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Vote to have the LL viewers updated to current LSL on LL Servers

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Thanks for the ongoing votes / support to get the job done.  

These are the Functions which are presently missing from the official LL Viewer Script Editing function.  The source text below comes from Cool Viewer current source code, other active TPV's are mostly current with Henri's work as far as I can see. 

code below has been tidied to make it easier to read for everyone.

	// Beta/Le Tigre server new functions	"llScriptProfiler"	"llGetSPMaxMemory"	"llGetUsedMemory"	// Server v11.08.10.238207 new functions:	"llSetMemoryLimit"	"llGetMemoryLimit"	"llSetLinkMedia"	"llGetLinkMedia"	"llClearLinkMedia"	"llSetLinkCamera"	"llSetContentType"	"llLinkSitTarget"	"llAvatarOnLinkSitTarget"	"llSetVelocity"	// Server v11.09.09.240509 new functions:	"llCastRay"	"llGetMassMKS"	"llSetPhysicsMaterial"	"llGetPhysicsMaterial"	// Server v11.10.18.243270 new function:	"llManageEstateAccess"	// Server RC magnum v11.10.31.244254 new function:	"llSetKeyframedMotion"	// Server RC Le Tigre v11.10.30.245889 new function:	"llTransferLindenDollars"



http://hg.secondlife.com/viewer-development/src/4982ab91ef6a/indra/lscript/lscript_library/lscript_library.cpp   ( Current Viewer Source (as of this posting, will change as they update. )

http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Server/11   Server Software release notes, updated as LL releases server to grid.  Note that a few of the functions/constants are not even posted to the wiki as yet.



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