin to recover them if it is even possible.  Filing a ticket doesn't seem to cover 'disappearing inventory' in the drop down menu so I am unsure of where to file one.

Sieben Ochs : I've known of this issue myself, as well as have had it happen to me. This is additionally why changing processes of delivery to folders worries me. As SL asset server likes to randomly, and sadly, poof things. So while they wish to fix the non-delivery items for customers in-world. And ensure a good shopping experience. It will now greatly affect the sellers of these items instead. And potential loses through the asset system. Trading one downfall for another is never a improvement in my eyes. Though I am sure it will still go through. And then all sellers will become unwilling testers.

My thoughts/suggestion is : Don't completely disable magic box usage for sellers. In the same way you let people use V1 or V2 to connect to a grid. The same way you let a scripter decide if their code is to be lsl or mono. Let a seller decide what method of storage/delivery is best for them.

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Could you kindly point me to a official representation of the stated. As far as I have read even from some of the official pages. It makes nor tells of a slight mention. Where items are only kept in such a fashion for uploading purposes only. And that items are stored nicely in folders. You select what you wish to list. And off you go. It is then under this assumption that items remain in the inventory but marked for sale through the new system.

My thinking is that the new system uses the asset allocation to the given item(s) within a inventory. Which the asset system has always had fun poofing items randomly from itself. Especially when its concerning a users given inventory item(s).

However, I would appreciate further reads than the links I have amassed from LL staff posts I have found.

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I do not play the he/she said .. I go from the facts provided. With that said and a few links provided that have been provided before. In the easiest way I can say this. Each item is given a asset allocation within the asset system. The new system makes, nor tells, nor identifies in any way,shape, form. That the given items will have a unique identifier outside the items initially listed. You can assume that it will have it as such. Though I can close my eyes and hope I have money in my hand. When I open them and see its not there. Am I to be shocked? Thus my comments were directed at the inventory designation of such allocations. Which the documentation doesn't mention any unique identification methods. Rather the posting and delivery capacities to which it exists.

Also to edit in :

Assets sometimes sadly go missing. Its a rare thing but it happens. Is there any sort of security being added to the posting and delivery. That will ensure that seller items do not happen across such a rare thing? Such as a backup method for use for each seller?  << Question for a LL staff to answer .. or if there is a backup already for a member to say yes its "so so" and "here".







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Have you tried it, for yourself?  There's no he said/she said, i've tried, it.  It uploads...

Even the object in a magic box isn't really in a box is it?   It's a pointer to the actual asset.

My point is that there is a common misconception that the merchant has to create a folder structure and maintain it within their inventory view.  This is NOT the case at all.

If you haven't tried it, go and try it, that's the simplest way to see it in action.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3502 days.

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