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Hello JonhyMichel and welcome to SL Forums. They don't appear exactly in your profile, but in your inventory. Normally you get your stuff after some seconds or minutes but sometimes there are delays. You have to be online in world. You will see a pop up window where you have to click "Keep". After you find easily your stuff opening the second tab of your inventory called "Recent". Usually you see a box. If you reloged, look into the folder called "Objects" in your main inventory. You can't attach or wear the box immidiately. You must to open (unpack it). So you go at a region where you have the right to rezz. Public Sandboxes are recommended about. You can find several of them here. So choose a Sandbox --> View this destination --> View on map --> Visit this location --> You see a pop-up window --> Allow --> you see the place profile in your monitor in world on the right --> Teleport. When you arrive at the sandbox you drag the box on the ground --> right click on it --> Open --> Copy to inventory. A folder is created in your inventory (easier to find it looking at the 2nd tab of your inventory called "Recent"). Now you are ready to use (wear or add the stuff, clothes etc with right click on them in your inventory --> Wear or Add. You repeat the same process to open (unpack) all the boxes. When you finish it is good to delete them. Have fun!

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